How to Get from Athens to Mykonos By Ferry Or Plane

Athens is the largest city in Greece and the countries capital. It’s used as a base for many to travel to some of the smaller more remote islands such as Mykonos.

You can either fly from Athens to Mykonos or take the ferry. Flights can be as little as €25 per person one way if booked in advance. Meanwhile, the ferry costs €40 per person, and tickets can be purchased on the day of travel.

In this article, we’ll be covering both transportation methods so you can find the right one for your trip.

Flying from Athens to Mykonos

During the summer months, there are around 15 flights every day from Athens International Airport to Mykonos International Airport.

The flight will take around 35 minutes, and it will cost between €25 and €231 depending on the time, time of year, and airline you pick.

The airport in Athens is 30 minutes away from the city, and the airport in Mykonos is 10 minutes outside of town.

Since Mykonos is such a small town there are really only two options to get from the airport to the town center. 

You can either take a 10-minute taxi ride that will cost around €30 to €35 or take a bus.

The busses are less convenient and are often limited to just peak seasons. They run from 10am until 5pm daily and will take you directly from the airport to Fabrica station, in the heart of Mykonos town.

Taking a Ferry from Athens to Mykonos

There are three ports that depart ferries from Athens to Mykonos.

Regardless of the departure port, you choose the ferry ride that will take between two and four hours depending on the weather and the ferry company you choose.

Fast ferries are operated by SeaJet, FastFerries & Golden Star. A one-way ticket with any of these companies costs €80 per person.

Slow ferries are operated by BlueStar. They currently charge €40 per person for a one-way ticket.

Piraeus port (PIR)

Ferries run four times daily between the months of April and October from Piraeus port and Mykonos.

We recommend departing from Piraeus port if you’re traveling from the center of Athens due to its close proximity. You can get to the port either by taxi, metro, or on the bus.

The taxi journey will take around 30 minutes and cost between €20 and €25. Alternatively, if you’re on a budget you can take the green metro line around 25 minutes to the port for just €2 per person.

You could also opt to take a bus from the center of Athens to Piraeus port. Get on Bus 049 from Omonia or Bus 040 from Syntagma and get off at Kotzia Square (Piraeus center).

There are roughly four buses per hour and tickets cost €2 per person. From Piraeus center, it’s a 10-minute walk to the port.

Rafina (RAF)

Nine ferries depart Rafina port to Mykonos daily between the months of April and October.

You can access the port from Athens Airport via taxi or bus. A taxi will take around 20 minutes and cost roughly €38 during the day and €54 in the evening. If you have the time and not the budget consider taking the bus.

Buses are labeled KTEL and leave from the arrival exit doors 2 and 3 in front of the Sofitel Airport Hotel. The journey takes around 45 minutes to an hour and costs just €3 per person.


There is one final port in Athens, Lavrio. However, it’s located 60km south of the city and can only be accessed by car making it an incredibly expensive alternative.

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