How Busy Is Universal Studios Orlando on Labor Day?

Visiting Universal Studios Orlando on holidays may be the only time you can visit but you might be wondering if it is worth visiting.

With so many people using the weekend to do something fun and spend time as a family, Universal Studios Orlando is the perfect place to go.

Universal Studios Orlando can reach peak crowd levels on Labour Day as it lands on a long weekend, catching those looking to visit on the weekend and others taking advantage of the long weekend to spend 2 full days at Universal Studios Orlando.

In this post, we will be looking at some of the factors which may make Universal Studios Orlando busy on Labour Day and what you can do to make the most of your trip while you are there.

Does Universal Studios Orlando Reach Capacity on Labor Day?

Although it does not happen every time on Labor Day, there is a great chance that Universal Studios Orlando will reach capacity on Labor Day.

After all, it’s a “long weekend,” which means that people take advantage of it and try to have as much fun as they can. In most cases, these people decide that the go-to would be Universal Studios in Orlando.

The problem is that if you’re free for the entire weekend and had this idea, it’s safe to say that others may have the same idea as well.

This means that you’ll have to go through long lines, crowded places, and risk not being able to get on any rides because they reached capacity. 

Certain crowd calendars will generally keep track of whether it will be packed or not. Generally speaking, around Labor Day, from Tuesday to Thursday, it’s a complete ghost town, particularly in the first part of the day. Starting from 7 pm, it gathers a few more people. 

However, when the actual Labor Day weekend is involved, you are told that you can forget about it completely.

By the time you reach there, the park would have either reached full capacity, or you’ll have to wait in lines so long that you may just decide to pack up and leave.

However, an exception might occur if the weather is not exactly favourable. For example, if Labor Day overlaps with a rainy day, packed with thunderstorms and lightning, then you won’t see as big of a crowd anymore.

Some may decide to retreat to the indoors, grab a butterbeer at The Three Broomsticks or chill out at the largest Hard Rock Café in the world – which, incidentally, is at Universal Studios Orlando. This place is likely every metalhead’s dream come true. 

What Time Does Universal Studios Orlando Open & Close On Labor Day?

On holidays, Universal Studios opens and closes at the regular hours – except for Christmas, Easter Sunday, and Thanksgiving. Those are the only dates on which Universal Studios is closed.

As a result, on Labor Day, the park opens at 8 AM and closes at 2 AM. During this time, you’ll have all the time that you need to enjoy the fun rides that Universal Studios Orlando has to offer.

Bear in mind that on Labor Day, the crowds can get quite big – so, even if you get in front of the gates of Universal Studios at 8 AM, there’s a chance that there will still be a big line in front of the gates as well.

This is why, if possible, you might want to go there earlier – see how the crowd is forming.

Are There Special Events At Universal Studios Orlando On Labor Day?

There are no special rides on Labor Day at Universal Studios Orlando. With so many things already going on, there is generally no need for a special day celebration.

In that regard, this three-day weekend will be all you need in order to explore the exciting stuff that the park has to offer.

You may go on the 3D ride Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem or you may watch the Superstar Parade of your favourite characters.

Plus, come nighttime, you may have the opportunity to watch the most popular Universal studios out there. 

The only thing that does not always occur (perhaps mostly on certain occasions) is the explosive fireworks show. This is why, if you are there on Labor Day and you are a fan of firework shows, then you might want to stay to the very end to watch them. 

When Should I Go to Universal Studios to Avoid the Crowds?

If it’s a nice and sunny day that has the Orlando Studios in Florida function at a normal rate, the maximum capacity can be reached before noon even hits. This is why, the earlier you go there, the better. Otherwise, you might just end up with a “sorry, we’re full” sign.

However, you might get lucky if you go there at around 1-2 PM or 6-7 PM. Around that time, people leave to grab some lunch, and not all of them will want to eat at the park.

Some will decide to temporarily make their exit and grab lunch at a smaller, non-themed restaurant they saw nearby. You should grab the opportunity to make your entrance when everyone else is busy so that you can avoid the crowds.

However, the time that you most definitely want to avoid is in the evening. That’s when the lines tend to get the longest on Labor Day, and when the crowd gets the thickest. The first part of the day is the likeliest moment when you’ll experience the least crowds. 

What Are The Average Waiting Times For Rides On Labor Day?

To get an idea of whether it’s worth going to Universal Studios Orlando on Labor Day or not, you might want to compare the waiting time on an average day with that of Labor Day.

For example, when you go during the week, the park is practically a ghost town, you can stand for as little as 15 minutes in line. Or, if you go on an average weekend day, the average waiting line is somewhere around 30-40 minutes.

However, since it gets pretty crowded on Labor Day, you can stand at least 60 minutes in line – with people waiting well over 90 minutes to go on a 5-minute ride.

For many, this does not seem like it’s a good deal, because you will spend most of the time in a queue rather than having fun. 

That being said, if you decide to get an express pass, that time is generally shortened. Even if you may still have to wait a bit, it beats the waiting time of a standard line. 

Should I Get an Express Pass If I Am Visiting on Labor Day?

If you can only go to Universal Studios on Labor Day, then you might want to get an express pass. This will allow you to skip lines and get to the fun much faster, as it has a different admission path.

You will no longer have to wait behind hundreds of other people that do not have an express pass – you can stand behind the very few that have VIP. There will still be a line, but significantly shorter. 

Express passes can be rather costly, so if you are staying the night, you might want to choose to spend the night on-site.

For example, if you stay at places such as Hard Rock, Portofino, or Royal Pacific, you will get free express passes. This applies to pretty much any on-site hotel there.

The price for a hotel room can be around $300, something that some might see as costly – but if you go with a bigger crowd, it can cut down on the price.

Imagine how it would have been if you booked a hotel off-site to save money and then you ended up buying express passes anyway. You would have wasted more money. Not to mention the time spent while waiting in line.

Many people going to Universal Studios highly recommend that you get an express pass and not waste that much time staying in line. This way, you’ll get your money’s worth by actually having fun. 

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