How To Get From Anaheim To Universal Studios Hollywood

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During your trip to Los Angeles County, you may decide that you want to stay in Anaheim (either for Disneyland or a conference at the Anaheim Convention Centre) and travel to the other popular theme park in the area, Universal Studios Hollywood.

The distance between Anaheim and Universal Studios Hollywood is roughly 35 miles and takes around one hour in a car.

However, driving isn’t the only way you can travel between these two locations. Depending on your budget and other personal circumstances, a taxi, public transport or a shuttle bus may be the better option.

Car1 Hour$30
Public Transport2 Hours$8
Taxi1 Hour$55

Hire Car

⏱️ Time: 1 Hour
💵 Cost: $30 (based on General Parking only)
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If you have travelled to Los Angeles by car then you’ll likely save money by driving from Anaheim to Universal Studios Hollywood. In this case, you will only have to cover the cost of gas between the two locations and then parking your car at Universal Studios Hollywood.

The cheapest parking cost is currently General Parking which is available for $30, and gas may be an additional $5 – $10 depending on your exact location in Anaheim and the car you drive.

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I would advise against hiring a car specifically to travel from Anaheim to Universal Studios Hollywood unless you’re looking to use the vehicle for other journeys during your trip to LA since the cost of taking a taxi (which will take a similar amount of time) will likely be cheaper.

Of course, the savings costs aren’t the only benefit to avoiding driving between Anaheim and Universal Studios Hollywood given that traffic in LA is notoriously bad (especially during the times you’ll likely be travelling between the two locations).


⏱️ Time: 2 Hours
💵 Cost: $8
💻 Buy Bus Tickets: Omio

You can travel between Anaheim and Universal Studios Hollywood on public transport. However, I would advise against it (even if you’re a solo traveller) since it takes twice if not three times longer than a car.


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If you do decide that taking public transport between Anaheim and Universal Studios Hollywood is right for you, then this is the route I would recommend taking.

Walk or cycle to Fullerton from where you’ll be able to take Amtraks Pacific Surfer 777 route to Union Station in central Los Angeles (50 minutes).

Then from Union Station in LA, you’ll want to hop on the red Metro Line train 802 to Universal City Station (30 minutes). Once you arrive at Universal City Station you can either walk up the hill or take the free shuttle to the entrance of the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park.

Given the long commute between Disneyland in Anaheim and Universal Studios Hollywood, visitors looking to go to both theme parks often look to stay in one of the hotels near Disneyland and Universal Studios. This way it’s just a short commute to each of the theme park locations.

Private Airport Transfer

⏱️ Time: n/a
💵 Cost: n/a
💻 Reserve Transfer: Hoppa

Sadly at the time of writing, there are no companies offering a shuttle bus either between Anaheim and Hollywood or the Disneyland California Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood.

Instead, if you want to visit both Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland California then the best way to travel between the two locations is in a Uber or Lyft.


⏱️ Time: 1 Hour
💵 Cost: $55 (each way)
💻 Reserve Taxi: Hoppa

Both Uber and Lyft are able to drop-off and pick-up at Universal Studios Hollywood and subsequently are our method of choice when travelling between Anaheim and the theme park.

A one-way Uber or Lyft from Anaheim to Universal Studios Hollywood typically costs in the region of $55, while those looking for larger vehicles (Lyft Plus or Uber XL) will likely pay in excess of $85.

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The prices of Uber and Lyft are based on the current demand, traffic and location. So check both before committing as the prices do vary.

Anaheim To Universal Studios Hollywood Map

Here’s a map that illustrates the route between Anaheim and Universal Studios Hollywood;


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