How To Get From Hamburg Airport To St Pauli

Are you looking for the quickest, easiest and most affordable way to travel from Hamburg Airport to St Pauli, Germany? Well, in this guide we’re going to break down the different ways you can travel the 10km distance to St Pauli before spending your time exploring the best of what Hamburg has to offer.

Things to know before visiting Hamburg, Germany

We’ve chosen to help you navigate to the St Pauli area as it’s one of our favourite regions to stay in during visits to Hamburg – we particularly recommend SuperBude who have both hostel and private rooms available at a very affordable price.

Taxi – The Quick Way

The quickest way to travel from Hamburg Airport to St Pauli is via a taxi, it should take around 15 minutes – depending on the traffic. Taxies are readily available outside the arrivals area at the airport and will be able to take you directly to the entrance of your accommodation – no getting lost with Google maps.

Of course, this does come at a price. You’ll be looking at somewhere around the ?30 mark. However, depending on your party size this can be very reasonable compared to taking public transport, especially considering the time and hassle you’re saving as a result.

If you want to pre-book a taxi for your arrival into Hamburg airport or confirm the current costs of a taxi between Hamburg Airport and St Pauli then we recommend contacting Taxi211211.

Subway – The Cheap Way

Hamburg Airport is directly connected to the subway that runs throughout Hamburg. Depending on where your hotel is located within St Pauli will depend on whether or not you’ll want to change at a station or not.

If your accommodation in Hamburg is on the border of Reeperbahn then you can get the S1 line direct from Hamburg Airport to Reeperbahn. No need to change trains, instead the train will make just one stop at Ohlsdorf with the journey taking around 40 minutes in total and cost around ?4.

Inside Hamburg Train Station

Alternatively, if you’re staying more towards the north of St Pauli near Millerntor-Stadion then you’ll want to get off at Feldstra?e station. This will require you to take the S1 line to Ohlsdorf. Here you’ll change onto the U1 line to Kellinghusenstra?e, changing again onto the U3 line to Feldstra?e. Each train is due every 10 minutes, so even if one is pulling out of the station as you arrive, there’s no need to worry.

Again, the journey will take around 30 minutes however due to the changes between lines it’s likely to cost slightly more than the direct line on S1 at ?7 per person each way. Remember, you can get free travel within Hamburg thanks to the Hamburg card.

Car Hire – The Personalised Way

We don’t recommend hiring a car during your visit to Hamburg unless you absolutely have to. Maybe you’re going onwards from Hamburg to another city in Germany. However, in this case, the journey will take around 15 minutes depending on the traffic and cost around ?2 in petrol.

When it comes to hiring a car in Germany we recommend booking with RentalCars Connect. Just remember you’ll need to book accommodation in St Pauli with parking on-site or look into where you can park the car nearby.

That concludes our guide on travelling between Hamburg Airport and St Pauli. As always we’d love to know if this information helped you, or if you noticed any differences to what we’ve recorded here during your trip. Let us know in the comments below.

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