How To Get To Ostia Antica From Rome

Are you looking at how to get to Ostia Antica from Rome?

On our most recent visit to Rome, we looked to travel to Ostia Antica. However, with little information on routes we spent hours planning. Based on our experience we’ve now made this guide so you can find the best way to travel the 19-mile journey.

How To Get To Ostia Antica From Rome

You can get to Ostia Antica from Rome by bus, car or train, each mode of transport takes around one hour.

With each transport method taking roughly the same amount of time the key difference is both money and connivence.

Metro & Bus or Train

The cheapest way to travel to Ostia Antica from Rome Termini is by metro and train, however, the journey is likely to take upwards of an hour each way.

So, if you have a little more cash to spare, or you’re travelling as part of a group then I’d recommend checking out one of the other methods of getting from Termini to Ostia Antica.

You’ll want to board the Metro bound for Laurentina at Termini. You’ll want to get off the metro after ten stops (journey time approx 20 minutes) at Fermi.

Pro Tip: This four hour guided tour of Ostia Antica also includes train fare.

You can choose to get off the metro at Basilica San Paolo (after 12 minutes approx. 6 stops) and then change onto the rail services bound for Cristoforo Colombo, before getting off at Lido Centro (after 30 min / 8 stops) from there it’s around a 5-minute walk to Ostia Antica.

From Fermi you’ll want to take bus #70 bound for Staz.Ne Cristoforo Colombo (RL). The bus leaves every 30 minutes from Monday to Friday and takes around one hour.

Ostia Antica From Porta San Paolo, Rome: By Train

I’m including this as it’s a direct route to Ostia Antica from just outside of Rome, Porta San Paolo.

This particular train line has a comprehensive timetable that allows you to travel to Ostia Antica from early morning until late in the evening.

If you’re not staying in a hotel near Porta San Paolo. Then you can either get a bus or a taxi there. From Termini, the journey is 10 minutes in a taxi or around 20 minutes by bus.


You can opt to get a taxi from Rome to Ostia Antica, however, this level of connivence comes at a price.

All taxis in Rome run on a metre, so the total cost is likely to depend on the time of day and traffic. As a result, you should expect to pay somewhere between €45 and €55 each way.

I recommend asking the reception staff at your hotel in Rome to help you flag down a taxi and negotiate the price. This should help you to hail a taxi quickly and minimise the risk of being scammed in the process.

Hire Car

If you plan to explore the surrounding areas of Rome then hiring a car can often be an affordable and flexible way of doing so.

The 32km journey from Rome to Ostia Antica is fairly direct. You’ll travel 12km on Via Cristoforo Colombo before exiting to follow Via Cristoforo Colombo to Lungomare Lutazio Catulo for a further 15km.

There are some directions however they are in Italian so I’d suggest also picking up a sat-nav or having a smartphone with navigation built-in.

There is a large car park at Ostia Antica. However, parking isn’t included with entry and costs an additional €2.50.

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