How To Download Disney PhotoPass Photos For Free

So you’ve just got back from a Disney resort (either Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida or Disneyland in California) where you’ve taken advantage of the Disney PhotoPass as part of the Disney Memory Maker package.

Now you’re looking to download all your photos prior to them being deleted from the Disney servers (45 days after the photo was taken).

If you’re anything like us you’ve found it pretty easy to view the photos and download them singularly online via the website or mobile application – if not we suggest following this guide.

In this guide, we’re going to demonstrate how you go about downloading all the photos from the Disney PhotoPass at once.

Instead of having to select and download each photo individually – which if you’re like us with 200+ photos on there, is likely to take forever!

While the process is actually quite simple, it’s something I struggled with myself, and having Googled and Youtubed the topic, it turns out most other people feel the same.

Yet, it seems like there’s currently no step-by-step guide demonstrating this process so I hope this article might help. If you are struggling with linking your Memory Maker to My Disney Experience we have you covered.

1. View Your Photos Online

This method only works on laptops/computers. Due to the large file sizes, this is the only way I’d recommend attempting to follow this guide.

I haven’t provided the direct link to any of the PhotoPass websites as the website will differ depending on the park you visited (Walt Disney World, Disneyland etc.)

However, you can find the link easily via the MyDisneyExperience or by searching on Google.

Once on the page, you’ll be able to view all the photographs taken as part of your memory maker experience.

You’ll also be able to link additional photos from codes, filter photos by location and sort your photos based on the date etc.

If you are looking to work out the cost of Memory Maker and whether it is worth it check out our post for everything you need to know.

2. Hover Over A Photo

When you hover over one of the photos on this page a small tick box will appear within the photo on the right-hand side. Select this tick box and a drop-down box should appear below the filter menu.

3. Select All Visible Media

You’re now going to want to select the small tick-box on the right-hand side of the screen that states ‘select all visible media’. This is going to do exactly as it says, select all visible media.

You, therefore, want to ensure that you’ve scrolled right down the page to the first photo you had taken on the Disney PhotoPass is shown.

4. Download All Your Photos From Disney’s PhotoPass

Once you’re happy that you’ve selected all the visible media, and all the photos on your Disney PhotoPass you can go ahead and click the large blue download button.

This will then start the download process. Depending on the number of photo’s and videos you have as well as your internet speed, this process could take anything up to 30 minutes.

5. Unzip The Folders

Once the downloads are complete you’ll find the zipped folders in the download section of your computer – alternatively where you specify internet downloads to be held within your computer/laptop.

You’re now going to want to unzip each folder to reveal its contents.

The majority of computers have built-in unzipping software. The contents have only been zipped to condense the file size without reducing the quality to make the download process quicker and easier.

During my downloading / unzipping process I found no correlation between the contents of the folder.

Therefore if you want your photos to be organised during the download process I’d suggest filtering the visible photos by the park for example and downloading each set of park photos separately.

6. View Your Photos & Sort Them Within Your Computers / Laptops Hard Drive

Once you’ve unzipped the folders you’ll get a new folder in which you’ll be able to view the interior contents.

In our case, we unzipped all the folders and then went into each open folder and dragged and dropped the photos into one main folder which we then went on to sort and re-name.

I hope this guide helps you to understand how to download all the photos from your Disney PhotoPass via the Memory Maker in one go – saving you time in the process.

If you have any questions feel free to leave us a comment and we’ll do our very best to assist you in getting copies of the photos from your magical trip.

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