This is EXACTLY How Many Days To Spend At Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida is made up of three theme parks and a number of hotels, restaurants and shopping areas. The three theme parks are the reason why guests from around the world flock to the resort, however, with a resort so large it can be difficult to determine how long to visit.

The two main theme parks are Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. These are connected by the Hogwarts Express located in Hogsmede and Diagon Alley respectively. While it is possible to do both of these theme parks in one day, it’s not advisable (trust me, I’ve tried!)

Three days at Universal Studios Resort in Orlando is perfect for a trip. This allows you one day at each of the three parks. However, consider adding on an additional day for resting, jetlag, or to spend extra time on-site if it’s your first visit.

In this post, we’ve broken down the different factors you should consider when deciding how long to spend at Universal Studios in Orlando.

There are a number of factors you want to look into before making the decision because for many this is a once in a lifetime trip. You definitely don’t want to miss anything out because you didn’t do your research.

All these small changes can be the difference between you leisurely having time to do everything you want or running around like a mad person trying to see and do everything.

Ticket Prices

Ticket prices can be the most confusing because there are deals around and what happens if you want to hop from park to park.

When looking to buy tickets on Universal Studios Orlando website you can put in how many adults and children are going, how many days you are looking to go and it will give you a deal on tickets. Below is my example of a family of 4, two adults and 2 children going to all 3 parks.

This will also determine whether you want to be able to hop from park to park and ride the Hogwarts Express between parks. If you are nodding your head saying ‘ yes I must get on the Hogwarts Express’ you will be looking at buying the park hopper on the first image above.

Also if you are looking to make the most of your trip you can look into getting express passes. This will maximise your time in the parks and potentially minimise the number of days you have there. This is helpful if you want to get on all the rides and you are also fitting in a trip to Disney World too.

Staying On-Site?

Though I know this may not seem a major factor if you are looking to stay on-site at Universal Studios Orlando you can get into the parks 1 hour before the general public. This can make such a difference if you use it and might mean you don’t need that extra day.

Also if you are staying on-site you don’t have to worry about parking charges daily. Parking costs $25 per car for the day before 6 pm, after 6 pm it goes down to $10.

Volcano Bay Or Not?

We visited Volcano Bay not long after it opened and we really enjoyed it. We had gone purposefully to Universal Studios Volcano Bay over going to one of the Disney water parks as it was new. At the time we weren’t staying on-site at either Walt Disney World or Universal Studios so it made no difference to us.

If you are staying on-site at Universal Studios it is well worth looking into going to Volcano Bay. I would allow 1 full day to spend there along with 1 full day for each park. If you are staying on-site at Walt Disney World I would use one of their water parks instead and just get a 2 day 2 park ticket.

How Much Time Should We Spend In One Universal Studios Park?

Honestly, I would say take 1 day for each park. This gives you plenty of time to get on rides, eat lunch and snacks and see everything. I generally spend the majority of my time in and around the Wizarding World of Harry Potter because that is my main reason for going to Universal Studios.

However, I do know many people who have done both of the parks in one day and have also had a wonderful experience.

The best way to maximise your time is to make sure you have your ticket already purchased before the gates open. If you are looking at buying your tickets when you get there, arrive earlier to allow time for queues.

Tip: Universal Studios Orlando publish their opening/closing times for the parks 6 months in advance. The parks can stay open as late as 10 pm at peak season and close as early as 5/6 pm in the offseason.

That is everything on how many days should you spend at Universal Studios Orlando. If you have any tips for visiting the parks or if you have spent more than a day at each park we would love to know what you did and what you loved about the parks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Three Days Enough For Universal Studios Orlando

3 days at Universal Studios Orlando is enough to do 1 park per day and have time to see CityWalk or Volcano Bay at a reasonable pace. Anything between 3-5 days is optimum to get on the rides, see all the shows and more.

How Many Days Do You Need To Do Universal And Disney?

Universal Studios Orlando is much easier to do as there are less parks. Meaning you can send as little at 2-3 days there and then 7-10 at Disney. This is based on first time visitors, frequent guests may need less time.

Can You Do Universal Studios Orlando In One Day?

You certainly can as you can get an early entry pass giving you more time in the parks. You can also get an Express Pass which gets you to the front for rides. ( one pass per ride) though it could be tiring to try and do both parks in one day.

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