Can You Propose At Walt Disney World? – From Someone Who’s Done It!

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Heading to Walt Disney World and thinking about popping the question?

Disney can help with a marriage proposal in several ways from taking photographs to providing flowers and an incredible backdrop.

I opted not to get Disney involved with my proposal to Helen in front of the castle back in 2018.

However, there are some things I wished I’d have known and would certainly do differently a second time around – sadly that second time isn’t going to happen so hopefully you can learn from my mistakes!

Do You Have To Get Permission To Propose At Disney?

You do not need any special permission from anyone at the Walt Disney World Resort to propose inside their theme parks.

However, you’ll want to ensure that your proposal is within the health and safety of the park guidelines and doesn’t break any rules – no running into restricted areas or stopping parades.

How Much Does It Cost To Propose At Disney?

It doesn’t cost you any money to propose at the Walt Disney World Resort.

However, if you’re looking for some magical extras such as professional photography, or specialist backdrops then you’ll need to pay extra.

With the photography, this can come in the form of a Memory Maker which covers your entire trip or an Enchanting Extra which covers you for a dedicated photography session.

Our Marriage Proposal Story

I’d been looking for the right time to propose to Helen, and figured since we’d had so many magical vacations to Walt Disney World that in front of the castle would be the perfect place.

We’d spent the best part of a week at Walt Disney World, and finally, on our last day I plucked up the courage to get down on one knee in front of the castle.

We had the Disney Memory Maker and therefore were able to have a Disney photographer capture the magic.

Things I Wish I’d Done Differently

While the proposal (and subsequently the wedding) went off without a hitch, there are some things looking back that I wish I’d have done differently.

Proposed Earlier

Main Street USA in front of Cinderella’s castle is one of the busiest areas in Magic Kingdom.

Now I knew that Helen would absolutely love this proposal since Walt Disney World had played such a major role in our relationship leading up to this point.

However, I was incredibly nervous to do something so public.

I’d brought the ring to Magic Kingdom three times before I actually plucked up to get down on one knee – and even then it was now or never since it was our final day at the parks.

However, in hindsight, if I’d have found a way to get us to the parks just after rope drop then I could have proposed in the perfect location albeit with slightly fewer people around.

Not only would that have significantly calmed the nerves it would have also helped have fewer people in the background of the photos.

Proposed In A Slightly Different Area

Obviously trying to figure out a way to get your potential fianc√©-to-be to the Magic Kingdom for rope drop isn’t always possible.

Therefore, if I was to propse again inside Magic Kingdom at a similar time I’d have still done it in front of the castle except not on Main Street USA.

Instead I’d have probably gone to the wishing well on the Tomorrowland side of the castle or over to the Adventureland side where it’s significantly quieter.

Sadly there are fewer Disney PhotoPass opportunities in this area so if you want to capture the moment then you may want to find a way to prop up your phone or camera to take a picture – and even then be prepared to get the angle wrong or potentially accidentally cut off someone’s head.

Dressed Better

Because I’d tried and failed to propose at Magic Kingdom multiple times in the days prior I’d not gone to the effort of dressing up thinking that we might take one of the most important photos of our relationship on this day.

Now, five years on (and four years married) I look back on our wedding proposal photos and simply wonder what on earth I was wearing!

What I Did Right When It Came To Proposing In Front Of The Castle

Of course, not all is lost. Helen still said yes and subsequently, we’ve now been married for over four years. So when it came to the proposal I must have done some things right.

Knew What My Partner Wanted

Going into my proposal I knew that something so public wouldn’t upset Helen or make her feel embarrassed.

Of course, the same can’t be said for every person.

As such it’s important to gauge in advance how your partner might feel about such a public proposal.

If based on your knowledge you believe your partner would enjoy a Walt Disney World proposal but perhaps something not quite as public as in front of Cinderella’s castle then consider some alternative locations within the resort.

Popular options include;

  • The France pavilion at EPCOT
  • On a horse-drawn carriage ride at Port Orleans
  • At Disney’s Boardwalk
  • Over dinner at the California Grille at Disney’s Contemporary
  • On the Seven Seas lagoon

Captured The Moment On Camera

Since we already had the Disney Memory Maker I was able to use a Disney PhotoPass photographer to capture this moment in front of the castle.

If capturing the moment is something you want to do with your proposal then consider how you’re going to achieve this.

If you want a Disney PhotoPass photographer then you’re going to be limited in your proposal locations.

Meanwhile, if you want a family member or friend to help out then you’re going to need to have a detailed plan so there are no missed moments.

Alternatively, if you have the budget consider getting in touch with the Disney Weddings team who are able to assist with Enchanting Extras including professional photography and backdrops.


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