The Best Don Muang Airport Lounge For Your Visit To DMK Airport

The Coral Executive lounge at Don Muang Airport lounge

Helen and I recently upgraded from an American Express Gold card, to an American Express Platinum card. With this came a complimentary Priority Pass that provides us with access to hundreds of airport lounges around the world for free.

Buy A Priority Pass & Get Access To 1,200 Airport Lounges Worldwide

I’ve been wanting a priority pass for some time now but struggled to justify the cost. However, with the benefits of upgrading to the platinum card from American Express, we found it to be worth it ? for this year at least.

Which means we’re going to be doing A LOT of airport lounge reviews from different airports around the world. Airport lounges are in our opinion at least great value for money if you’re flying long haul or enjoy an alcoholic drink or two as a way to kick off your travels.

Access to an airport lounge usually retails between £15 and £25 depending on the lounge you visit and different lounges offer different facilities and services.

There is nothing worse than being at the airport and worrying about how much food will cost, about what to eat and where to sit. On our visit to Thailand, we were heading from Bangkok to Phuket, this meant getting to visit another lounge using our Priority Pass.

We travelled from the centre of Bangkok to Don Muang Airport with plenty of time to spare. In fact, we arrived with so much time to spare that we managed to visit ALL of the airport lounges in DMK.

Miracle Coworking Space Don Muang Airport

First on the list is Miracle Coworking Lounge, this Miracle lounge is located in the domestic terminal 2 at Don Muang Airport.

We decided to check in first and head up the escalator to the second floor where the lounge was located. This lounge is only available to passengers before they go through security and has a maximum of 1-hour stay. It is found opposite the Thai Restaurant and Bakery.

If you are visiting the lounge without a Priority Pass card the entry fee for 1 hour is 140 baht per person. The lounge is open from 5.30 AM to 10.30 PM.

Upon arrival at the desk, you are welcomed by friendly staff and a desk area. Directly to the back of the desk and to wither sides are the seating areas. We were checked in with our Priority Pass and we had to sign as normal.

There are both windows looking out to the highway and windows looking down at the departures check-in desks. Once you are signed in you will receive a small ticket with the WIFI details on and a receipt.


Though it is classed as a Coworking space the internet speed isn’t great but enough to get some work done and check emails. The password can be used for all parties in your group not just for one device.

Unfortunately, there were no toilets located in the lounge so you would have to go back out and head towards McDonald’s.

Speed Test for Miracle lounge - Don Muang airport lounge


The Miracle lounge is well laid out with small booths including plug sockets as well as more relaxing seating with sofas and armchairs. The lounge is modern, very well kept and offers up many different areas in which to sit.

There were small areas for 2 people with a table that felt like a frame or pod, there was a bar area to sit at or more comfy seating with sofas and armchairs.

Seating at Miracle Lounge - Don Muang airport lounge
Seating option at Miracle Lounge - Don Muang airport lounge

Food & Drink

The selection of food was great as it had a selection of pastry style foods including chicken sausage rolls, doughnuts and sweet pastries. It also had a great selection of hot food laid out with 2 different types of rice, chicken drumsticks, soup and prawn spaghetti.

This was just a handful of the dishes on offer for the hot counter within the Miracle lounge. There was also a separate fridge for cold desserts and fruits such as jelly puddings, cakes and fresh fruit.

Self Serve food at Miracle Lounge - Don Muang airport lounge
Salad bar at Miracle coworking lounge - Don Muang airport lounge

As you enter the Miracle lounge there were a couple of drinks options from fruit flavoured ice drinks to a soft drinks dispenser serving Coke-Cola, Fanta and Sprite.

There was also another machine serving Nescafe Ice drinks. Within the lounge itself behind a bar, there were 2 fridges with a wider variety of soft drinks as well as alcohol.

The bar was manned by one of the staff members and will gladly help you with your drinks. The rest of the food and drinks is self-serve with the food located in the centre of the room.

Food at Miracle coworking lounge - Don Muang airport lounge

The room was fairly quiet when we visited at 12 pm, I think the pro’s to this lounge is the time restriction as well as it is on the other side to where the majority of passengers are. With the lounge located on the side before security, it doesn’t have as much of a draw with passengers.

We enjoyed using the lounge as it was perfect for us to come to the airport a little earlier just after check out and still manage to be productive. If you are wanting somewhere to kill an hour before heading through security the Miracle coworking lounge is a great lounge to come to.

Coral Executive Lounge Don Muang Airport

This is bar far the nicest lounge I have visited (so far). But don’t let that put you off coming, we came into Coral Executive lounge at roughly 13.30 pm and the lounge was very quiet.

The lounge is located through the domestic terminal 2 and is located on the way to gates 51-58. If you need any further direction there is an information desk just as you come through security and they can point you in the right direction.

