Farmer Copleys Afternoon Tea At Moo By Day Restaurant

Many people within the West Yorkshire area may already know Farmer Copleys as a place to come with kids in spring, summer and for Octobers pumpkin picking.

But I am not sure if those same people know that recently Farmer Copleys launched an afternoon tea in the Moo Cafe.

The Moo cafe has been a long-standing part of the farm that many people come to experience. We have been multiple times for pumpkin picking and for breakfast.

When I was putting together my post of places for afternoon tea in Wakefield I stumbled upon Farmer Copleys new addition and wanted to find out more. We were kindly invited to experience Farmer Copleys afternoon tea for ourselves.

Getting To Farmer Copleys

Depending on how far you are travelling and where from depends on your route.

Address: Ravensknowle Farm, Pontefract Road, Pontefract WF7 5AF

If you don’t drive you can get a bus, the bus would take 30-40 minutes from Wakefield city centre. There is a direct bus that takes you from outside Wakefield Kirkgate station to Pontefract Road.

Once at the correct stop it is roughly a 1-minute walk to Farmer Copleys. I have shown a breakdown of the journey and the route for reference.

This is a breakdown of the journey from Wakefield City Centre to Farmer Copleys.

Moo By Day Restaurant

The restaurant is located opposite the farm shop so once you have eaten the beautiful food you can walk a short distance across the courtyard to buy more to take home.

With the farm being a working farm there is fresh seasonal food, beautiful homemade cakes and bread and fresh meats. They also produce speciality foods to suit vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free.


The restaurant itself is very cosy and spacious. We noticed that many of the tables are evenly spaced so you didn’t feel like you would be elbow to elbow with the next table. The interior decor is lovely and though not completely on the theme to a barn/farm it was cool and fun to look at.

Surrounding decorations such as the lights are made from bowler hats, trowels and cow print fabric shades. Each table has a log block to hold the menus and a number piece.

There is a variety of tables and chairs available depending on the party size. We choose a booth in the furthest corner and it was quiet and secluded.

Farmer Copleys Daily Menu

Moo By Day restaurant has a normal menu for breakfast and lunch served daily. The beauty of the menu if that it is ever changing to feature fresh produce that is in season.

There is, of course, a menu dedicated to little farmers. The menu has a variety of meals catered to children along with speciality drinks too. The restaurant are also wary of allergies so let any staff know if you need to know any more details on the ingredients as they are all well informed.

The main lunch menu has plenty to offer whether you are looking for a light bite or something a little more filling.

We have eaten here a couple of times previously and have always been impressed with the standard of food. Again the menu can be adapted to be gluten-free and are both vegan and vegetarian-friendly.

Farmer Copleys Afternoon Tea

Though they don’t have a menu out yet you can order the afternoon tea as you would any other meal. If you have any dietary requirements, vegetarian or would need gluten-free just let the staff know and they can arrange the rest for you. They are also advertising a deal for Valentine’s day, Mothers day and more.

The standard Farmer Copleys afternoon tea comes on thick wooden board with a decorative baking paper sheet on top. The sandwiches are placed on one side and the desserts on the other. There is a separate plate for your scone with jam and clotted cream.

You have the choice of tea or coffee which is included in the meal plan. If you prefer to have a soft drink alongside your meal you can order those but will be added to the bill.

There is one large toasted slice and 3 smaller sandwiches. The largest is a toasted slice of bread with a cheesy mustard pepper topping with a cranberry sauce. The other sandwiches were salmon with cream cheese wrapped in cucumber, ham and tomato and finally beef.

The desserts were for me the best part by far. The desserts were beautifully presented on the wooden block.

The desserts consisted of a vanilla slice, a chocolate eclair dome, fruit scone with jam and clotted cream, a small custard tart decorated with fruit and a small plant pot filled with fruit sorbet topped with crumbs.

Along with the refillable tea, you also get the choice of bread for your sandwiches. The fillings are generous and very fresh. If you prefer to change one of the sandwiches choices the staff are very accommodating and would be happy to amend your sandwiches.

My favourite part of the Farmer Copleys afternoon tea was the huge scone that we had to take home with us as we were so full. I also really enjoyed the chocolate eclair mini mountain as it was so fresh and tasty.

I had never tried a vanilla slice before but absolutely loved the fresh flavour of custard and the beautiful presentation.

What Does The Farmer Copleys Afternoon Tea Include?

The afternoon tea includes refillable tea, the staff are happy to be called over and will bring back a fresh pot per person. The afternoon tea includes 3 sandwiches in rectangle shapes in flavours of Salmon and cream cheese, ham and tomato and beef.

There is also 1 large toasted cheese slice with cranberry topping all sandwiches can be made up with the bread of your choice. There is a variety of desserts which include a delicate custard tart topped with fresh fruit, a vanilla slice, a fruit compote in a sweet little plant pot, a large profiterole topped with dark chocolate and a large scone with clotted cream and jam.

Book In Advance – Yes, as the service is new I would advise booking in advance. Especially for weekends as that is the busiest time. The website has all the information and contact details to make a booking.

Serving Time – Served between 3 pm and 5 pm.

Price Per Person – £14.99 Per Person or £25.00 for 2 people.

Other Events At Farmer Copleys

Many people will already know that Farmer Copleys has so much more to offer than great food. They are host to many events throughout the year and have a pick your own patches. Some of the most popular are the pumpkin season and strawberry season.

They are also very popular for putting on displays, events and functions. Some of the most recent are including Valentine’s day afternoon tea, Barn Dancing and a feast at the Beast restaurant for Valentine’s day.

Some of the best events are over the bigger holidays such as Halloween, Easter and of course Christmas. Farmer Copleys host a variety of events such as craft fayres, Christmas tree and floristry workshops.

If you have had the pleasure of visiting Farmer Copleys and even treat yourself to some of the lovely food I would love to know what you thought.

If you are interested in afternoon tea in the Wakefield area I would love to know what you love the most and where you like to go. In the meantime be sure to check out our list of the best places to eat in Wakefield.

Afternoon Tea is highly popular among many ages. Farmer Copleys Afternoon Tea has plenty of options for gluten free, vegans and more to satisfy every need. It is very extensive and well worth a visit to Farmer Copleys, Wakefield.

Afternoon Tea is highly popular among many ages. Farmer Copleys Afternoon Tea has plenty of options for gluten free, vegans and more to satisfy every need. It is very extensive and well worth a visit to Farmer Copleys, Wakefield.

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