Review: Hotel Cheyenne Disneyland Paris

During our stay at Hotel Cheyenne at Disneyland Paris we stayed in the Calamity Jane building.

Back in January, I won a return flight to anywhere in Europe with Pringles. Determined to get value for money, while also making plans for another 2018 trip around our already chaotic travel plans meant we needed to get creative.

At the time our friends had just come back from a festive trip to Disneyland Paris. This was a Disney park Helen and I had both visited previously with our parents when we were younger and so we decided that a trip to Paris was in order.

We scheduled the trip around the cheapest time to visit Disneyland Paris around the festive period (which just so happened to also be the last couple of days of the Autumn school holidays for the kids – a bargain price during the school holidays is a first for us!) and booked to stay at the Hotel Cheyenne Disneyland Paris for four nights.

To break down the price of our stay at Hotel Cheyenne Disneyland Paris a little further, we have to explain what we were looking for.

Firstly, at least a three-day park hopper each, this was going to set us back £294 (for the two of us)

You can also purchase 1-day park hopper tickets if you plan to stay for the day.

Then four nights at a nearby hotel. We’d be flying to Paris and wasn’t planning on hiring a car, so easy access to the park was a must!

Unfortunately, not many hotels in the area seemed to come with a ‘complimentary shuttle’ style service. Instead, we found some two-star and three-star hotels in the area for between £239 and £502.

Regardless of which hotel we chose, we’d still need to pay for an Uber to and from the park daily. So we rounded the cost of such up to £300 for the two of us.

That brings our current total up to £594.

For just an additional £40 or so we were able to;

  • Get an additional day at the park
  • Stay on-site and travel to and from our hotel and the parks at our leisure
  • Get breakfast and dinner on-site
  • Get extra magic hours

By this point it was a no-brainer and seemed fantastic value for money… so of course, we booked!


This would be our first time staying on-site at any Disney Park in the world, despite this being our fourth Disney Park location in 2018 alone (Orlando, Tokyo, and California) so it’s safe to say we were very excited about the benefits.

Of course, one of the biggest and best benefits to staying on site at Hotel Cheyenne Disneyland Paris or any Disneyland Paris Hotel is the location.

Located 1km from the entrance of Disneyland Paris and accessible by bus every 10 minutes from 7am until 11pm the location of the Hotel Cheyenne Disneyland Paris is impeccable.

In fact, the only way for it to be any better (at least in our opinion) was if you stayed at the Hotel New York (5-star-hotel) which is actually connected to the Disney Village and entrance area to the two parks.

Of course, the train station for Disneyland Paris is onsite just metres from the front gates of the park. Therefore, the distance between Hotel Cheyenne and the train station is just 1km. The hotel can be accessed from the train station using the free shuttle bus during operating hours.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to fly to Disneyland Paris. There are plenty of UK based coach operators with multiple pick up points across the UK who work in partnership with Disneyland Paris allowing you to book a coach trip package including tickets & on-site/off-site Disney hotels.

After what should have been a short and straightforward travel day turned into a delayed and tiring travel day we were more than ready to check-in to our hotel and retreat to our room at the Hotel Cheyenne.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t going to be the case.

We arrived at reception (having taken the bus from outside the park where the train dropped us off) at 18:55 it would be another 40 minutes until we were served by someone at reception.

There were around 7 families in front of us, around half of which were looking to check-in (I believe the other half must have been looking for some assistance).

Unfortunately, there were only three members of staff, which was at around 19:10 reduced down to two serving.


In typical Cora & Helen fashion our room at the Hotel Cheyenne Disneyland Paris was inside Calamity Jane. The building block that just so happened to be the furthest away from reception.

Luckily, it had stopped raining so we dragged our suitcase around the reception area, down the side of the dully lit carpark until we found the spacious area where Calamity Jane was situated.

Our room was on the first floor, and therefore required us to climb some stairs – there’s no lift in this building. Again, not ideal if you’re travelling with a suitcase.

Given our experience so far and the look of the doors and hallways inside the building, I wasn’t optimistic. Luckily as we scanned our keycard and entered our room we were delighted to find a Woody Roundup haven inside.

The room features a small double bed at the far side of the room with a large sofa area that pulls out into a bed should it be required.

