How Long Do MagicBands Last?

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Since MagicBands are no longer included complimentary when making a Walt Disney World vacation booking, many of us are left considering whether purchasing one is worthwhile.

One factor that comes into this decision is whether or not you could use a MagicBand you’ve already got at home, or how long a new MagicBand will last before it needs replacing.

Luckily, MagicBands do last a long time. While Disney says the batteries are designed to last two years, we’ve found our bands have lasted five years (so far!). We got our bands in 2017 and used them again on our most recent trip in 2022 without any issues.

Sadly, there is no way of testing whether or not your MagicBand works ahead of time. So if you have one at home you’ll have to take it with you on vacation to find out if it still works.

How Long Do MagicBands Last?

According to Disney MagicBands are designed to last two years.

However, my wife Helen and I have had the same MagicBand since 2017 and it still worked perfectly during our trip in 2022.

That means our MagicBand has lasted five years – and is still going strong!

We’ve used these MagicBands on four trips; 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2022 and each trip lasted two weeks.

As such our MagicBands have had some consistent use, while also remaining idle for a number of years at a time.

Can You Reuse A MagicBand

Given that MagicBands are no longer complimentary when booking a Walt Disney World booking you’ll be pleased to know that you can reuse an old MagicBand from a previous trip.

However, this can only be done if your MagicBand still works.

To re-use your MagicBand on a new trip simply login to the My Disney Experience website or mobile application and connect the MagicBand to your park tickets.

If you struggle to do this you could call customer services or ask a cast member to help you once you arrive at the Walt Disney World Resort.

How Do You Know If Your MagicBand Still Works?

Sadly you are unable to test your MagicBand still works without being at a MagicBand touch point at Walt Disney World.

As such if you have a MagicBand at home you will have to connect it to a booking and then go ahead and take it with you on vacation to Walt Disney World in order to see if it works.

If your MagicBand does not work at a park entrance touch point then you’ll be able to use your park tickets or booking to still gain entry into the park.

As such I’d recommend either having your park tickets, annual pass or your My Disney Experience mobile application downloaded and logged in so a cast member is able to help you.

You could then opt to purchase another MagicBand either inside the park or at DisneySprings and connect that to your booking to use throughout your trip.

Can You Replace The Battery In A MagicBand?

Sadly, MagicBand batteries are single-use and therefore can not be replaced.

As such if your MagicBand is no longer working then you will have to purchase a replacement.

However, if your MagicBand is less than two years old you may be able to speak to a cast member who could assist you in a replacement.

We’ve never tried this ourselves, however, since the MagicBand hasn’t lasted the two years it could be seen as faulty.

I’d assume that a cast member would check to see when this MagicBand was first released or connected based on the serial number on the back of the MagicBand – even then it would still likely be at the cast member’s discretion as to whether or not to give you a complimentary replacement.

How To Buy A Replacement MagicBand

If your MagicBand no longer works you could choose to go on vacation without one (while they are good to have they are not necessary) or purchase a replacement.

MagicBands can be purchased in a number of different ways;

You can purchase a MagicBand as part of your Walt Disney World vacation.

If you would like a MagicBand for your trip this is the best time to do so since the prices for the basic model are $5 when compared to the $19.99 online or in the parks.

MagicBands can be added to your Walt Disney World vacation up to seven days before your check-in date.

Alternatively, you can purchase MagicBands from the ShopDisney website. There are several MagicBand designs available at any one time including both MagicBand 2 and MagicBand+ models.

Prices for MagicBands on the ShopDisney website start at $19.99 with Limited Edition and MagicBand+ models costing upwards of $50.

Finally, you could choose to purchase MagicBands from a store at the Walt Disney World resort.

Some of the smaller stores will carry a more limited range of designs while larger stores such as The World of Disney at Disney Springs will carry an extensive range of different options.

Purchasing a MagicBand at Walt Disney World also provides you with the chance to pick up a limited edition MagicBand from special events such as the EPCOT Flower & Garden Festival.

How To Dispose Of A MagicBand

If your MagicBand no longer works you have a couple of options.

Firstly you could choose to display your MagicBand. Many people have got incredibly creative when it comes to displaying MagicBands and it’s a fantastic way to remember a fantastic trip!

Our MagicBands are sentimental since they are the ones we wore on our engagement trip in 2018 and our wedding trip in 2019, as such we’ve chosen to display them in display cases.

If however your MagicBand has a rare design or is a limited edition you may be able to sell it online. This is despite the fact it no longer works.

Many people collect different MagicBand designs and as such some of the less common ones can sell for upwards of $200 on the likes of eBay.

Finally, if you would like to dispose of your MagicBands instead you can dispose of them similar to how you would other electronics in your local area.

Alternatively, if you’re heading back to Walt Disney World you can take the MagicBand with you and give it to a member of staff who will be happy to recycle the MagicBand for you.


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