Harry Potter Wands at Universal Studios – The Ultimate Guide

Harry Potter wands are a staple inside the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. In fact, you’ll barely be able to walk a couple of feet without watching a young wizard perform a spell that results in magic.

Each Harry Potter wand has an IR transmitter installed at the wand’s tip that points forward, the receiving objects within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios has a receiver on the other end which when triggered results in an action being performed.

These interactive wands maybe one of the best souvenirs at Universal Studios but they are also one of the most expensive starting at $52 plus tax. However, it’s a worthy investment for a young wizard who’s looking to spend their vacation practising magic.

What Can You Do With A Wand at Universal Studios?

If you have a wand at Universal Studios, you will be able to let your inner wizard run loose – but whether you will actually be able to do something or not will depend on the type of wand that you get.

Will you get an interactive or non-interactive wand? With an interactive wand at Universal Studios, you may go to certain anointed points in the park, performing the spells that you always wished to try out. You can see those spots marked over the map that comes with the wand. 

You may also get a simple wand, without interactive elements – but where’s the fun in that? The advice here would be to buy the interactive kind. The non-interactive type is simply for aesthetic purposes. You’ll definitely feel like a wizard as you are strolling through Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, or wherever your path takes you. 

What Wand Do You Get At Universal Studios?

As mentioned before, at Universal Studios, you may choose between two types of wands: the interactive wand, and the non-interactive one. If you are at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, you might want to invest in an interactive wand – because that’s how all the magic happens. 

That being said, even the non-interactive wands are quite cool – for the visual and imaginative effect. Plus, some of the wands owned by book or movie characters can’t be purchased in interactive form – such as the wands from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. This means that non-interactive options are a great alternative. They are also great if you are a collector or if you really want to have your own wand.

Sadly enough, you cannot buy a custom wand at Ollivanders. For example, if you want to have your Pottermore wand created, there is no option for you (yet). However, this is not a deal-breaker, as you have thousands of ready-made wands to choose from.

You have non-character wands as well, made from holly, birch, reed, willow, vine, ash, hazel, rowan, ivy, alder, and hawthorn – all of which feature a different core. Plus, all of these wands are interactive, so you can have a lot of fun with them. 

How Do Universal Studios Wands Work?

The wands at Universal Studios work in specific locations throughout the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, all of which can be found on a map you get together with the wand. These locations will have several sensors that will notice the wand – specifically, the movements that you make with it. 

So, if you are at a point where an object can levitate, you need to perform the movement of the wand correctly. It’s not a matter of whether you say “Wingardium LevioSA” instead of “Wingardium LeviOsa,” but more of a “just swish and flick” movement. That’s what the sensor will catch, not your voice, but the spell.

Next, the IR receiver will ‘record’ your whole movement, filtering out the motion needed to perform the entire spell. That motion will be matched based on the reference spell motion – finally carrying out the action. You can make objects fly, skeletons dance, and many other cool things. There is a total of 16 spells that you can cast, all in points spread across Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade.

Some of the spots are secret, and not marked by anything. These secret wand spots are most satisfactory to find, as they can only be discovered by the best wizards. That being said, the maps will still guide you to them.

What Is the Price Of A Wand At Universal Studios?

A wand at Universal Studios starts at around $49, before the annual tax and pass discount. You can get various replicas from all the famous characters, such as Harry’s, Voldermort’s, Ron’s, or Lucius Malfoy’s – depending on your preferences, desire for power, or sense of style. The type of wand will also affect its price.

For example, you may expect to pay somewhere around $52 for an interactive wand and $46 for a well-made resin model that does not interact with anything.

If you have small children around age 5 and up and they haven’t yet learned about the magical world of Harry Potter, you may go for a less expensive wand from the shop. You will pay around $29 for it, but it won’t interact with anything from the Wizarding World. 

Bear in mind that the fancier the wand, the more you will have to pay for it. Collectors’ editions or certain character wands will certainly be more expensive compared to simpler wands.

Can You Buy A Wand At Ollivanders?

Yes, you can certainly purchase a wand at Ollivanders. You may buy a replica of one of your favorite film characters, or you may get your own wand. For the best experience, you may want to go to the Ollivanders at Diagon Alley – but if you are nowhere near there or you aren’t going there, you can also find an Ollivanders at Hogsmeade. 

You can also purchase wands at the shops and carts at the park front, or at Wands by Gregorovitch. However, to get the full experience, you might want to wait until you get to Ollivanders. 

