How To Get From Anaheim To Universal Studios Hollywood

If you’re in Anaheim for Disneyland or even a conference at the Anaheim convention centre you may be wondering the best way for you to travel from Anaheim to Universal Studios in Hollywood.

The distance from Disneyland to universal studios is 35 miles (depending on the hotel you’re staying at) situated on the opposite side of Los Angeles to Anaheim, you’ll find Universal Studios Hollywood.

Travel in a car, by public transport on a private shuttle, or in a taxi from Anaheim to Universal Studios in as little as 45 minutes;

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If you’ve travelled to Anaheim by car then you’ll likely save money by driving from Anaheim to Universal Studios. In this case, you’ll only have to cover the cost of gas and parking.

However, I would advise against hiring a car specifically to complete this journey. Despite the short 35 mile distance between the two locations, the two roads you’ll be taking I5 and 101 are particularly busy roads.

This can make the journey incredibly stressful. Especially if you’ve never driven in Los Angeles previously.

If you’re planning on hiring a car for other journeys during your trip to LA then much like having your own car it may be more financially beneficial for you to drive. Otherwise, I’d look into some of the alternatives transport methods.

Public Transport

Travelling by public transport between Anaheim and Universal Studios is by no means the quickest and most convenient option. In fact, just a one-way journey is likely to take upwards of 3 and a half hours. However, if it’s a journey you’re looking to take then the quickest route is as follows;

Walk, cycle or drive to Fullerton. From there you’ll be able to take Amtraks Pacific Surfer 777 route to Union Station in central Los Angeles which takes approximately 35 minutes.

Getting from Union Station to Universal Studios Hollywood is easy. Simply hop on the red metro line train 802. Once you arrive at Universal City Station you’ll be able to take the free shuttle between the station and the park.

You could catch an Uber or a Lyft, however, it’s likely to take you around the same time as the metro with traffic. Cycling is an option if you’ve come on a bike. The 10.9-mile distance should take you around one hour to complete.


At the time of writing, there was only one company we could find offering shuttles from Anaheim to Universal Studios. That shuttle company was Starline Tours a prolific brand for tours of Los Angeles.

The company not only offered round-trip transportation on a shuttle for $45. They also offered a general admission ticket to Universal Studios with a shuttle from Anaheim to the park included in the cost.


You can always use the popular car-sharing services Lyft or Uber to travel from Anaheim to Universal Studios. We found that four people could travel one way in a Lyft for just $48.87. That’s a little over $12 each way per person or $25 per person round trip if you’re able to fill the car to maximum capacity.

The prices of Uber and Lyft are based on the current demand, traffic and location. So check both before committing as the prices do vary.

If you’re travelling between Anaheim and Universal Studios as a larger party then check out Lyft Plus or Uber XL. Suitable for 7 people the plus service is available for $78.78, with 7 people travelling that’s a price of just $11.25 per person one-way.

Use our codes upon signing up to either of the services and we’ll get $5 credit at no extra cost to you.

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In conclusion, whether you’re travelling solo or as part of a group it’s convenient and cheap to travel via car between Anaheim and Universal Studios. Whether that be your own car, or an Uber / Lyft.

As always though we’d love to know how you’re travelling between Anaheim and Universal Studios. Along with any of the companies you’ve found offering this service at an affordable rate that we’ve not mentioned above.