Harajuku Itinerary – What To Do In Harajuku In 1 Day

Harajuku is a neighbourhood in which the young flock to shop, eat and have fun. It is also now a place people visit to see the wonderful things such as kawaii lattes, vintage clothing recycle shops and some of the best food in the whole of Japan.

We spent a full day here filled with shopping, games and of course food, we had seen foods we hadn’t before and experienced some amazing culinary delights. Here where to find the best food in Harajuku…

Where is Harajuku

Harajuku Province is located between?Shibuya and Shinjuku. You can find it on the map for the metro, the stop next to Shibuya. Harajuku is popular with younger generations brought in by the kawaii style, fascinating food and endless shopping opportunities.


List of The Best Food in Harajuku

Tendon Tenya

Tendon Tenya is both a restaurant and take away with amazing food for prices starting at 730 yen. This is another popular chain here in Japan and we have seen plenty.

They offer up great food and is well made. The food varies from chicken, rice, beef with noodles and soup options. You can make anything into a set meal for an extra fee of 190 yen.

Tendon Tenya - Best Food In Harajuku
Tendon Tenya Menu - Best Food In Harajuku

Fabius Cafe

Fabius Cafe is a small place located on one of the side streets. It offers up drinks, burgers and cafe style dining.

The cafe also includes vegan options, they are made to order and just need to ask for them. The cafe serves up colourful burger buns with a drink and side. The price of the burgers is low and very affordable.

Fabuis Cafe - Best Food In Harajuku

Reissue Latte Art Cafe

This place was on an unexpected street and was actually hidden upstairs. The biggest attraction to the cafe itself was the latte art. You could order a coffee/ latte and it is made into a really cute figure with a face.

They have a special latte artist in the cafe drawing in customers to see these super cute creations. The cafe does advertise wifi so if you are in need of it maybe head up.

The prices are a little steep at 600 Japanese yen for a latte, there is an extra fee for the coffee to be made into a cute animal.

Reissue LAtte Art Cafe - Best Food In Harajuku

Milk Craft Cream Cafe

We found this place after getting a little lost and just creating a loop around from one of the streets. There are places to sit inside and get something to eat as well as the window for ice cream.

They are mostly known for their rich fresh soft ice cream. They serve up the ice cream in the traditional waffle cone, tub or tub with a cone on top.

Milk Craft Cream Cafe - Best Food In Harajuku
Milk Craft Cream Cafe Site -Best Food In Harajuku

Red Rock Harajuku

This is a busy place so be prepared to wait if you are wanting to get in. Located on the main street and is actually in the basement. You may be able to find it as it had quite a queue when we passed.

Dishes are ordered by the vending machine outside and then you will be taken in to be seated. The food is tasty and delicious and is less than 1000 Yen.

Red Rock Harajuku - Best Food In Harajuku


Northwood is a Nordic juice bar located in the middle of Harajuku. Placed on the main street walking down from the station towards the?Tokyu Plaza Omotesando.

It is a small stand with mighty juices, paninis and variety of drinks. While there is no seating it is a great place to stop and get a drink to refresh you in the humid weather.

Northwood Juice Bar - Best Food In Harajuku

Santa Monica Crepes

If you love crepes then this place is for you and lucky for you there is more than one. We saw a few of these dotted around the streets of Harajuku and by the length of the lines, you could tell they were one of the best food in Harajuku. They served up waffles, crepes and iced drinks/ milkshakes in every combination you could think of.

Santa Monica Crepes - Best Food In Harajuku

With prices of crepes starting at 390 Japanese Yen that is roughly ?2.70 (2018 current conversion rates).

I could see why the stands were so popular if you don’t feel like using your time to queue keep your eyes peeled as there are a couple more tucked away in the streets.

Santa Monica Crepes Menu - Best Food In Harajuku
Santa Monica Crepes Drinks - Best Food In Harajuku


Lotteria is a popular brand and can be found scattered across Tokyo. We had spotted a few before we saw this on in Harajuku.

It is a great spot to grab something simple to eat and have a sit-down, as you may notice there isn’t much in terms of seating around Japan. Though the locals don’t walk and eat they stand and eat, if you are anything like me then you need to sit and eat.

Lotteria is great as it serves up burgers, vegetarian options and a place to sit. Just enough time to rest your legs for more exploring and shopping. The seating is on the second floor to make room for the crowds on the ground floor.

Lotteria - Best Food In Harajuku

Food Court – Jol Harajuku

JOL is a bright pink building, leading upstairs to the food court there is plenty to keep you busy. From what I could tell it was often used for meet and greets and smalls shows as it looked to have a stage like an?area.

After doing a little more research it was catered towards girls and people with the interest in Kawaii and so that explains the pink. It is worth checking out just as there was seating up there again, located on the 2nd floor.

