Frontier – Economy – Airbus A321 – Las Vegas To LAX

After spending a week in Las Vegas we were due to be back in Los Angeles before flying home. We decided to take a cheap flight out of Las Vegas with Frontier as they had the best price at the time of booking.

We had already done the route earlier on in the week with Southwest Airlines so we knew it was going to be fairly quick and simple. We checked in online and had to drop our bags, as we were travelling with Cora’s parents and brother.

Airline: Frontier
Date: Monday 21st October
Depart: 19.58 (est 19.22)
Arrive: 20.40
Duration: 39 Minutes
Aircraft: Airbus A321
Seat: 21A – E


As we arrived and got out of the car we noticed a check-in desk that was on the path to check in guests. We decided to speak to someone inside as we were unsure on where we needed to be.

We had already checked in online through the mobile app but as we had bags to drop we went to a counter. There were self serve screens along with counter service areas.

As we dropped our bags the attendant asked if we would like our boarding cards printing incase the phone died. We took her up on this offer as a precaution, I appreciated her help and dedication to getting us on the flight. Bag drop was easy and straight forward.

Once we got our passports and boarding cards the attendant pointed us in the direction for TSA and told us where we needed to be for our gate.

Bag Drop

We each had a personal bag and 2 suitcases, we had already booked the suitcases onto the flight prior. The only part of the flight we were worried about were whether our personal bag would fit. As our bag were a little larger we put our clothes and bulk items in the suitcase and checked with the staff whether they would be okay to be our personal items.

Lucky for us they were fine and had no problems.


Boarding was a little rushed and chaotic for me personally. As we approached the gate there were many people stood waiting for boarding to start and even more people sat down. There wasn’t any space to sit down while you waited for your zone/seat section to be called.

The most frustrating part was that when the attendant called out the zones the microphone she was using was very quiet. The other calls from nearby gates were drowning ours out so we couldn’t quite work out where we needed to be and when.

It seemed we weren’t the only ones and many people were confused and getting muddled up. Eventually, we joined the queue to board, we first had to stand very close to the speaker to be able to hear the zones being called out.

After getting our ticket scanned and going through the tunnel to the plane it was easy. We found our seats and managed to get our bags stored away.


The cabin was very clean and tidy and minimal which I liked. The colour scheme was simple with pleather grey seating and deep coloured carpet along with a white cabin area.

The seats were a little different to some of the other flights we had recently been on. The seats were thinner, more lightweight and had a thin layer of padding on them. This was to cut down the weight of the plane to make it lighter and save on fuel.

The tray table was also very small, this was due to cutting back on weight to help with fuel consumption. The cabin was altered significantly to be more eco-friendly and save on fuel and emissions.

The seats also had a smaller seat pocket with the usual information of the aircraft, safety procedures and the meals and drinks.

I was also surprised with how much leg room there seemed to be. This may be different for others as we are only short but I was pleasantly surprised with the space.

The Flight

The flight though delayed was quite quick and straight forward. Take off was delayed due to a screen issue within the cockpit that was eventually sorted and some of the final paperwork took longer than expected.

Once we pushed back we took an extra long route (or it seemed like it) to the runway, we could see from the window the long line of planes waiting to land. Once there was a substantial gap for us to go we did.

We were on the plane for 40 minutes before take off and then another 39 minutes during the flight.

The captain notified the cabin crew that we were to start our descend at 20.15 We then landed at 20.40 and shortly after got to our gate.

Menu & Meals

As the flight is only short we didn’t get any drinks and snacks. We chose to eat in the Centurian Lounge beforehand. While we were still at the gate and stood still the staff made use of the time to ask if any of the passengers would like to purchase any food and drinks.

Once we were in the air and the cabin crew were safe to move around, they were up and serving people. They asked again if anyone would like to purchase drinks or snacks.


Even though the flight was slightly delayed and we took off later than we were supposed to the whole flight was good. The staff were great and really efficient with time which I appreciated.

I would definitely fly with Frontier again as from check-in and bag drop to landing everything was fairly smooth and the staff were great.

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