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Our Experience On The VIP ExecuCar Service

VIP car for ExecuCar service review

Helen and I love to visit America, I don’t think that’s a secret we’re keeping from you given the number of articles we’ve written on the location. However, one thing either of us is yet to experience is driving in America (or any country other than England for that matter…)

Instead we often try and rely on public transport, however, it’s not something that’s readily available in all cities or states of America – take, for example, Orlando, Florida.

As an alternative to hiring a car (and understanding how to turn right at a red light) we looked at private taxi/transfer services, that’s when we found ExecuCar.

What Is ExecuCar?

ExecuCar is a sister company to the popular transfer service SuperShuttle. Designed to offer the highest standard of customer service in a luxury and seamless travel experience.

You can use the ExecuCar service for a number of different reasons including;

You’re also able to earn airline reward miles with every ExecuCar trip. To learn more visit the ExecuCar website.

ExecuCar Locations

North America

The ExecuCar service is currently offered in the following locations within North America.

However, the variety of services may vary depending on location. For example, in Orlando, FL you’re able to book a ride to the airport, a ride from one place to another within the city or even hire a car on an hourly rate.

However, in Albuquerque, NM you’re currently only able to book rides to the airport using the ExecuCar service.

Along with new locations within North America being added to the ExecuCar service all the time. There are also additional services within under-serviced locations as requested / in order to meet demand. So, if you’re interested in the Execucar service in a location where it’s currently not operating or currently not offering the service you require consider contacting the ExecuCar team and monitoring the new locations being added to the ExecuCar website.


There are some locations outside of North American in which ExecuCar operates. Although there is a clear focus on major airports in leading cities. However, with new locations being added all the time check back on the ExecuCar website to see the latest.

ExecuCar Ride Options

So, as we’ve previously covered there are three different ride options currently available with ExecuCar. Again, these are subject to availability.

Airport Rides

Firstly, the most common service Execucar offers rides to and from the airport. This is the ExecuCar service we opted to use during our trip. You can book a single or return trip from the airport and expect to find the driver waiting for you just after the baggage arrivals.?Further details depend on the airport and will be specified in your booking confirmation.

Around Town

Second, you have the ‘around town’ service. This is the ideal service for transferring business professionals from the hotel in the city they are staying to a meeting location or restaurant. It provides a great first and highly professional impression to any potential future employees, business partners or clients.


Finally, there’s the hourly service. Ideal for those wanting to make multiple stops throughout a set period of time. Much like the around town service, you’ll specify a pick-up and drop-off location. But you’ll also specify how long you’d like access to the ExecuCar service. By using this service you can be dropped off at multiple locations within that set time.

ExecuCar Trips

You can book, change or cancel your trips online using the ExecuCar website or via your smartphone using the ExecuCar mobile application.

Our ExecuCar Experience

So, now you know all about ExecuCar, let’s talk about our personal ExecuCar experience. We chose the ExecuCar SUV service to collect us from MCO, Orlando Airport and drop us off at our hotel in Celebration, Orlando 19 miles away.

Upon our arrival at the airport we were tired, but also excited and ready to experience everything Orlando has to offer. We found our driver waiting for us at the baggage carousel, from here he took our luggage and escorted us to the car parked nearby.

Upon our return journey to the airport, the driver arrived promptly. The car had been booked 4 hours prior to our departure. This was due to it being a long-haul flight. You can adjust this depending on your requirements. At this point during our vacation, we were ever so grateful that we’d booked the SUV service.

As I’m sure you can see we bought A LOT of designer items and Disney merchandise at the parks, outlets and even the malls and really maximised our baggage allowance. Luckily, it was a walk in the park for our driver and his car.

Inside the ExecuCar SUV trunk

In conclusion, we’d highly recommend the ExecuCar service for a hassle-free way to transfer to and from the airport. If you’re looking to impress investors, business partners etc. then ExecuCar certainly provides anyone and everyone with the right impression. We’ll certainly be using it again in the future!

As always we’ve love to know what airport transfer services you use. Alternatively, perhaps you’re much braver than us and opt to hire a car instead. Let us know in the comments below.

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