France is a country located in Europe, borering on countries Belgium, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. With over 90 million people visiting the spectacular sights of France per year it is no surprise to find the country has so much to offer.

France is iconic for rich French culture, beautifully made food such as pastries and desserts along with exquisite wine and absinthe. Along with exquisite food, you can also browse a number of stunning works of art within the museums across France, from French-born artists such as Monet, Degas and Cezanne.

The capital of France is Paris, well known for being called the city of love and light, due to it being the first European city to use gas lights within the streets. Paris and romance go hand in hand with couples coming to the capital to explore the big sights with places such as the Eiffel Tower to climb, Notre-Dame cathedral and The Louvre museum.

Of course, Paris can offer much more than romance, there is also family-friendly attractions such as Disneyland Paris and plenty of places to find the best chocolate in Paris (who doesn’t love chocolate?)

France also is home to more stunning cities such as Lille, Mont Saint Michelle, Toulouse and the French Riviera. France has so much to offer from culture, history, beautiful artworks to hand crafted food and beautiful landscapes.

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