JOL harajuku Food Court - Best Food In Harajuku
Dream station Jol Food Court - Best Food In Harajuku


We soon realised any place with a long queue had to serve the best food in Harajuku, ZakuZaku was no different. As we stood and looked at what exactly what everyone was buying I could quickly see why the queue was so long.

ZakuZaku served up soft whipped ice cream in a cone as well as delicious pastries filled with cream. The ice creams were by far the most popular with people.

The long crunchy pasty is filled with cream and costs around 250 Japanese Yen = ?1.73 roughy. The ice creams were served in a fresh waffle cone and cost around 450 yen = ?3.12.

ZAKUZAKU ice cream - Best Food In Harajuku
ZAKUZAKU ice cream and pastries - Best Food In Harajuku

Long. Longer. Longest

Located on?Takeshita Street, Harajuku this place offers up treats of enormous length. Serving up soft serve ice cream, tornado potatoes, churros and cotton candy and they all come in 3 different lengths.

Each item can be bought in long, longer or longest, each varying in price. Prices for a long start at 500 Japanese Yen = ?3.46, longer being around 600 Yen = ?4.15 and longest being 700 yen = ?4.85.

Long. Longer. Longest - Best Food In Harajuku


Long. Loger. Longest. - Best Food In Harajuku


Calbee+ has been a leader in its market since 1949 and has been providing people with potato snacks. This place drew us in because their latest advertisement was carrot fries and cheese fries.

Calbee+ is a potato snack place that provides weird and wonderful flavours. You can get a tub of crisps (potato chips) and pick a flavoured topping or two. You can pick from maple syrup to cream cheese and more. Prices for a box of crisps start at roughly 290 yen = ?2.01.

Calbee+ Potato Snack Bar - Best Food In Harajuku
Calbee+ Potato Snack Bar - Best Food In Harajuku

Totti Candy Factory

Totti Candy Factory is taking the Instagram world by storm, withan amazing rainbow colour and the sheer size of the candy floss. This place offers up sweets of all kinds but more importantly, it has the amazing rainbow candy floss.

The smallest candy floss on a stick costs around 600 Japanese Yen = ?4.15 and the most famous one being 900 Japanese yen = ?6.23 ( please double check conversions and prices as they will differ).

totti Candy Factory Cotton Candy - Best Food In Harajuku

If you are looking for the candy factory and even more so for the candy floss, you want to look upstairs for the candy floss section. The sweets are majority downstairs.

Totti Candy Factory - Best Food In Harajuku

Laforet Food Market

Laforet Food Market is based in the basement/lower floors of the shopping centre. It had everything from a fresh supermarket with fruit, vegetable, fish and meat to individual places to eat.

Each stand was different to the next and each offered something unique. The food market was definitely home to some of the best food in Harajuku. We decided to stop for something to eat and found a little french place with beautiful pastry like pizzas.

If you are looking for a drink check out the juice place, we got a grapefruit juice and it was really refreshing.

Laforet Food court - Best Food In Harajuku

Guzman v Gomez

Guzman v Gomez is a Mexican restaurant based in the Laforet shopping centre of the 3rd floor. We saw the advertisement for it on the outside and instantly caught our attention. There were plenty of options to choose from such as burritos, rice bowls, tacos and nachos.

Guzman Y Gomez - Best Food In Harajuku

We decided to get a rice bowl to share with sour cream on top and some nachos to share. The food was really good, filling and tasted just as if we we expected. The meat was really nicely spiced and there was a good portion of everything which made it better. This had to be one of the best food in Harajuku for me as I love Mexican and they did it just right.

Guzman Y Gomez Rice Bowl - Best Food In Harajuku
Guzman Y Gomez Nachos - Best Food In Harajuku

Kyobashi Sembikiya

This place was a little more out of the way on toward the Harajuku station but looked quite nice. As it was a little more formal looking and a nice place to go to meet friends or enjoy a nice dessert. This has to have some of the best food In Harajuku, with fresh ingredients and great flavours it surely won’t disappoint.

Sembikiya Fruit Tea Room - Best Food In Harajuku

They mainly serve sandwiches and fresh fruit dishes. The dishes vary from afternoon tea style to ice creams and platters. This place is a little more pricey compared to the rest of the restaurants in the area. Some of the dishes are around 2,400 Yen to 2,700 yen = ?16.61 – ?18.69 approximately.

Sembikiya Fruit dishes - Best Food In Harajuku
Sembikiya Menu - Best Food In Harajuku

Even if you are looking for a look around this place has it all and you won’t be disappointed. It is fun, quirky and has amazing food. There is plenty to keep you occupied and craving more all day so prepared to eat a lot.

That?s our summary of the best food In Harajuku. As always we?d love to know what you think, have we missed somewhere? Let us know in the comments below.

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