Tokyo Disney Popcorn Buckets & Flavors – The Ultimate Guide!

Tokyo Disney is made up of two parks; Tokyo Disney and DisneySea. In both parks you’re able to buy a variety of different flavoured popcorn, it’s somewhat of a staple snack in the parks. While you can get this popcorn in a disposable popcorn box you can enhance your popcorn experience by purchasing a character inspired reusable popcorn bucket.

Tokyo Disney Popcorn buckets feature a variety of Disney characters and come with a lanyard to hang around your neck. The buckets themselves cost between 1,640yen – 2,300yen and popcorn refills cost just 500yen instead of the standard 1,200yen for a cardboard popcorn box.

Popcorn buckets are an affordable and incredibly practical souviner to purchase while visiting Tokyo Disney Resort, however, there are a lot of choices available which can be overwhelming and confusing. We’ve created this post to help you decide which popcorn bucket is right for you, or whether it’s worth buying one at all.

What Are Tokyo Disney Popcorn Buckets?

Tokyo Disney Popcorn Buckets are character designed buckets dedicated to holding popcorn. These buckets have a strap that goes over your arm or around your neck.

With a little flap that opens for you to easily snack while standing in line for a ride or as you casually walk around the park. The buckets are made in different characters, styles and can be specially made for anniversaries.

How Much Do Tokyo Disney Popcorn Buckets Cost?

The Tokyo Disney Popcorn Buckets can vary in price, depending on the design and availability. The most expensive bucket we saw was 3,200 this was a special edition due to the 35 Happiest Celebration of Tokyo Disney.

Otherwise, the general price for the character Tokyo Disney Popcorn Buckets cost anything from 1,640 – 2,300 Yen.

This included the popcorn bucket coming full of popcorn. Bear in mind that they may not have the flavour you want at the stand that is selling your desired character bucket.

The popcorn can be enjoyed without getting a character popcorn bucket if you are more interested in tasting all the flavours.

You can get either a souvenir popcorn case at the cost of 1,200 including filling or just a regular cardboard cup of popcorn for 350. Refills cost 500.

Are There Discounts For Multiple popcorn buckets?

No, there are no discounts on the Tokyo Disney Popcorn Buckets. As I had seen so many with vacation popcorn buckets I wondered whether these were free with vacation packages.

From looking through the vacation packages there are freebies such as a tote bag or water bottle but not the popcorn buckets.

Where Can You Refill The Tokyo Disney Popcorn Buckets?

There is a map of where the different popcorn stands are located. If you are buying your tickets on the day they will give you an English map or you can request one.

They are also shown on the app for the park but unfortunately for us, we couldn’t use it as we had no data and the park doesn’t have WIFI.


Upon entry to the park you can pick up a map from there you can see where the locations are. These may change year on year along with the flavours so for the most up to date information check the map within the park.


Even where the popcorn stands are located. The marker used is the small cream coloured cloud/popcorn shape with a number in.

The number will correlate to a number on the key around the edge saying where the stand is located and what the flavour of popcorn is. I believe this will change from season to season and year on year

Benefits & Drawbacks Of The Tokyo Disney Popcorn Bucket


  • Great way to hold snacks throughout the day
  • Plenty of choices of flavour
  • Can be used in both parks
  • Refills are cheap at 500.
  • You can save the popcorn in an easy to carry a bucket with a lid for all day, making it easier to carry around and slowly snack on.


  • Can be a little bulky to carry around all day.
  • The cost of the popcorn bucket plus 5 refills would be anything from 4,140 – 4,800, if you were to just by the 5 flavours of popcorn in a regular box it would come to 1,750. Which is much cheaper and more affordable.
  • It is more expensive to refill at 500, whereas a regular serving is 350.

What Popcorn Flavours Can I Choose From?

