Hamburg Street Art Tour – A Self-Guided Tour

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Hamburg street art makes up most of the cities culture, colour and vibe so it is no coincidence that we want to explore every inch there is. Hamburg is the second-largest city in Germany and definitely has the personality to match that title.

We have been to Hamburg twice now and only on our second visit were we really able to see the real culture behind Hamburg. I loved exploring the different areas of Hamburg because each borough showed a unique side of life here.

One of my favourite places is St Pauli, this is where we stayed in 2017 at Superbude and where we got to explore more of the area on our latest visit. One of the main things we loved about the vibe in Hamburg was Hamburg street art.

As we found so much and enjoyed it so much we thought we would put together a rough route for you to follow and find all the amazing places to spot Hamburg street art.

Hamburg Street Art Tour

I have used a map which is located at the bottom that has all the main points of interest shown below. Each one is correlated by a letter so if you are looking for a specific piece of street art you can find it easily.

There is of course so much to see from stickers on drain pipes to small works of street art tucked away by grates and in doorways.

A. Sternschanze

This stop is just outside the station of Sternschanze, it is directly over the road but is kind of hard to miss it. The whole area is a burst of colour as you step off the platform into the streets.

There is a school or area for children going into the side street so be aware. I really loved the depth of this piece of Hamburg street art as it was technical but also very simple and the colour as always is amazing.

Starting at Sternschanze is a good place to start especially if you are getting the metro to the St Pauli area.

B. Susannenstraße 26

This building is on the same street as what I call the water fountain. This is covered in street art and looks so stunning. It gives me the illusion of what ivy can do to an old building which I love.

This place is a clothing business and is a great example of businesses in the area incorporating the street art into their business.

C. Susannenstaße 35

This is what I called the water fountain, not sure if there is a name for it but I loved it. I really loved the detail on the background with the long grass print as it just added another depth to the art.

There are smaller pieces of art along this road you can discover at your own leisure. Along with an ice cream sculpture hanging from a balcony base.

If you stand on the opposite side of the road to the house you can look up and see the ice cream dangling.

D. Schulterblatl 78

This building is actually an old opera theatre, located in front of a park and skate park. The theatre is completely covered in street art, signs and of course stickers.

Though the building looks run down and is out of use it is now residence to some of the homeless in the area. It may look as though it brings down the standards of the surrounding area but in actual fact, it is a place to show big protests and emotions.

E. 27 Juliusstraße

This is the entrance to a park hidden in a large courtyard behind the old opera house and residential buildings. The entrance to the park sparks as much colour and joy from the Hamburg street art as the displays within the park.

F. Flora Park

The park that is hidden between buildings has a big impact, decorated in bright and bold Hamburg street art it brings the area to life. The park has 2 playgrounds inside suitable for children of all ages, along with a court for ball games, plenty of grass to walk your dog and a giant free rock climbing wall.

The rock climbing wall is on the side of an old unused building and has been transformed into a giant canvas of colour.

There is so much to discover and see in the park, it is covered from head to toe and side to side. As there is the huge climbing wall on the front of the building it is easy to forget about looking at the back.

The whole park has so many different designs, skill sets and colour techniques. Take time to explore more of the park than just the climbing wall to see what other artists have left their stamp on the area.

G. Schulterblatl 92

On this strip of street, there is so much to see in terms of stickers, paintings and signs. Hamburg street art stretches along to create a vibrant and fun wall.

I really enjoyed seeing the different pieces from different artist come together and compliment each other. There are some that really stand out off the wall and some physically stand out from the wall.

H. Rosenhofstraße 13

This spot was a fun one to find as there were so many funny artworks. My favourite part of the wall was, of course, the swearing cat. Along this road is also the painting of the young boy with a Mac sitting on the floor.

There is also hidden in a doorway a picture of Batman and Catwoman nearly kissing. It is plastered on the right-hand side of the door as you are looking at the door.

I. Rosenhofstraße 16

Just a little down on the same street is another cat this one is actually a peg leg. Along with a cactus and cartoon, Hamburg street art continues and creates fun strips down the street.

There is more writing and not as much of the cartoons but is still great to try and pick out a piece you like.

J. Bartelsstraße 22

As I was looking at one wall full of characters and colour I turned to see a huge piece of street art on the side of a building. Unsure of what the lettering is but I loved the crazy characters climbing up the side of the building.

K. Schanzenstraße 24

I really loved that Hamburg street art isn’t frowned upon or seen as a bad representation of the city. It seems to be highly celebrated and encourage, especially in the neighbourhood of St Pauli.

The businesses don’t just survive in this environment they thrive from the colourful backdrop and vibrant feel of the area. Many of the businesses such as cafes, restaurants and clothes shops have incorporated the street art into their business.

L. Schanzenstraße 6

It looks as though any surface that could be the canvas of an individuals work has become it. Even structures that are meant to keep people out have been converted into works of art.

This is a location that has a set of metal gates into a property covered in colour and fun. I will point out that not to go past the pavement as this is someone’s personal property.

M. Augustenpassage 21

This area is a tunnel that is decorated on both walls. Going through to a back street which is home to more of Hamburg street art and a shoe tree.

Going through the tunnel you can see stickers, dark pieces of street art and more. When you get to the other side of the tunnel there is a wall to your left. The wall is covered with amazing colourful cacti and cartoons.

N. Schlachthof Passage 1

This area is a little courtyard that has a couple of shops, cafes and office buildings. This is mainly an area for the surrounding businesses and locals to sit out and enjoy a lovely day.

There, of course, has been some Hamburg street art added to make it bright and interesting. There are so many pieces of art that have been created with a powerful message which makes it all the more interesting to see.

Along with the bigger parts of the Hamburg street art, there were some smaller scattered around on bench edges and on planters. This was one of my favourite ones I had seen and have since seen the same design elsewhere in Hamburg.

Along with the cute benches and colourful stickers don’t forget to look around for bolder pieces.

Standing facing the steps and the seagulls there are buildings to your left, each of those has a bright abstract piece of Hamburg street art. Each are so bright and colourful that it would be a shame to miss them.

O. Neuer Kamp 31

This area is actually a car park, located over the road from the courtyard where the seagulls are sitting. You can access the car park on foot by walking up the ramp and into the floors.

The wall is located on the upper floor as you enter the car park. Once up the ramp, you will be hit with a wall of colour and excitement.

P. Sankt Pauli Fischmarkt 18

This area in itself has many different spots to find Hamburg street art. These are just two examples we found, there are so many different artists leaving their stamp on the area.

The area is lovely as you as the harbour edge and there are cool cafes, restaurants and a great pizza place nearby.