How To Get To Osaka Castle

In this post, we’ll be showing you how to get to Osaka Castle from major neighborhoods and attractions in and around Osaka, Japan.

Osaka Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Osaka.

An with public transport often the only way to travel for most visitors to Japan, getting to it can sometimes seem confusing and complex, but it doesn’t have to be.

How To Get To Osaka Castle From Namba

Namba is a great place to stay when visiting Osaka and is less than 5km from Osaka castle.

If the weathers nice, and you’re feeling up to it then you could choose to walk as you’ll only see elevation as you approach the castle (which you’ll have to walk up anyway, unfortunately) and the journey is likely to take you around an hour.

Alternatively, however, you could take the metro from JR Namba to Osaka castle.

This would cost 230 yen per person and would require a change at Tanimachi to the Tanimachiyonchome station which is the closest station to Osaka Castle on the Tanimachi line.

You could get off the Sen-Nichimae line at Tsuruhashi and instead transfer to the JR Osaka Loop line, therefore getting off at Morinomiya Station at the right-hand side of Osaka Castle Park. However, this will increase the cost to 300 yen per person.

How To Get From Osaka Castle To Umeda Sky Building

If you’re planning on only spending a short time in Osaka then you may find yourself visiting two of the most popular attractions in one day; Osaka Castle and the Umeda Sky Building.

Whether you’re looking to travel from Osaka Castle to Umeda Sky Building or Umeda Sky Building to Osaka Castle, the route you’ll take is the same (just in reverse).

There’s a lot of hotels both luxury and mid-range in this area. We chose to stay at one by the popular Japanese brand APA – you can read about our stay here.

In this case, the best station to or from Osaka Castle is going to be Morinomiya Station which is around a 1.4km walk through the castle park to the castle itself.

This station connects to the JR Osaka Loop line that you can get to Osaka Station which is around 900m from the entrance of the Umeda Sky Building.

To Osaka Castle: From Osaka Station to Morinomiya Station the train leaves from Platform 2.

To Umeda Sky Building: From Morinomiya Station to Osaka Station the train leaves from Platform 1.

How To Get From Osaka Castle To Osaka Aquarium

With more than 29,000 animals, Osaka Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world. 

It’s a great attraction to visit during a trip to Osaka – especially if it’s raining. Getting from Osaka Castle to Osaka Aquarium is surprisingly simple, despite the limited location of Osaka Aquarium.

From Osaka Castle, you’ll want to walk to Osakako Station where you’ll board the Chuo Line to Tanimachiyonchome Station.

Tickets cost 280 Yen per person / 8 stops / 16 minutes

Tanimachiyonchome Station is the closest metro station to Osaka Aquarium and will require an 850m walk.

If you’re coming from Osaka Castle Station you’ll need to take the Osaka Loop Line to Bentencho Station. From here you can then change onto the Chuo Subway Line. 

How To Go From Osaka Castle To Dotonbori

Whether you’re planning on going from Osaka Castle to Dotonbori or Dotonbori to Osaka Castle the route you’ll take is the same (only in reverse).

However, we’ve personally found that Dotonbori is best experienced at night so we really recommend visiting it after Osaka Castle.

Osaka Castle is located around 4.3km from Dotonbori. If you’re feeling up to it you could walk the route – even if you take the metro around 1.2km of the walk is necessary through the gardens to get to the top of the castle and should take you around an hour.

Alternatively, if you’re looking at taking public transport then you’ll want to head from Osaka Castle to Morinomiya Station.

From here you’ll take the Nagahoritsurumiryokuchi line to Shinsaibashi Station which is north of Dotonbori (around 850m / 10-minute walk) the cost of a one-way ticket is 230 Yen.

The above route requires zero changes. However, there are some other routes you could take if you don’t mind making a change at a station.

This doesn’t save you any money on the ticket price, or time.

In fact, it likely increases your chances of getting lost. However, it might be suitable if you’re wanting to arrive at or leave from a different station in the Dotonbori region.

Walk from Osaka Castle to Morinomiya Station and board the Chuo Line. From there you could;

Transfer at Hommachi Station on to the Midosuji Line bound of Tennoji. Here you’ll come off at Namba Station where you’ve around a 3-minute walk to Dotonburi

or you could come off the Chuo Line at Awaza Station and then change to the Sen-Nichimae to Namba Station. Again from here, you’ll find this a 3-minute walk to Dotonburi.

Osakajokoen Station To Osaka Castle

If you’re coming from in and around Osaka then you may find yourself at Osakajokoen Station. Osakajokoen Station is one of the closest stations to Osaka Castle and around 1.5km from the castle.

Osakajokoen Station is aligned with the corner of Osaka Castle Park which makes navigating from Osakajokoen Station To Osaka Castle pretty simple.

You can simply follow the signs (in both Japanese and English) up past Shiromi Hall to the castle.

This map below highlights the route you would take when travelling from Osakajokoen Station to Osaka Castle.

If you’d like to know how to get to Osaka Castle from any other destinations in or around Osaka. Then feel free to leave us a comment below and we’ll do our best to get back to you.

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