Review: Hilton Hotel, Gatwick Airport South Terminal

This year we had the pleasure of experiencing a holiday during the school holidays as we vacationed with Helen’s family in Fuerteventura. We flew back on my birthday and to save money we flew into London Gatwick via Barcelona rather than an airport in the north of England saving ourselves more than £350 (seriously, school holidays!)

We arrived into Gatwick at near midnight and therefore wanted to stay somewhere nearby before making our way back up North the following day. For this, we decided to stay at the Hilton Hotel, Gatwick Airport.

I exchanged 57,000 Hilton Honors points and £19.76 for one-night here. The usual rate is somewhere around the £200 mark.

According to The Points Guy, one Hilton Honors point is worth roughly $0.006 which means 57,000 of them are $342 (?267 at the time of writing)which on top of the $19.76 I paid in cash probably means I overpaid…

However, as a Gold Hilton Honors member, receive some perks;

While we did receive a complimentary upgrade to a newly refurbished double executive bedroom and the 80% Gold Elite Bous points, but we didn’t receive a complimentary breakfast (hmph!).


Getting from Gatwick Airport South Terminal to Hilton Hotel, Gatwick Airport is a bit of a maze… Especially considering the hotel is actually attached to the airport.

There’s very little in the terms of signage, as you cross through the car park and take various elevators through to a hospital-style corridor.

The benefit of this hotel really comes to those who are looking to take advantage of the park and stay opportunities, parking your car in the adjoining carpark and then walking to the terminal from there.

There are other options directly inside Gatwick Airport similarly priced that in our case might have been better suited.

It was around midnight by the time we made it to the check-in desk at the Hilton Hotel, Gatwick Airport. Unfortunately, however, upon our arrival, there were no staff members to be seen.

Instead, a small group of Eastern Europeans in the central lobby and a smartly dressed businessman with a chair pulled up to reception seemingly waiting to check-in.

After a long 10-minutes of us looking around us bemused as to where all the staff could possibly be a young woman came out from a door at the back of reception. I

gestured to the businessman that he could go in front of us as he had been here prior to us. However, he explained he was already being dealt with.

The young receptionist took our booking and apologised for our wait. She went to the office behind the reception again shortly after and came out with a manager/supervisor.

At this point, I assume they were discussing what to do with a gold member…??

They agreed to put us in the double executive room on the ground floor, which had not received any guests since it’s refurbishment. In all fairness though, the receptionist seemed to oversell the room, and I was left wondering if we were going to get the suite.

Which left me a little disappointed when I found us in a pretty average (albeit new) double executive room.


While the interior of the hotel room is modern having been recently refurbished. The same can’t be said for the hallways which are dull and outdated. Which was a striking contrast to the modern room we had the pleasure of staying in.

Thanks to its recent renovation, the room also had that new smell (paint…) and fluffy high-piled carpets.

The kingsize bed was complimented with a side table and reading light on either side. On the wall directly in front of the bed was the latest 32-inch TV and a formal desk with chair.

The bed was finished off with signature Hilton Hotels white bedding, a featherweight duvet and dreamy mattress. All of which made for a wonderful night’s sleep after what had been a rather crazy travel day.

Airconditioning was available using a remote, however, the heatwave from the summer of 2018 had since passed and wasn’t required. Unfortunately, our room didn’t have a luxury view, instead, it was simply facing out onto the exterior of the adjoining building.


The room wasn’t as spacious as I’d have hoped (exact measurements unknown) with a bathroom to the immediate left filled with a range of amenities, a bath, shower, sink, large mirror, a range of fresh towels and a hairdryer.

The bathroom was exceptionally clean and well lit. The shower was hot which was great after a long day of travel. We were both quite tired so didn’t really utilise the bathroom and hotel facilities to the full potential.


The WIFI at any Hilton Hotel always seems to require a little effort to get on. However, once online you’re not required to re-login or re-authorise again during your stay.

The WIFI at the Hilton Hotel, Gatwick Airport was fast. Around 30mbps upload and download speeds which is more than good enough for conference calls, streaming video etc.

As we spent 95% the nine-hour stay in this hotel sleeping, we didn’t explore the amenities it had to offer as much as we might have done – especially compared to guests who might visit this hotel prior to a holiday.

However, the hotel does include;

A very well-stocked bar

Fitness Centre

On-site restaurant

Costa Coffee

We’d love to get the chance to explore more of the amenities of this hotel during a future visit. If you’ve stayed at this hotel and experienced any of the amenities or services then feel free to let us know in the comments so we can share your experience with fellow IOS readers.


In terms of food we didn’t experience this side of the hotel. There, of course, the bar area that is open to snacks and drinks along with breakfast service.

We can’t comment on either the service or food as we didn’t have any of it.


Aside from the rather random moments during check-in and what I’ve now found out to be a missing breakfast our stay was a pleasant one.

I’d certainly recommend the Hilton Hotel Gatwick Airport to those who are looking to take advantage of the park-and-fly options or looking to relax prior to a flight the following day.

Hilton Hotel, Gatwick Airport South Terminal

Cora Harrison



Though we were lucky enough to get a newly furbished room it was very nice, clean and tidy. The hotel itself was clean but dated in areas but was clearly being updated.


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  1. I’ve also stayed here and was distinctly underwhelmed as there was a sneaky 12.5% service charge added to our bill in the restaurant which I had inadvertently ended up paying. Lesson learnt. Agreed though, good location and enough amenities to keep you entertained before a flight. Just check the bill! 😉

    1. Oh, thanks for that Janey. I never even checked our bill so I wouldn’t even know. Going to go check it online now. Thanks for the heads up! 😀

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