Review: Escape Lounge Manchester Airport, T3

Cora and I recently upgraded from an American Express Gold card, to an American Express Platinum card. With this came a complimentary Priority Pass that provides us with access to hundreds of airport lounges around the world for free.

We have really enjoyed using the pass and it has come in handy more than once, check out our review of the Escape Lounge Manchester T3. Making this visit the last of the 3 Escape Lounges at Manchester Airport for us to use.


After walking through the narrow hallway into the main seating and shopping area there is a sign above next to a lift and stairs. The sign points out the lounges and specifically the Escape Lounge Manchester T3.

There are two ways to access the lounge, one is using the lift and the other the stairs. There are other lounges located on the same floor but are closed off, whereas there is straight-through access to the Escape Lounge.


When originally thinking of getting into the Escape Lounge Manchester T3, we thought it would be difficult. Especially as it was in the school holidays on a Sunday at 15.20, but we had no trouble.

Due to terminal 3 being the smallest out of the 3, I expect the traffic that comes through doesn’t hang around as long as it would in the other two terminals.

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We had no trouble getting in and the lounge was near full as we were entering. We were asked to sit on a table/area for 2 people to leave space for larger groups and families.


Though one of the smaller lounges Cora and I have been it, it was easily had been worked out well with space. The Escape Lounge Manchester T3 had around 4 different areas of seating.

There were clear divides to the room without creating barriers and clear paths to enable people to move around with ease. The main dining area had been separated with tiled flooring and carpet within the rest of the lounge.

Fortunately, the Escape Lounge Manchester T3 had boasting rights as they had a great vast view over the runway. With the large open windows, the lounge felt brighter even on a miserable rainy day.

The lounge offered up quite a few tables and places to sit and see the view if you are interested. If you decide to book in advance you can request a view seat.

There is roughly 4 main seating areas within the lounge including:

Standard Chairs with dining tables

Relaxing Lounger Chair with small coffee tables

Armchairs – Located in the adults-only /quiet area

Bar Stools

As we sat down in the lounge and the receptionist had asked us to sit at a table for 2 people, we found plenty of seating for 2-4 people. Within the lounge already were a number of quite large groups sat in 2 of the main areas.

The way the seating had been arranged it was still tidy and the larger groups didn’t make it look overcrowded and busy.

Food & Drink

As we were flying at 17.25 we were having a late lunch/ afternoon snack at the Escape Lounge Manchester T3.

They were still offering bacon and sausages with bread cakes for a late breakfast option. I have never been disappointed with the food at Escape Lounge and this was no exception.

There was a coffee machine available serving a number of different hot drinks including hot chocolates, cappuccinos and traditional flat white’s. There were 2 machines available so there was never a long wait to access the machine.

Alongside the hot drinks, there was a range of cold fruit juices such as elderflower, apple and orange. As well as your traditional Airport Lounge drinks; beers and soft drinks. Finally, there was a wine bar serving a number of wines and champagnes and spirits.

Getting onto the food here at Escape Lounge Manchester T3 there were plenty on offer. There were 2 hot pasta dishes to choose from as well as a cold pasta salad.

Something new we hadn’t seen much of was jerk chicken and buttered baby potatoes. Along with the usual salad, cheese and crackers, nachos with salsa and sour cream dip.


As seen before in the previous Escape Lounges there is a section for media. Here you?ll find racks of magazines, newspapers and books as well the occasional book.

I was impressed to see that the Escape Lounge Manchester T3 had plenty of plug sockets. We have struggled in the past but this lounge had really made the use of the surrounding walled areas to include more plug sockets. They also had the small tabletop menus with the embedded USB charging ports for the tables.

Though seeing a couple of TV’s within the lounge, none of them we’re actually in use. Whether this was due to the time and day we visited or for other reasons I am not sure.

Usually, we have found that the toilets are located externally from the lounge itself and back with the main areas in the terminal. This lounge, however, has private toilets located at the entrance to the lounge to the left.

As we had some time before we would be boarding we had time to sit and get some work done. Though it wasn’t the fastest we have used it was good enough to get a little work done and emails sent.

With both the capacity and time of year being busy it meant there were more than enough staff to keep up to the work. I often saw them taking stock of the drinks and refilling the food to make sure there was always plenty on offer.

All the staff were pleasant and friendly, we didn’t have to sit long with a used plate or empty mug without it being cleared away.

I especially liked the receptionists as they were very welcoming and even boasted that their lounge was the best of the 3 Escape Lounges at Manchester Airport.


In conclusion, I would not hesitate to use or recommend the Escape Lounge Manchester T3 to others in the future. I only hope that during our next visit we’re able to spend more time here making the most of the facilities, and food available.

Escape Lounge Manchester Airport, T3

Cora Harrison

Food & Drink


Like many of the other Escape Lounges we have visited both the service and food have been great. There are some ways the lounge could imrpove, such as more plug sockets but that is picky.

Otherwise the lounge is great and worth visiting especially if you are looking to have a drink before you fly.


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