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First Cabin Station Abenoso, Osaka Capsule Hotel – Review

After such a successful stay in a capsule hotel back in Tokyo, we took to trying out a new highly rated brand during our trip to the south of Japan, Osaka in the form of First Cabin.

I’d seen a review of the First Cabin concept over on The Points Guy and was excited to try it out. We booked via You could book directly on the First Cabin website but there didn’t seem to be any financial incentives to do so, and by booking on I could pay in GBP and use my American Express.


First Cabin tends to pick great locations and their newly opened hotel at Station Abenoso is no different.

On-site there’s a restaurant, it’s a little on the pricey side but if you’re staying here for business it’s ideal. It’s open every afternoon/evening except for Wednesdays.

2 doors down you’ll find a Family Mart, this store is open 24 hours and stocks a range of drinks, snacks etc.

100m on from Lawson you’ll find the entrance to Tennoji station. From here you can, directly and indirectly, get to pretty much anywhere in the whole of Osaka and beyond…

Both around and inside of Tennoji station you have a selection of malls. Here you’ll find a range of shops both Western and Japanese based along with fast-food and traditional restaurants.

Tenshiba?City Park is just on the other side of Tennoji and again has a number of small shops and restaurants. It’s a green social hub of the city and even includes a zoo.


We arrived at First Cabin Station Abenoso at around 11am?having previously checked-out of an APA hotel just a couple of miles away.

Unfortunately, check-in wasn’t available until 5pm (the latest check-in I’ve ever known) which was fine by us as we were able to leave our bags and get on with the rest of our sightseeing day.

Upon returning to the hotel around 6pm, the reception was empty and we were quickly able to check-in. The staff were very friendly, and although their English was somewhat limited they did have queue cards if you were struggling to communicate.

The staff provided us with all the information surrounding the capsule, as well as the location of our beds which would be on the ladies floor (ground floor).

The Capsule

We each opted for the business class cabin which contained one twin bed and no space around it. If you’re feeling a little claustrophobic at the thought of staying in a capsule hotel or fancy a little more luxury then be sure to check out the range of capsule options?First Cabin Station Abenoso offers.

Each cabin has a large lockbox to the side for your valuable items, two towels, a wonderful set of pyjamas (seriously I wanted to take them home with me) and a bed made up with a thin duvet and two lovely pillows.

The room featured two coat hangers to the left-hand side of the bed, a large TV mounted to the top of the cabin and an audio-input by the top of the bed to allow you to watch TV without disturbing other guests.

Blinds could be pulled down on the cabin to around 90% as you required but the cabins couldn’t be locked – hence the reason for the lock box.

Each cabin has it’s own air ventilation system and you can use the dials at the top of the bed to adjust the temperature and strength as well as the lighting.



WIFI is available on all floors at?First Cabin Station Abenoso. The WIFI for your floor/area and the password is provided on a keycard which you receive upon arrival.

During our stay at?First Cabin Station Abenoso we had 100% uptime, and around 40mbps upload and download speeds.


The bathroom on the ground floor in the women’s area was always spotlessly clean and made up of four toilets, two showers with a large changing area and four sinks with seats, facial soap, hairdryers, curlers… the works!

I mean there’s even a weighing scales if you think you might have overeaten during your trip. If there’s anything else you need staff are always on hand to help as there are other items (such as a Dyson hair drier, facial steamer etc.) you can borrow from reception.


Spas and bathing areas are common in Japanese hotels and?First Cabin Station Abenoso is no different. On the ladies floor, you could find a large spa area within the bathroom that included a sauna / hot tub and a rinsing area.


I figured the roomware at 9h Capsule hotel was good, however,?First Cabin Station Abenoso took it to a whole other level. The top and pants were a much better fit and the v-neck top allowed for more breathability.


There is a multi washer/dryer within the bathrooms on each floor. For 500? we managed to complete a load of washing and drying. Being only a month old the washer/dryer is very modern and easy to use.

Common Area

There’s a large common area available for all those staying at?First Cabin Station Abenoso on the ground floor. The floor plan is very open and spacious looking out onto a garden with another seating area, which is perfect for relaxing after a long day for sightseeing.

In this area, you’ll also find a Nespresso coffee machine (100? per drink) and a vending machine serving a range of popular Japanese drinks. In the far?corner?of the common area there’s a large TV showing the news in English with Japanese subtitles.

First Cabin Station Abenoso, Osaka Capsule Hotel - Review

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