How Many Days Do You Need At Universal Studios Hollywood?

With so much to see and do in Los Angeles, you might be wondering how to fit in everything you want to do and see including Universal Studios Hollywood.

Spending one day at Universal Studios Hollywood is enough, especially if you use an express pass ticket. To make the experience more memorable upgrade to a VIP experience ticket. Alternatively, if you want to have a more leisurely experience we suggest visiting the park for 2 days.

In this post, we will be highlighting some of the common questions and factors which will help you determine how many days you need for Universal Studios Hollywood.

How Many Rides Are At Universal Studios Hollywood?

There are over 20 rides and attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood which are all very achievable within one day, especially during the off-season or mid-week.

There are 11 rides which include motion simulation and 4D shows and the world-famous studio’s tour where you can spot celebrities. There are also 4 shows which include special effects, animals actors, Waterworld and Kung Fu Panda.

There are plenty of other areas such as Super Silly Fun Land for children and toddlers to play in and Hogsmeade which is wonderfully magic and fun for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Are The Lines Long At Universal Studios Hollywood?

The length of lines and wait times fluctuate during different seasons depending on the crowd levels.

You can expect the top rides to have longer wait times especially during peak times as many people will be wanting to get on the rides.

One of the most popular is the World Famous Studio Tour which lasts around 40-50 minutes so it is definitely worth the wait.

Are There Two Parks At Universal Studios Hollywood?

Unlike Universal Studios Orlando there is only one park at Universal Studios Hollywood. As the site at Hollywood was built first it was built to be an experience and showcase of Hollywood and the film industry.

This is not to be confused with Universal Studios Orlando is a collection of theme parks based on the Universal Studios network and films. There is still a good size area dedicated to CityWalk with plenty of shops, places to eat and things to do.

Ticket Prices

If visiting Universal Studios Hollywood isn’t the main part of your trip but you are looking at visiting while in LA then something you will need to plan for is tickets.

This will also depend on how many days you spend in the park as the prices will be more for two days than just the one.

Ticket prices for Universal Studios Hollywood increase and decrease at different times of the year. The increase in prices is due to peak season, holidays and weekends.

The ticket prices will decrease over the year due to the off-season where not as many guests are visiting and mid-week when the park is much quieter.

Here is a quick breakdown of the ticket prices at Universal Studios Hollywood;

One Day General Admission$109 – $279
Express Pass$179 – $279
Two Day General Admission$149 – $169
VIP Experience$349

When booking you can find a calendar view of the days within the month, these will show you the prices that tickets are for that day so you can choose a day which is cheaper than another to cut down the cost of your trip.

When looking at how many days to spend at Universal Studios Hollywood it is helpful to look at the ticket prices.

A one day ticket is $129 (highest price point) and a two-day ticket is $169 (highest price point) so to add a second day you would only be paying $40 more.

Whereas if you were to get a one day express pass ticket you would be looking at paying $150 (highest price point) more per ticket.

If you were to look at visiting in the off-season and get an express pass ticket you would only be paying an extra $70 per ticket. A one-day ticket is $109 (lowest price point) and a one-day express pass ticket is $179 (lowest price point).

This is a massive leap in ticket pricing but can be extremely worth it, especially if you can only allocate one day of your vacation to visiting Universal Studios Hollywood.

With this in mind, when looking to visit Universal Studios Hollywood you would only need a one-day ticket or one-day express pass ticket in the off-season as the value is much better.

If you plan to visit during the peak season and peak times such as weekends I would look at buying the two-day park ticket as it is cheaper and better value for money.

Looking To Visit Disneyland Too?

Something you might not have originally thought about is if you are also planning on visiting Disneyland.

If you plan to visit both Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood you will need to look at staying somewhere between the two places to make the journey easier for both parks.

If you are already booked to go and spend 2-3 days at Disneyland and have a hotel nearby you might be looking to add another day or two at Universal Studios Hollywood, if this is the case I would only recommend spending one day at the park as it would be a long drive from Anaheim and back.

This is completely doable in one day, especially if you are driving and looking to upgrade your ticket to an express pass.

You can then set off at a more reasonable hour to arrive for opening or just after and use your express pass to get on the rides quicker and saves time on waiting around. Overall giving you the opportunity to see and do everything within the park without having to return for a second day.

If you are not driving and relying on public transport or Uber/Lyft you might want to look at staying closer to Universal Studios Hollywood for 2 nights so you can be there for park opening.

By spending less time travelling and also be able to get back to your hotel that evening and relax without having to drive far and feel even more worn out.

On each trip, we chose to stay close by as we wanted to be able to get to the park for opening and not have to worry about leaving to get back at a certain hour or worry about traffic getting back to our hotel.

We decided two nights at a nearby hotel was much more convenient as we could wake up and have a good breakfast along with being able to have a short journey back after a long day.

How Many Days Do You Need For Universal Studios Hollywood?

Overall we don’t recommend spending more than 2 days at Universal Studios Hollywood as it is a moderate size park with 20 rides and attractions.

We recommended spending two days on a general park entrance ticket within the peak season or one day with an express pass ticket.

Alternatively, if you are visiting in the offseason we recommending spending one day at the park either with a general admission ticket or with a one-day express pass ticket.

As the crowd levels are lower it is easier to get around the park and onto the rides meaning you only need one day to see and do everything there is.

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