How To Get Free Water at Universal Orlando & Universal Hollywood

If a refillable cup isn’t for you, then you’ll be pleased to know you can bring your own water bottles to Universal Studios, Orlando or Hollywood and get free water from various points around the park.

Given the fact a bottle of water inside the Universal Parks can set you back $4, keeping hydrated can get quickly become very expensive.

However, being able to refill your water bottle at Universal Studios for free is a great way to keep hydrated in the hot Florida / Los Angeles heat without it costing you a penny.


You can get free water at Universal Studios in Hollywood or Orlando by walking into any restaurant or service counter (prefered option) and asking if they could refill your water bottle or provide you with a cup of ice water.

The staff inside the park are always incredibly friendly and will provide you with water no problem. Don’t be afraid to ask, they get upwards of 20 requests a day, I’m sure!

Coca-Cola Freestyle Machines

While you can’t get water out of the coca-cola freestyle machines without an activated refillable cup, you can get ice.

So, if you’ve got some water and simply want to make it colder, or want ice-cold water in a flash (given the Florida heat) this is a great option.

Water Fountains

There’s a number of water fountains around the park. To find your nearest one simply ask a nearby staff member who will be able to direct you to the nearest one from your given location.

That concludes our guide on how to get free water at Universal Parks in the USA. As always, we’d love to know if you’ve got any hints and tips on how to get free water at the parks, let us know in the comments below.

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