A major downfall in not just our opinion but in other guests of the hotel we spoke to was the lack of amenities in the room. No bottled water, no kettle, no fridge.

Things that would just make accommodating a family much easier in a room seemed to be lacking and for no particular reason.

There’s a large hanging area by the door perfect for shoes, coats, jackets, bags etc. As well as a safe that’s large enough to fit in laptops up to around 15″. There’s a small desk area to the right as you move through into the main part of the room with the bathroom being on the left.

The desk is likely to be ‘phased out’ as there’s no chair accommodating it. In fact, the only reason I knew it was intended to be a desk space was due to the ethernet port and three plug sockets.

The odd size and lack of true definition make this such a strange space within the room – perhaps the perfect place to put a small fridge under?

Next, to the desk, we had a door into another room. This is designed to connect two rooms ideal for larger families however this remained locked throughout our stay as it was not required. The door did have four coat hooks on if you’ve somehow managed to fill all the coat hangers by the main door.

The theme of Hotel Cheyenne Disneyland Paris as a whole is western with the majority of the rooms opting for a Woody theme.

As always with Disney, it’s the attention to detail is where truly win you over. The WR (Woody’s Roundup) logo goes around the top of the room on a border with Jessie print inspired curtains to match.

For lighting, you’ll find a lamp made of a boot with a Woody inspired shade that I loved so much I wanted to take it home… as well as some lovely sidelights with the same Woody inspired shade.

You’ll also find a lovely print of Jessie and Woody riding Bullseye and some fake cowhide used as a throw on the bed and to break up the one tone of brown on the sofabed area.

Finally, you’ll find a horseshoe inspired mirror across from the bed that’s just the icing on the cake when it comes to the charm of this room. As a whole, it’s a fantastic character inspired room that’s modern, practical and has hints of the characters and love of Disney in all the right places.


The bathroom is spacious and highly practical for families featuring a large bath shower and large sink area.

Again, we were very impressed to find the bathroom was spotlessly clean – and cleaned every day during our stay.

You’ll find the signature Disney toiletries are complimentary at Hotel Cheyenne, these include a 2 in 1 shampoo and body wash and a bar of soap which we conveniently packed into our suitcase (so they could take pride of place in our bathroom at home) to be refilled again by the cleaning staff the next day.

The towels are included at Hotel Cheyenne. However, they don’t have a Disney theme and weren’t as large as we would have liked – in fact, we struggled to wrap them around our bodies entirely.

Disney actively works on minimising the impact to the environment and therefore request that if you want fresh towels you leave them on the floor or in the bath alternatively if you’re happy to reuse the towels put them back on the towel rail.


On our second of three days at the Hotel Cheyenne Disneyland Paris the entire hotel had a WIFI outage. We first noticed this at around 3pm when we came back from the parks to get changed into some warmer clothes.

Eventually, the internet was restored at 11pm, and we had no further issues with the WIFI during our trip. We had rung reception and were assured that they were working on the matter.

Buses leave Hotel Cheyenne and head to the parks every 10 minutes between the hours of 7am and 11pm. The bus stop is centrally located towards the front of the hotel by the reception area – it’s clearly signposted.

During peak hours (8am – 10.30am and 7.30pm – 10.30pm) you’ll find that longer buses arrive to accommodate the vast number of passengers. Even then, and with buses, every 10 minutes buses can quickly fill up.

Take this into consideration when you are planning your day at the parks. Also, the queues to get into the parks can be very intense so be prepared to wait a while or head in early.


There is one restaurant at Hotel Cheyenne Disneyland Paris and that’s the Chuck Wagon Cafe. This restaurant serves buffet breakfast and dinner.

The dinner at Chuck Wagon Cafe is one of the restaurants those on the standard half-board plan had to choose from and we had the pleasure of eating ate here on our first evening.

Much like the rest of the Hotel Cheyenne Disneyland Paris, the theme of the Chuck Wagon Cafe is western. The bar area of the restaurant features a lovely horse style seating with a cowboy yelling ye-ha every minute seconds or so.

Despite booking a reservation for the Chuck Wagon Cafe at the reservation desk within the hotel. We still queued for an estimated 30 minutes before being seated.

Upon leaving the restaurant, the queue was even longer than when we first joined it so I’d have estimated the wait to have been nearer the 45 minutes to one hour mark.

