Disneyland Refillable Cups – Everything You Need To Know!

We love getting Disneyland Souvenir Cups when visiting the Disneyland park in Anaheim.

This is something we see a lot of (and love!) at the Universal parks, but not so much at the Disney parks – at least until now.

Pro Tip: That is unless you’re visiting Walt Disney World on a vacation package and get your souvenir cup as part of the dining plan.

In this case, you have a refillable cup for the resort only. To read more about this visit our friends over at Planning The Magic!

It’s a great way to keep hydrated in the heat, save money on drinks and reduce our consumption of single-use plastics. Not to mention the fact you get a cool Disney souvenir to go home with.

Here’s everything you need to know about purchasing a souvenir mug at Disneyland.

How Much Are The Disneyland Souvenir Cups?

During the 2018 Pixar Fest, we found Disneyland souvenir cups for sale for $17.00 (inc tax). This included one beverage (excluding premium beverages such as Poweraid).

We also found that there were dedicated hot beverage Disneyland souvenir cups available at select locations. These were available for just $8 each including sales tax.

Given that the cost of a standard hot beverage inside Disneyland is around $3.50 we thought this was great value for money.

What Disneyland Souvenir Cup Designs Are Available?

As we visited Disneyland during Pixar Fest we found that the designs of the souvenir cups focused on Pixar characters.

However, from research, we’ve found that these are subject to change. Many of the designs focus on a specific season, movie or theme.

Below is a great photo of two limited edition designs that were available over Halloween. These souvenir cups we’re limited to annual pass holders only.

You’ll find all the information about new and upcoming souvenir cups on the Disneyland blog.

Where Can I Get Disneyland Souvenir Cups

Most of the souvenir cups can be found in the small drinks and Ice cream carts, dining places and restaurants.

See the map below for the or download the Disneyland mobile application prior to your trip to use location services and find the closest drinks venue to your current location within the park.

How To Clean Disney Souvenir Cups

It is not recommended that you clean your souvenir cup in the dishwasher. The heat could easily cause issues with intricate design and plastic material.

Instead, to keep your souvenir cups looking fresh, we recommend hand washing them in warm soapy water and using a straw brush as highlighted below for the mouthpiece.

Allow the cup to dry naturally, and repeat this process every couple of months. This should prevent the build-up of mould.

What To Do With Them After Your Trip To Disneyland

As you’re unable to use the souvenir cups to save money on future drinks at Disneyland, many people ask “What should I do with my cup after my trip to Disneyland?” and the answer to that question is totally up to you.

You can store and display the cups as part of a larger collection of Disney memorabilia.

Alternatively, you can look at selling your souvenir cup to a collector. Some souvenir cups have sold for almost $200. That’s the price of a Disneyland ticket!

How To Store & Display Your Souvenir Cups

There are a vast number of people who collect, store and display their collection of Disney souvenir cups.

Youtube is a fantastic resource to see people’s collections and how they store their cups to ensure they avoid damage.

Why Are Disney Souvenir Cups A Good Souvenir?

With tens of thousands of different products available from the Disney parks, you may be asking yourself why purchasing a Disney souvenir cup as a souvenir is a good idea.

Personally, I think they are a great souvenir because;

  • They are affordable
  • They are collectable, without so many it becomes overwhelming (unlike collecting Disney Pins)
  • They are practical and serve a purpose
  • The design of the cups are cool

Do The Souvenir Cups Offer Unlimited Refills?

Despite many long terms fans begging Disney to allow souvenir cups to offer unlimited refills at this time, it’s not an option

Unless you’re on a dining plan at WDW, in which case there are unlimited refills inside Disney Resort Hotels. Hmph!

Are There Any Discounts Available On Future Drinks In A Refillable Cup?

Unfortunately, at this time there are no discounts offered on drinks for those with their own souvenir cup from Disneyland.

Hopefully, this is something that will change in the future and help Disney reduce their single-use plastic waste.

What’s The Rarest Souvenir Cup Available From Disneyland?

The ‘most wanted’ souvenir cup seems to change rapidly.

At the time of writing the two highest-value listings on eBay are the Coco ceramic mug and the Thanos Infinity Glove which are being sold for around $150 inc international shipping.

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