On our visit to DisneySea and Disneyland, we came across a variety of flavours. Some are unique to each park and some are found in both. These were the flavours available on our visit in September 2018:


  • Barbecue – in front of Cafe Orleans
  • Caramel – in front of Polynesian Terrace Restaurant, Next to Chuck Wagon, Next to castle carrousel, Next to Gazebo and in Toon Pop.
  • Curry – Next to trading post
  • Milk Chocolate – In front of the dock for Mark Twain Riverboat and in front of Sweetheart Cafe.
  • Honey – In front of Pooh’s Hunny hunt.
  • Salted – Next to treasure comet
  • Soy Sauce & Butter – The popping Pod and Pop-A-Lot Popcorn. (this flavour is unique to this park)


  • Caramel – In front of Lido Isle and Next to Ariel’s Greeting Grotto
  • Garlic Shrimp – In front of Dockside Stage and next to Aquatopia ( this flavour is unique to Tokyo Disney popcorn buckets)
  • Strawberry – In front of Liberty Landing Diner (this is another flavour unique to DisneySea)
  • Milk Chocolate – In front of Cape Cod Cook-off
  • Black Pepper – Next to Hangar stage and at the top of Via Delle Viti
  • Salted – In front of Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster
  • Curry – In front of Arabian Coast

In the past, there have been flavours such as Milk Tea, White Chocolate, Strawberry popcorn, Corn Potage (Corn Soup) Popcorn and marmalade flavour.

These are just a handful of flavours that have been served before. Flavours and Tokyo Disney popcorn buckets may change without notice so check Tokyo Disney website for up to date information.

Are you allowed to share the same cup with others in your party?

Yes, of course! This is one of the best things about having a popcorn bucket.

You can share it between you as a family or even the pair of you and take it in turns to choose the flavour. It is a great way to carry around a snack with you throughout the day and keep children entertained in finding the next flavour.

Tokyo Disney Popcorn Bucket Value For Money

So, how does the cost of Tokyo Disney Popcorn buckets compare to simply purchasing popcorn and snacks as and when you need them throughout the day.

Bringing Your Own Snacks

Well, if you’re bringing your own snacks to the park then you’ll be saving yourself the full amount of 30 Yen (that is the highest price popcorn bucket with 5 refills). But, in our opinion missing out on the fun of weird, fun and crazy combinations of popcorn!

Getting Non-Refillable Popcorn Buckets At Disneyland Resort

There is definitely no shortage of places to find snacks, treats and more within the parks. Depending on what you like to eat/snack on depends on whether this is a good deal. If you aren’t a big lover of popcorn in the first place this may be something you can live without.

There are still plenty of delicious snacks located in the stores of tins, packets and boxes for 1000 Yen – 2000 Yen. Don’t forget there are also carts and counter service offering up ice cream sundaes at 360 Yen, ice lollies at 310 Yen and churros for 350 Yen.

The parks also have things like spiced chicken legs, turkey legs, pork rice rolls, and hot dog wagons. These are all ranging in prices but are all in the snack category. There are doughnuts that are very popular that are sold in stores costing 360 Yen.

There is a variety of boxed sweets around the parks, these are extremely popular among guests as they are often a great gift to take back home.

Though if you are feeling peckish and want something other than popcorn these are a great alternative. Though we didn’t try any there is a wide selection to choose from. These are mainly cake bars and biscuits ranging from 500 Yen to 1,500 Yen.

If you are looking for a sweet treat without having to buy a full box there is the Mama Biscotti’s bakery in DisneySea. This serves up pastries, sweet treats and cakes all made with that magical Disney touch. These were all in the range of  360 Yen +.

My only downside to the snacks available is that there isn’t an option for fruit or savoury snacks such as crisps/chips or nuts. This is something I would bear in mind and maybe something you would need to buy beforehand and bring with you.

What Should You Do With Your Tokyo Disney Popcorn Bucket After Your Trip?

Save It

Many people, especially those who are regular visitors will save their bucket to use again on their next visit. If you are a Disney park fan and go even at least once a year it may be good idea to keep hold of it to use on your next trip.

Some fans even collect the popcorn buckets, over the years there have been numerous designs brought out and new popcorn buckets for different occasions.

Sell it on eBay!

If you are not planning on visiting any of the Disney parks in the future you can look into selling your popcorn bucket on eBay.

This is a great way of getting rid of the unwanted bucket to someone who would want it and also getting some money back on the original purchase. There are plenty available to buy so research to a good selling price shouldn’t be too hard.

Or simply keep it as a souvenir of your trip! So many people recycle and reuse the popcorn buckets when they return home. Some use them as handbags, bowls or even plant pots!

Though this doesn’t have to be the only souvenir you bring home from DisneySea, there is so much more to discover.

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