The entrance at Coral Executive lounge - Don Muang airport lounge

The Coral Executive lounge is signposted with a freestanding sign saying Priority pass and above is the sign for Coral Executive Lounge.

Walking in there is a desk to your left and the fridges of drinks and food available in front. Located on either side of the entrance hall is seating areas. Once again the seating is very comfortable and is very well kept.

The Coral Executive lounge is a luxury lounge and has more than just lounge access to offer, the prices below are the different packages they offer. If you are looking at just the lounge access that is 1,000 Baht per person for 2.5 hours. After that, there is an additional 350 Baht per hour per person. The lounge is said to be 24 hours but always check beforehand.

Price package list for Coral Executive lounge - Don Muang airport lounge


The WIFI details are given to you on a small piece of paper and are easy to log on. The WIFI is very fast so if you are looking to upload pictures or videos to youtube this is a good place for you to be.

speed test at Coral executive lounge - Don Muang airport lounge


The seating ranges from long comfy sofas alongside walls with small round tables and an armchair opposite. In the main room, there is a large high standing dining table with stools.

Some of the seating areas have plug sockets available to charge laptops and phones. Upon every small table, there is a small glass with sand in the bottom and a white flower centrepiece.

Seating at Coral executive lounge - Don Muang airport lounge
Seating at Coral Executive lounge - Don Muang airport lounge

Food & Drinks

The food was beautifully displayed with options for small sandwiches, salads, hot meals and desserts. The sandwiches were small and individually wrapped in cling film as well as small salads served in small dishes.

The cakes, chocolates and pannacotta desserts, as well as jelly glasses and fruit sticks, were kept in the fridge and are individually labelled. The portions of food were set out for easy access but were small, they are more like finger food portions though still very nice.

Food display at Coral Executive lounge - Don Muang airport lounge

The drinks available were a variety of soft drinks in cans, alcohol, hot beverages and ice fruit drinks. There was a tea trolley dedicated to Twinnings Tea which was beautiful. The beer is not kept in the fridge and is available on request and is brought to your seat by a member of staff at Coral Executive lounge.

Centre piece at Coral executive lounge - Don Muang airport lounge

The lounge itself is very peaceful and quiet, it is very much a place to relax before a flight. There is soft piano music in the background to give the room a soft ambience. The lounge has access to toilets to save you leaving the Coral Executive lounge.

Miracle Lounge Don Muang Airport

The Miracle Lounge is the same company and brand as the co-working space. Located directly next door to the Coral Executive Lounge it is hard to miss.

The lounge itself was practically empty when we entered at 14.30 pm. The lounge is quite large and an open area with plenty of seating. To enter the lounge without using a Priority Pass card the entry fee is 500 baht per person, this gives you 3 hours in the lounge. The lounge is open from 5.30 in the morning to 7.30 pm.


The WIFI was open but unfortunately, we could not access it.


The seating available was much more relaxing offering up black leather reclining chairs with stools, soft sofas and armchairs accompanied by small tables. There was also a more official dining area if you liked the option with more proper seating to eat.

Food & Drinks

There were much more to offer in the Miracle lounge in terms of food similar to the coworking lounge. There was a range of hot dishes from soup, steamed rice, prawn with spaghetti and pork curry.

As well as tuna sandwiches, pastries, salad bar with both crabsticks and sushi available. There was a small selection of desserts located in the fridge, as well as some tuna, cheese and ham sandwiches. Though only small they were great if you fancied something a little different or if you have children with you.

Self service food at Miracle lounge - Don Muang airport lounge
Hot food at Miracle lounge - Don Muang airport lounge

The drinks selection had changed a little within the Miracle lounge and weren’t as extensive in the soft drinks area just offering up Fanta flavours. There was still a variety of alcohol, soft drinks, tea and coffee as well as the iced coffee options. The drinks were kept in the fridges and were easy to access, the food and drinks were all self-service.

Drinks cabinet at Miracle lounge - Don Muang airport lounge

The biggest bonus of the Miracle Lounge was the access to a shower room if you require it. There is also toilets located in the lounge which is very convenient, especially as a solo passenger.

The Miracle lounge itself was much more relaxing and not as fancy as the Coral Executive lounge. I felt much more comfortable in the Miracle Lounge in my simple dress and jacket, as I feel that the lounge was catering to a much more broader audience.

The lounge has lower lighting and blinds on the far side of the wall to pull down if the sun is too bright. Due to the lounge being on a passageway and not in the main area of the airport, the noise from the outside is minimal.


I will add that the Miracle lounge of the Don Muang airport lounge themselves didn’t have a departures board but the Coral Executive lounge did. Overall I was impressed with the lounges as a whole and would definitely use them again on our next visit.

If you have visited any of these Don Muang airport lounges in either in Terminal 1 or Terminal 2, let us know what you thought and whether you thought it was worth it.

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