Disneyland Paris Pride – What You Need To Know

We had the pleasure of visiting Disneyland Paris for their annual Disneyland Paris Pride (Magical Pride) event and wanted to share everything we learned from the fabulous evening of magical entertainment.

If like us, you love Disney and are an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community then Disneyland Paris Pride is a unique and highly inclusive event and experience that’s well worth attending.

What Is Disneyland Paris Pride?

Disneyland Paris Pride is an annual event held in June (Pride month) at Walt Disney Studios (one of the two Disneyland Paris parks).

The event takes place in the evening (traditionally from 8pm until 2am) and includes live music alongside all the magic you’d usually experience when visiting the Disney parks.

Where To Buy Tickets For Disneyland Paris Pride?

Your traditional Disneyland Paris tickets will not get you into Disneyland Paris Pride. Instead, you’ll need to purchase a dedicated event ticket.

In our case, we purchased our Disneyland Paris Pride tickets from AttractionTix.

We use AttractionTix for all of our Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios tickets as they are always the cheapest and have a fantastic team of customer service agents.

Tickets for the event can usually be purchased up to six months before the event.

In our case, we purchased our tickets around two months before which gave us plenty of time to plan the rest of our trip.

Disneyland Paris Pride has been held twice so far, and both times it’s not sold out and you’ve been able to purchase tickets right up to (and including) the day of the event.

That’s not to say the event won’t sell out this year. As such it’s always best to reserve your tickets in advance where possible.

Is Disneyland Paris Pride Suitable For LGBTQ+ Families

We travelled to Disneyland Paris for the Disneyland Paris Pride event when our son Oliver was just six months old.

Given this, we stayed away from the main stage and loudspeakers and instead made the most of the opportunity to explore the park at night, take turns on rides, chat with fellow LGBTQ+ families & meet exclusive Disney characters.

While Oliver was one of the youngest attendees to Disneyland Paris Pride he certainly wasn’t the only child.

Instead, there were children and adults of all ages attending the event.

While we personally chose to stay away from the main stage given the noise, darkness and crowds we still enjoyed the music from afar and watched the performances on a screen near the entrance between exploring the rest of the park.

When we attend Disneyland Paris Pride again next year we plan to do much the same and will likely not take Oliver into the main stage area until he is roughly five years old (even then packing ear defenders for the noise).

In our case, we were attending Disneyland Paris Pride for the atmosphere and experience which made it incredibly suitable for us as an LGBTQ+ family.

However, if you were planning on attending the event to experience the musical acts then you would likely want to wait until your child was older given how dark it is, and how crowded it can get.

Is Disneyland Paris Pride Suitable For Transgender People

Neither Helen nor I are transgender, and as such, we can not attest to how it felt personally to attend the event as a transgender person.

However, we did note that the park had taken extra measures to be even more inclusive during the Disneyland Paris Pride event.

Most notably all the toilets had been changed to gender-neutral inside the park with temporary signs to reflect this.

We would love to help the community out further by sharing opinions and experiences of Disneyland Paris Pride based on your sexual identity and expression.

As such if you feel comfortable leaving a comment on this post to share your experience that would be incredible.

Disneyland Paris Pride Merchandise 

To celebrate pride month Disney releases a small range of pride merchandise.

This merchandise can be purchased from shop Disney, Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris & Disneyland California.

However, the rainbow Spirit Jersey was exclusive to Disneyland Paris and could only be purchased at the park.

That said, this Spirit Jersey wasn’t exclusive to the Disneyland Paris Pride event specifically and instead could still be purchased inside Walt Disney Studios in the days before & after the event took place.

Where To Stay During Disneyland Paris Pride

Given that the Disneyland Paris Pride event finishes at 2am you’re going to want to consider staying in accommodation close to the park.

In this case, some of the most popular choices include;

Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel

Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel is the closest hotel to Disneyland Paris located just outside of the Disney Village roughly five minutes from the entrance of Disneyland & Walt Disney Studios.

The park opened in 2021 and is the most high-end, modern hotel at the resort. Of course, these facilities and close proximity come at a price with rooms here often exceeding £200 (€250) per night.

Now, I have a confession to make… I am not a huge fan of Marvel *gasp*

However, this hotel still completely and utterly blew me away.

In fact, I want to go as far as to say this is one of the best on-property hotels I’ve ever seen not just at Disneyland Paris but in Walt Disney World and Disneyland California too.

Book Disney's Hotel New York - The Art Of Marvel

Disney’s Sequoia Lodge

This is the second closest hotel to Disneyland Paris and is located just next to Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel along Lake Buena Vista.

This hotel can be accessed on foot from the Disney Village (at the bottom near Chef Mickeys and Earl of Sandwich) within ten minutes or by bus from the entrance opposite the Marne-la-Vallée train station.

Staying here comes with all the Disney on-property benefits including Extra Magic Hours.

Alongside this, you’ll also find additional facilities including both an indoor and outdoor swimming pool (open during the summer months).

Book Disney's Sequoia Lodge

Disney’s Newport Bay Club

Located at the far end of Lake Buena Vista is Disney’s Newport Bay Club. This hotel is based on a nautical theme and is roughly a 15-minute walk from the entrance to either Disneyland or Walt Disney Studios.

Much like Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel & Disney’s Sequoia Lodge you can walk to this hotel from the exits at the Disney Village (at the bottom near Chef Mickeys and Earl of Sandwich).

Alternatively, you can take the free shuttle bus to this hotel from the entrance opposite the Marne-la-Vallée train station. To be honest waiting for a bus and then getting the bus is a longer process than walking.

Again, being an on-site hotel guest staying at this property will benefit from Extra Magic Hours which give you entry into the park before the general public – giving you a chance to ride the likes of Hyperspace Mountain without having to queue for upwards of 60 minutes – yes, please!

Book Disney's Newport Bay Club

How Long To Spend At Disneyland Paris Over Disneyland Paris Pride

Disneyland Paris Pride is held on a Saturday evening, finishing on a Sunday morning.

As such we noted that the vast majority of people attending (ourselves included) came to Disneyland Paris on either the Thursday or Friday and left on Sunday evening.

This gives you the optimal two to three days to go between both of the Disneyland Paris parks.

While you could arrive on the Saturday and just purchase a one-day, two-park ticket alongside your Disneyland Paris Pride ticket seeing and experiencing everything inside both Disneyland Paris parks during that time would be near impossible.

As such it really comes down to what you’re attending Disneyland Paris Pride for, and how much of the Disney magic you want to experience alongside that.

Is Disneyland Paris Pride Worth It?

If you are an ally of the LGBTQIA+ community and a fan of Disney then in our opinion it’s well worth attending Disneyland Paris Pride (Magical Pride).

The fantastic experience of live musical entertainment inside the park is a unique experience that when combined with walk-on wait times for the park’s most popular rides and exclusive meet & greet opportunities is something incredibly special.

All of this, together with the most incredible atmosphere makes Disney Paris Pride an evening to remember!

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