How To Avoid Lines At Universal Studios Hollywood

There are a whole host of amazing rides at Universal Studios Hollywood which can often have long wait times.

The long wait times can often be off-putting as the thought of spending most of your time in the park waiting for a ride can be a little deflating.

There are a number of ways in which you can avoid lines at Universal Studios Hollywood including buying your tickets in advance, use single rider lines, using an express pass and visiting in the off-season.

We decided to put together this helpful guide to help you make the most of your time in the park and avoid lines. So you can enjoy your time at Universal Studios Hollywood.

1. Visit In The Off-Season

Though not everyone can visit in the off-season it is a great time to visit. During the off-season, there are fewer people, smaller crowds and smaller wait times on both food and rides.

We found visiting out of peak season was much easier as we only had one day at Universal Studios Hollywood and we could easily get around the park and get on the rides we really wanted to do.

You can team up going out of peak season and getting to the park early to avoid lines. There are certain dates and holidays that are the busiest and so you can plan your trip around those to try and hit the quieter times to make the most of your trip.

2. Get An Express Pass

One sure way to avoiding lines at Universal Studios Hollywood is to get the Express Pass. If you have been to Universal Studios Orlando previously you will know everything there is about the Express Pass.

The Express Pass is an add on to your ticket that bypasses other guests in the general line and gets you to the front of the queue.

This can only be used once on each ride and so it is perfect for getting you on each and every ride you can at Universal Studios Hollywood.

This is a great way of avoiding lines for rides at Universal Studios Hollywood. The pass is an extra fee on top of your ticket price and can be bought before you get into the park or as you enter.

3. Arrive Early

If you have your tickets and trip already booked and that lands in some of the peak times to visit Universal Studios Hollywood you can always arrive early.

Since you might be tied to the holidays and have to visit when it is the busiest one of the ways you can avoid lines is to get there early.

Get to the park for opening, check the website that morning for up to date times as these can sometimes change due to the season or for peak times. Get there with plenty of time to park and get through security ready to wait at the gates for opening.

This may not be for everyone so if you are more of a night owl there is an option for you.

4. Stay Late

Another sure way of being able to avoid lines at Universal Studios Hollywood is to stay late.

Opening times may vary and can often change on the day (announcements may be made in the park) and so if the park stays open later this is a brilliant time for you to get on the rides you might have otherwise missed.

Not only does the park light up and look amazing but it is a perfect opportunity to get on some rides and into shows and attractions that would have otherwise been busy throughout the day.

With many families heading back for the night or people leaving as they arrived early, this thins out the crowds within the park.

It is a great time to experience the park and enjoy a new atmosphere without having to wait a long time for the rides.

5. Ride Popular Rides Early

There are quite a few big-name rides at Universal Studios Hollywood and so the queues for each ride can get a little crazy, especially at the time when many people have arrived later morning and heading into the parks.

We suggest getting to the park earlier and heading straight for the more popular rides first. That way you can join the queue which should be quieter and spend less time waiting.

Any that you don’t want to go on, simply miss and head to the next one. You can then spend the rest of your time seeing everything else and going on the rides that have shorter wait times.

6. Hit The Lower Lot First

One of the most popular attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood is The Studio Tour which is a tour of the real-life sets and areas that are located at Universal Studios Hollywood.

The tour lasts around 1 hour and you can see all the different sets and props that have been used in many famous films.

Due to the tour taking 1 hour it can often create a backlog of people waiting, while there are vehicles leaving every 10-15 minutes and can carry around 50 people there can still be a long wait.

We found heading to the attraction as soon as the park opened it was much quieter with many people heading to their favourite rides first.

The queues can be much quieter on a morning as the park opens and you can then work in an opposite direction to the majority of the other guests.

7. Download The App

An easier way to avoid lines at Universal Studios Hollywood is to download the app and use that to guide you around the park. By using the Universal Studios Hollywood app you can look at which rides have the quieter wait times so you can visit those and avoid long lines.

You may find yourself going back and forth from one part of the park to the other but it is a great way of saving time and avoiding long lines. You can find the ride you want to go on and check the wait time and head over to get in the queue.

We always find using the app helpful as we sometimes like to see what is nearby in terms of food and drinks but also so we can find the ride we want and check wait times. It is super easy to use and can save you a lot of time if you are mainly looking to get on all the rides.

I also like to keep an eye on it for those rides that are often very popular and have a long wait time, that way if you are happy to wait to said time on the app you can head over and get in the queue. That way you can wait until a more opportune moment for the ride you like.

8. Use Child Swap

Though it might not apply to you if you are heading to Universal Studios Hollywood with children you might want to look for rides that have a child swap area.

This is perfect for those wanting to get on the big rides but is limited as they have children or infants.

Many rides offer a child swap area to allow parents and guardians to swap over minding the child while the other goes on the ride. This is great as it means you only have to queue once in turn meaning you get to avoid queuing up again.

9. Buy Your Tickets In Advance

One of the worst lines you can get stuck in is the ticket line. While the team at Universal Studios Hollywood work hard to keep guests moving and lines short it can be difficult to save time in the ticket line.

We always find it much quicker and easier to buy our tickets in advance, this can also get you a better deal or save you money which you can use on souvenirs and food.

Buying your tickets in advance means you can spend that valuable time in the parks on rides and casting spells over waiting in lines.

10. Plan In Advance

Something we tried and loved on one of our latest trips to Universal Studios Hollywood was to plan what we wanted to do in advance. We looked on the Universal Studios Hollywood website and picked out the shows, rides and places we wanted to go to the most first.

We then created a plan of where to go and what to see and do, this really helped us as we could then go to the rides and attractions that we wanted to do first and then go back and look at other rides after that.

We found prioritising what we really wanted to see and do gave us a better system and meant we could keep an eye on each ride on the app for a quieter time.

We also suggest doing this if you are going as a large group or family with children, take their heights and check them against the heights of the rides so you don’t use up valuable time checking at the ride itself.

11. Use Single Rider

There are quite a few rides within Universal Studios Hollywood that have an option for single riders.

While this might not seem to apply to you it is a great way to get ahead of the queue and avoids lines. Single rider lines are great for jumping up the line and getting onto the rides quicker.

While you can’t sit with your friends or family as you are sitting in a seat that would otherwise be empty it is an amazing way to save time waiting.

This is essentially great if you are a single person in a group and don’t mind heading onto rides on your own or if no one else in your group wants to go on the ride with you. These lines are usually quite a bit shorter and so you can spend more time on rides than waiting to get on the rides.

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