This is because aside from the fact that you get to buy your wand, you can also watch people get picked by a wand – or maybe get picked yourself by one! It’s up to you whether you buy the wand that chooses you or not, but what’s definite is that you’ll not want to leave that wand there. The bond will likely be formed from the moment you get picked. 

How Do You Get Picked At Ollivanders?

When buying a wand, certain lucky people may also be able to participate in ceremonies where the wand chooses you – just like in Harry Potter. In this ceremony, you will be able to watch a show and (hopefully) be invited to try out a few wands until one of them chooses you.

In each pairing show, the wand keeper will have you cast a few spells – until you find the wand that is best suited for you. In the end, you will be given the option to purchase the wand that chose you or go for a different model. 

The answer to who gets chosen is this: “It is a wizard’s secret.” There’s no known formula to it, and everything is completely random. It may be a young adult, or it may be a child.

Increase your chances of getting picked at Ollivanders by dressing in Harry Potter gear from head to toe and making yourself as visible as possible – stand more to the front line rather than the back. This way, the wand keeper should be able to see you.

If you don’t get picked at Ollivanders, you should not take it too hard. Instead, you should take a personally-bought wand and have fun. You can try again at later ceremonies if you’d like. One good tip would be to go in the afternoon, as the line gets shorter at that time of the day.

Obviously, everyone wants to get chosen by their wand at the beginning of the day. Don’t try to plead to the wand keeper to pick you or your child – they will politely decline you.

Are The Wands At Universal Studios Worth It?

If you are a die-hard Harry Potter fan and want to experience the feeling of casting a spell – and have it work – then buying a wand at Universal Studios is certainly worth it.

Plus, it can serve as a good memory. Where else could you find such a well-made replica of He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named’s wand? They’re quality wands, and the experience you will get will make things worth it even more. 

Can You Reuse Wands At Universal Studios?

The beauty of these wands is that you can use them every time you go to Universal Studios – if you keep them in good shape. Still, even if the wand ends up damaged, dropped or with a scratched tip, you may take it to Ollivanders. Wands may be used for years at a time, as long as you take good care of them.

Can You Bring Wands Into Universal Studios?

Yes, you may bring wands into Universal Studios – nothing is stopping you from doing this. Still, if it’s an interactive one, it has to be a Universal Studios-approved wand – otherwise, it may not be compatible with the “magic points.”

The Ollivanders experience is pretty much half the charm, so you may want to consider waiting until you get there. That being said, if you bought it from Ollivanders and already got the experience, you may bring it with no problems the next time you go to Universal Studios. 

Do Harry Potter Wands Have Batteries?

Interactive wands don’t have batteries, but instead, they have a reflective IR tip that sends a beam to the spell location. This is why you won’t have to change any batteries for the wand – so, even if you return in a year or two, it should still work just fine. The condition is to make sure that you maintain it properly.

Since they do not use batter, but rather the IR system that connects with the magical points at Universal Studios, these wands won’t do anything special for you outside the park.

However, they will prove to be a great souvenir – and you may always use them each time you return. You won’t have any batteries to worry about – so, as long as you don’t damage the tip, it should work. 

Do Harry Potter Wands Work At Both Parks?

While the interactive wands do not work in the world of “muggles,” they were still designed to work in both Universal Studio parks. So, if you get it from the Orlando Park and decide to use it next year at the Hollywood one, there should be no issues.

What Can You Do If You Need A Universal Wand Repair?

After some time of taping your wand and doing wand movements, it may get defective. It happens to the best of wizards. So, what do you do when your wand gets damaged or no longer works in the way that it should? You take it to Ollivanders, obviously.

You can go with your wand straight into the shop and have ‘Ollivander’ repair it for you, or you may ask the clerk standing in the front to take a look at it and repair it. They will take it back inside to ‘repair it’ – and within moments, they will return with the wand working as if it’s brand new. It’s like magic!

Well, in most cases, this “repair” means that the old wand will be swapped for a new one. However, the process is quite quick, and you may return to your spell casting right away. 

Can You Take Harry Potter Wands On A Plane?

There should definitely be no issues with bringing the wand with you on the plane. You may place it in your check-in luggage, but the item is very small. As a result, there shouldn’t be any issues in taking it with your carry-on. 

Just don’t go casting any forgetting spells on the personnel or try to act funny. Remember, these wands only work at Universal Studios, so you won’t be able to Obliviate them. Muggles don’t have the same sense of humor when it comes to magic, so you might just have them confiscated. 

Plus, look at the bright side. If a plane is close to crashing, you can use Wingardium Leviosa to make the plane levitate, or Arresto Momentum to slow the fall. You’ll be a hero and the Muggles won’t even know! Although, let’s hope there’s no need for that!

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