Does Disney Help With Marriage Proposals (From Somebody Who Proposed in Front of the Castle)

Proposing in front of the castle at Disney is one of the most common proposal spots in the world. But that doesn’t make it any less special and the cast members are always happy to spread a little magic where they can (we should know!)

Disney can help with proposals in several ways from taking photos to help planning a set up, location and even things such as flowers etc. You will need to keep in mind that some of these may cost or be added to your booking.

We are going to cover some of the best places to propose at Disney World, what help you can get from Disney themselves and other tips and tricks to help you pull off a perfect proposal.

7 Best Places To Propose at Walt Disney World

Proposing at Disney World is already going to be a memorable event. However, Disney World is a vast resort that spans 39 square miles (10,101 hectares), so picking the perfect spot might take some research. While many widely-known areas are perfect for the occasion (like in front of the Castle), many other romantic places are perfect for popping the question. 

Here are the 7 best places to propose at Walt Disney World:

  1. Cinderella Castle
  2. The France Pavilion
  3. International Flower and Garden Festival
  4. California Grill
  5. Seven Seas Lagoon
  6. Disney’s Boardwalk
  7. Cinderella’s Wishing Well

1. Cinderella Castle

The common choice (albeit still fantastic) is proposing in front of the legendary Cinderella Castle. This is a popular proposal spot for many, and if you’ve seen pictures of other Disney proposals, you might notice this beautiful Castle in the background. 

This is a common spot for many couples, and it’s common for a reason. Cinderella’s Castle is 189 feet (57.6 m) tall and symbolizes Magic Kingdom Park. Meaning, it’s the perfect ambience and makes a beautiful background for any proposal picture. 

This is especially a good spot when the park is crowded. No matter how many people are around during the proposal, you’ll still be able to see the background in the picture since the Castle is so tall. 

However, if a big crowd isn’t something you’re looking forward to, some spots (that I’ll mention) are just as great but have a little more privacy. 

2. The France Pavilion

The France Pavilion is at the Epcot Disney park and consists of buildings reminiscent of France. Therefore, when you’re there, you feel like you’re walking the streets of France, which is considered one of the most romantic countries in the world. 

While walking throughout the France Pavilion, you’ll find several shops that sell various French goods and even several French-style restaurants. However, one of the best attractions in the French Pavilion is the view of the Eiffel Tower in the distance, which makes the environment feel even more romantic. 

Therefore, the France Pavilion, because of its romantic atmosphere, is a beautiful place to have a proposal.

3. International Flower and Garden Festival

Disney’s Epcot has an International Flower and Garden Festival with many magical topiaries. Professionals meticulously crafted these topiary sculptures, leaving behind beautiful sculptures of various Disney characters. 

Some romantic topiary sculptures include Lady and the Tramp and Beauty and the Beast, making for great proposal spots. However, seeking out your favourite Disney character sculptures, whether it’s Mickey Mouse, Elsa, or Bambi, can make the proposal more sentimental and all the better. 

Along with topiaries, the International Flower and Garden Festival has various beautiful flower gardens, exhibits, outdoor kitchens, and concerts that are great attractions for newly-engaged couples. 

4. California Grill

While proposing at an attraction in one of the parks is great, proposing at a beautiful restaurant is also an excellent option. California Grill is a restaurant located at Disney’s Contemporary Resort and consists of amazing views, especially of the Seven Seas Lagoon and Magic Kingdom Park. 

What makes this restaurant extra unique and a great proposal spot is the special viewing of Disney Enchantment– the incredible firework show in the evening. The view of Disney Enchantment from California Grill is wonderful, and, of course, it would make for an amazing proposal setting. 

During the firework show, the restaurant will dim the lights in the restaurant and play the music through the speakers- giving customers the best Disney experience. 

5. Seven Seas Lagoon

The Seven Seas Lagoon offers boating and fishing activities while taking in the beautiful scenery. It’s described as an “aquatic red carpet” on your way to Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park. Taking your significant other out on a boat ride to propose on the water with the view of the park will be a beautiful and memorable moment. 

While boat rides are offered on the Seven Seas Lagoon throughout the day, they’re also offered in the evening during the firework show. So, what’s better than popping the question out on a beautiful body of water during a fantastic firework show? 

6. Disney’s Boardwalk

Disney’s Boardwalk is full of entertainment, food, and fun recreational activities. The Boardwalk is a quarter-mile (402 meters) long and consists of various shops and exciting nightlife. It’s right on the edge of the water, giving you a beautiful view and the perfect setting for an exciting proposal. 

This is an excellent proposal spot choice if you want more of an audience, as the Boardwalk is typically busy in the evening. However, the ambience of the area and the exciting nightlife around will help make the proposal one you won’t forget.

7. Cinderella’s Wishing Well

Like Cinderella’s Castle, Cinderella’s Wishing Well is a beautiful spot for a proposal. You’ll run into the wishing well on the way to Cinderella’s Castle, and while it’s not the most popular proposal spot, it should be! The Wishing Well consists of beautiful, intricate designs of the birds and mice from the Cinderella tale itself. 

The area around the wishing well consists of beautiful greenery, and with the Castle looming in the background, this makes for the perfect place to propose and have a photo op. 

How To Capture a Wedding Proposal at Disney on Camera

While bringing along a trusted friend or family member to take a picture when you pop the question is an option, sometimes going with a more professional choice is best. Nobody wants the pictures of their proposal to be lacklustre–especially a proposal at Disney World! 

Luckily, Disney World offers wedding proposal photography for both during the proposal and after! And a great thing about it is, you don’t necessarily have to plan a photographer ahead of time before the proposal because Disney has photographers set up at Photopass locations that are ready to take pictures around the park all of the time. 

To capture a wedding proposal at Disney, when you’re ready, simply ask one of the photographers nearby to take some pictures of the moment, which they’ll happily do. Disney’s Magic Kingdom also offers a photoshoot session called Capture Your Moment for moments such as these.

The Capture Your Moment photoshoot is popular for newly engaged couples and provides lovely pictures in front of Cinderella’s Castle. 

Wedding Proposals With Disney Magic

Disney World happily offers help with wedding proposal ideas with Disney magic. Along with the many Photopass locations around the park to give you the best proposal picture, consider getting an engagement sketch or have a beautiful floral arrangement created. 

Mandara Spa

The Mandara Spa is an excellent choice before popping the question. Getting a nice, relaxing couples massage on the big proposal day will help couples relieve stress and tension and prepare for the exciting day ahead.

This is a great choice either before the proposal or after. Either way, a relaxing massage is an excellent step in the proposal process. 

Engagement Sketch

One of the more unique wedding proposals Disney offers is an engagement sketch. There are sketch artists around the park ready to sketch photos for people every day. However, you can plan a unique and magical proposal by asking the sketch artist for help in advance. 

For example, they can sketch a proposal photo as a surprise right before the actual proposal for a sweet, magical moment! Calling the sketch artist ahead of time to plan is also an option- Disney lists the number (714) 991-1527 for scheduling. 

Disney Floral and Gifts

At Walt Disney World, you can order flowers and other in-room celebrations to either propose or celebrate your proposal. Disney will personalize beautiful floral creations and set them up in your room to enhance your engagement experience. By calling (714) 781-4438 ahead of time to set up the magical moment, you can have the engagement experience of a lifetime. 

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