How Much Does A Honeymoon To Greece Cost?

Greece is undoubtedly a dream destination for many looking to plan a luxurious honeymoon. However, budgeting for such a trip can be very difficult.

A one-week-long honeymoon to Greece will cost between €1,500 and €12,400 depending on the level of luxury you wish to experience. This includes your accommodation (based on two people sharing), food, attractions & excursions, ground transportation and souvenirs – but not flights.

Of course, you can save a significant amount of money on some aspects of your honeymoon vacation to Greece if you’re able to make some adjustments including; 

  • Which island(s) you stay on
  • When you visit
  • The length of your trip
  • Your accommodation
  • The number of attractions & excursions you go on

However, we realise these adjustments aren’t for everyone so we’ve gone ahead and broken down all the different aspects of a trip along with the ways in which you can save money to help you make conscious decisions when planning your Greek honeymoon.


Depending on a number of factors the cost of your flights to Greece are likely to vary dramatically. Some of the factors that you’ll find impact the cost of a flight include;

  • Where you’re flying from
  • The time of year you’re travelling
  • The airline you’re travelling with
  • How far in advance you book

When we travel to Greece from the UK return flights typically cost us around €100 per person each. However, flights from the US or Asia could be as high as €500 per person.

These prices are based on economy flights, however, on your honeymoon to Greece, you may want to enhance your trip by flying either in business or first class instead.

This can be fantastic if you’re looking to arrive relaxed and refreshed – especially on long-haul flights. However, it comes at a cost.

The cost of flying either business or first class to Greece will vary dramatically between airlines and routes however generally you’re looking at between 8x and 20x the cost of return economy flights.

If you’re flying short-haul from inside Europe then you’ll have a choice of airports in Greece that you can arrive at. However, if you’re flying long-haul then you’ll have to fly into Athens.

If you’re looking to explore more of Greece than just Athens (although we highly recommend spending at least two days here) on your Greek vacation then you’ll then need to take a short flight or a boat from the capital city to the other Greek islands.

Traditionally domestic flights between the Greek islands are slightly more expensive compared to a cruise. However, the convenience and amount of time the journey takes will depend on where you’re looking to go.

Estimated cost: €100 – €500 (per person)


Hotels in Greece can cost as little as €25 a night or as much as €2,500 a night. The four major factors that impact the drastic cost difference in accommodation in Greece are;

  • The location (both which Greek island and specifically where on that island)
  • The star rating
  • The board basis
  • The time of year

For example, staying all-inclusive in a 5-star hotel in the popular town of Fira in Santorini during the peak season is going to be significantly more expensive than staying bed and breakfast in a three-star boutique hotel or an Airbnb during the shoulder seasons.

As such it’s up to you to determine how long you’ll be spending at your hotel or resort each day and how much flexibility you have when it comes to when you travel.

If your idea of a perfect honeymoon in Greece is one in which you spend your days lying by private pools and relaxing in a hot tub then you’ll likely want to spend more on your accommodation.

However, if you plan to spend the majority of your honeymoon trip exploring the natural beauty of the islands and basking in awe of the traditional architecture and historic sites then you may be happy spending less on your accommodation and instead use that money on attractions and experiences.

Estimated cost: €700 – €4,500

Ground Transport

When you arrive in Greece you’re going to need some transport from the airport to your accommodation at a minimum.

At selected luxury hotels and resorts, this is included. However, with most others, it comes at an additional cost which will vary depending on the distance and way in which you travel.

We personally look to use the price comparison website Hoppa for both bus transfers and private transfers when in a new country.

However, this may not be the only domestic transport cost you need to consider during your trip to Greece.

If you’re looking at island hopping or renting a car during your trip then you’ll want to increase your transport budget significantly depending on your requirements.

The cost of island hopping varies dramatically depending on where you’re travelling to / from, how you’re travelling (public transport, private taxi, flights or boat) and when you’re travelling.

Meanwhile, the cost of car rental will vary depending on your age, the type of car you’re looking to hire and the hire duration.

Estimated cost: €0 – €1,000

Attractions & Activities

The greek islands have a vast number of attractions for you to see and activities for you to enjoy.

Depending on what you’re looking for from your honeymoon to Greece, this could include everything from relaxing on the sandy beaches of Mykonos island to exploring the ancient ruins in the capital city of Athens.

Some of our favourite recommendations for those looking to combine relaxation, adventure and exploration on a trip to Greece include;

  • Taking a city tour in Thessaloniki
  • Taking a boat ride to the Blue Lagoon
  • Hiring quad bikes in Zakynthos
  • Taking a private tour around the town of Oia
  • Touring the olive groves in Crete
  • Exploring the National Library of Greece
  • Swimming in the Aegean sea
  • Taking a day tour of the nearby small towns
  • Getting private tours of the many incredible archaeological sites
  • Climbing the White Tower in Thessaloniki
  • Relaxing in the many hot springs
  • Taking a sunset cruise
  • Dining in (one or more) of the many incredible local restaurants

These attractions and experiences can be booked online in advance or by using most hotel concierge services. However, the cost of each attraction and experience will vary dramatically.

For example, some experiences such as relaxing on one of the many beautiful beaches are completely free (or simply the cost of a sunlounger) and others such as taking a private tour of an archaeological site will cost upwards of €150 per person.

Thankfully, however, this is one way in which you’re able to adjust your trip to Greece to align with your budget by either going on public or free tours or reducing the number of activities or experiences you go on during your trip.

Estimated cost: €700 – €4,500


Depending on where you choose to stay in Greece food and drink may or may not be included in the cost.

If food and drink are included as part of your accommodation then expect the cost of your accommodation to be higher, and subsequently the amount you spend on food and drink during your trip to be significantly lower.

That being said you may still want to budget some money to purchase food while out and about exploring or for the ability to try some of the delicious Greek food served at local, independently run restaurants.

While the exact price of food and drink will vary depending on where you purchase it from and what you purchase we typically find on our trips to Greece that a traditional Greek salad costs between €3 and €15, while a fresh seafood dish costs between €8 and €25, a bottle of Coke costs between €2 and €4.50 and a pint of beer costs between €3 and €8.

This brings the total cost of most evening meals to somewhere between €40 and €120 depending on exactly what you choose to eat and drink and where.

Estimated cost: €0 – €2,100


Depending on your interests and personal preferences you may want to also purchase some souvenirs on your honeymoon either for yourself or to give as gifts once you get back home.

Souvenirs in Greece can cost as little as €1 or as much as €500 depending on what and how much you choose to purchase.

Some of the most popular souvenirs you can purchase in Greece are food-based (olives, ouzo etc.) however, you’ll want to ensure that you’re legally able to bring these items through customs and back home with you since each country has slightly different rules and regulations.

Personally, whenever we purchase souvenirs in Greece we look for traditional items that have been handmade or sold by the locals.

This not only leaves us with incredibly beautiful unique gifts but also provides us with another way in which to support the local people on the island.

Estimated cost: €100 – €30

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