During that wait, we passed half eaten plates that weren’t even inside the restaurant but instead were outside in the hallways. This was disappointing but could have easily been due to the amount of guests dining at that time.

The service was pretty standard, not of Disney but of regular service anywhere in Europe. That said, after being shown our table we had very little interaction with any staff members with this being a buffet restaurant.

As you’d come to expect with a buffet the food variety included;

  • two large salad bars
  • A wok/noodle area
  • Pizza / Pasta bar with sauces
  • Fresh meat carved with trimmings such as vegetables available
  • Desert area inc ice-cream.

The meal comes with one canned drink or bottled water for adults. An additional can will cost you a whopping €5. If you’re not on the meal plan then this buffet meal will cost you €34.99 for adults and €17.99 for children (aged between 3 and 11)

The food is pretty average in our opinion. Personally, I wouldn’t be happy paying €34.99 for it but given the fact it was “free” with us staying half-board, it was more than good enough for us.

We found that the queues around certain areas of the self-service part of the restaurant were longer than others (pizza, pasta, chips etc.) , and I can only assume this is a common occurrence so it might be nice to see how they could re-design the format/layout of the service area to disperse this and minimise the amount guests are having to queue.

Alternatively, you can find some great places to go for dinner and a show. You can book tickets in advance or book at your hotel/resort.

Open on an evening is the bar at Hotel Cheyenne. This isn’t somewhere that we ever visited, instead, we only passed the exterior.

Unfortunately, that experience alone was a negative one as on our first morning walking to the park we passed a smashed glass. I can only assume this was due to a missed glass left outside on the evening and unfortunately went unnoticed.

It was roughly 10.30 am and as a family hotel, I can’t tell you how disappointed we both were to see this.

The general store is more of a souvenir shop than anything else. Unfortunately, it stocked minimal ‘non-Disney’ essential items such as nappies and sanitary products that would have increased the convenience level for families I’m sure.

The shop is open from 8am until 10pm, however, it can get particularly crowded between 6pm – 10pm with many picking up extra souvenirs as they cut through the general store back to their room.

Next door to the general store you’ll find the coffee shop, Starbucks. Finding out Hotel Cheyenne had a Starbucks had me grinning with glee. Unfortunately, the reality of such was entirely different.

The service was lack-lustre to say the least.

In fact, on one of our two (attempted) visits. We were the only customers to visit the shop it was around 7 pm in the evening and we decided to pick up a hot chocolate each to take back to the room.

As we walked through the door the solo staff member was sweeping the floor. We walked to the counter and waited. 5 minutes later, fully acknowledging we were there but not saying a word the staff member was still sweeping the floor.

By this point, another customer had queued up behind us and clearly found the entire situation as awkward as we did.

The second time we went to Starbucks was the morning of our checkout. Having missed breakfast in the park in favour of sleeping in. We decided to head to Starbucks for a snack and a coffee before starting our journey into Paris. When we arrived the Starbucks was packed, chaos!

Nevertheless, we managed to find two little seats on a bar area and put our items down to go and get in the queue to be served. At the time there were around 8 people in front of us, with two staff members serving and making drinks.

We waited quite some time without movement or hope of being served within the ten minutes. I can only assume the staff were highly under pressure and unsure on how to handle the number of people.

Also feel that senior staff could employ more staff to help during the busier periods of the day.

Unfortunately, by that point, we decided we’d get the bus to the train station and instead try and pick something up there instead.


The decor and atmosphere were both lovely. However, the service missed the high bar of Disney expectations on a vast number of occasions. I’d like to say we just caught Hotel Cheyenne on a bad day, but I really don’t think that’s the case judging by how many times during our three-night stay we experienced far worse than anticipated service.

We feel with some improvements in certain areas such as a fridge in the room, more staff within the main areas such as the restaurant, reception and Starbucks the whole experience would be entirely different.

Of course, as always we’d love to know what you think about Hotel Cheyenne, have you stayed here before? Let us know down in the comments.

Hotel Cheyenne Disneyland Paris

Helen Harrison



While the room and facilities within the room were great and comfortable I feel there could be some places within the resort that could be upgraded and adjusted. Ther service was lacking in places and could be improved. What does win with this hotel is the free shuttle service to and from the parks and the sense of staying at a Disney Hotel. I would stay here again but hope to see significant improvements.


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