Everything You Need To Know About Center Parcs Sherwood Forest Accommodation

On our latest trip, we headed to Center Parcs Sherwood Forest for our honeymoon. It was a place we had both wanted to go but many other destinations became a priority.

We finally chose to book a trip using some vouchers we had won. We had looked online at dates available and what we would like to stay in, at this point we knew very little about Center Parcs Sherwood Forest accommodation. We found a cosy 1-bed lodge with log burner and private patio and was sold.

Here is everything you need to know about Center Parcs Sherwood Forest Accommodation…

What Are The Types Of Accommodation At Center Parcs Sherwood Forest?

Woodland Lodges

The woodland lodges are the most common type of lodge at Sherwood Forest. The Woodland lodges come in a range of sizes to suit anything from a 2 person booking up to an 8 person booking. The bedrooms can either come with a double bed or twin beds.

The lodges come with either a family bathroom, ensuite or both and a fully fitted kitchen. We chose to stay in the 1 bedroom Woodland lodge which came with a fully fitted kitchen, log burner fire, tv and DVD player and living room space.

Some of the lodges have been updated and will be listed as executive or exclusive.

Executive Lodges

As you can see below the Executive Lodges are much more luxurious. These are perfect for anyone who is looking to have a long weekend away to celebrate, large parties or just wanting to experience something a little different. These also can sleep up to 8 people in a range of double or twin beds.

Exclusive Lodges

Again these can be anything from 2 people to 8 people staying in one lodge. With twin beds or double beds available making it the perfect family lodge. The bonus of this lodge is that you can get your own sauna, steam room and hot tub so there is no need to even leave the lodge!

There are also more features such as the games room, highest quality finish furnishings and dedicated parking.


The Treehouses are the best of the best here at Sherwood Forest Center Parcs. The treehouses come with a whirlwind of exclusive and amazing things like a games room, hot tub and your own dedicated host.

When it comes to checking in you get to join a fast lane for treehouse guests and have your own private parking area. These are just some of the small bonuses you get for staying in one of the Treehouses.

Hotels & Apartments

The hotel and apartments are a great way for small families and couples to enjoy the fun of Center Parcs without the commitment to a lodge. The apartments/rooms can be self-catering which includes a compact kitchen and utensils and some even come with a wine cooler.

Don’t forget just because you are staying in a room doesn’t mean you miss out on the woodland views. Each room comes with a terrace or balcony so you can sit and relax and watch the squirrels play in the trees.

Dog-Friendly Lodges

I love the idea of dog-friendly accommodation, it is something that is generally hard to find in a holiday destination. Within Center Parcs Sherwood Forest accommodation there is a set limit to 2 dogs per lodge.

The dogs also have to be kept on a lead while walking around the complex but there a multiple open spaces catered to letting your four-legged friend get plenty of running space.

The dog-friendly lodges are only available in selected woodland and executive lodges.

Adapted Lodges

Another type of accommodation I feel is really important to point out is the adapted lodges. These are designed for those who use a wheelchair, scooter or just need a little more help and easy access.

This doesn’t just mean that your lodge is easy to move around and use but also getting to and from your lodge.

There is dedicated parking with ramps to make the transition smoother. The lodge comes with a fully fitted kitchen with lowered worktops and spacious bedrooms with electric beds.

The bathroom also has a wheel-in shower. The Exclusive lodges also come with a hoist for the hot tub and wider entrance ways to the sauna and steam room.

Are Dogs Allowed In The Lodges?

Yes. When making your booking you can use the drop-down on the website to include dogs into your booking search. There is a maximum of 2 dogs per lodge allowed and all dogs must be kept on a lead walking around the village.

There are specific lodges that are allocated for those with dogs, there are also spaces that are safe areas for your dog to run around without a lead.

How Will I Know Where To Find My Lodge?

The lodges are easy to find (or that’s what everyone says, I still got lost getting back a couple of times). There are X different areas of lodges in the names of Birch, Oak, Ash, Willow, Maple, Cedar and Pine.

Each section is split up lodges from 1 – 175 are in Maple. Each section is broken down and signposted, The numbers will correlate to the areas on the signs or you can look for your area name.

Also, a great tip is to remember what you are near if you are staying near the venue or by the lake you can head to that part and then refine your search. Or always take a map just in case.

What Facilities Are Included In The Lodges?

Depending on the lodge this may change but as a standard, there is a fridge, dishwasher, oven and hob top and microwave in the kitchen. In the living room, you have a tv, DVD player, fire, sofa and coffee table.

Int the bedroom you will have a bed, wardrobe space with hangers and bedside tables. Along with a bathroom with a shower over the bath or freestanding, toilet, sink and mirror.

There are also smaller details which include a BBQ on the patio area, hairdryer, heating system, coffee machine, kettle and toaster. Along with a fitted kitchen of cooking utensils, bowls, trays, dishes and bbq utensils.

Can You Get Any Extras For The Lodge?

Yes, you can, when booking you can choose to add any of the welcome packs and logs for the fire to your booking. There are a number of different packs you can add to enhance your stay at Center Parcs. These come in a variety of sizes, ranges, celebrations and prices.

Are There Toiletries And Cleaning Products Supplied?

Yes, there are. You get a bundle of equipment for the kitchen including a washing up liquid sachet, 3 dishwasher tablets, 1 cloth, 1 tea towel, 1 oven glove and a washing up pad.

In the bathroom, there is a small soap bar, 1 shampoo/conditioner and 1 small bottle of shower/bath gel. You are also only given one roll of toilet roll. This may change depending on how many guests are in one lodge etc.

What Baby/Child Equipment Is Included?

There are cots and hair chairs included in each lodge. Everything else would need to be brought with you from home.

That is everything you need to know about Center Parcs Sherwood Forest Accommodation. If you have stayed at Sherwood Forest before and have any items you always bring let us know in the comments.

Also if you have any helpful tips on making the most of your trip feel free to share.

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