How To Get From LAX To Venice Beach

Venice Beach is a well-known public beachfront situated in the Western region of Los Angeles. Home to various street performances, tasty food joints, and funky shops. Making it a great location to visit or stay during your trip to Los Angeles.

How To Get From LAX To Venice Beach

In this article, we’ll be covering the different ways you can travel between LAX and Venice Beach along with the price, benefits and drawbacks of each method.

RideShare: Lyft & Uber etc.

The fastest way to get from LAX to Venice Beach is by car. I wouldn’t recommend hiring one during your trip to Los Angeles, honestly, the traffic is something else entirely. Instead, I’d recommend using a rideshare application such as Uber or Lyft to get you from point A to point B.

Using both Uber and Lyft you’re able to find the vehicle that suits your needs. Saving money using the ‘pool’ option or ensuring the entire family travels together using the XL option.

You’ll only need to book your Lyft or Uber at the time in which you’re ready to depart from LAX or Venice Beach. At which point you’ll need to get to the pick-up point. This area has been set up at LAX.

While the time it takes to travel between the two locations will depend heavily on wait times and traffic, I’d estimate somewhere around 30 minutes to an hour.

The prices for Uber and Lyft are around the same and adjust slightly depending on demand. As an estimate;

Basic Private Ride – $24 to $29
Pool Ride – $18 – $21
Lux / XL – $40 – $45

The benefits of travelling by car whether it be rideshare or hired from LAX to Venice beach include it being the quickest way between the two locations – ideal if you’ve just got off a long flight.

This also makes travelling by car the most hassle-free way to get from LAX to Venice Beach – Especially if you’re doing rideshare and don’t have to sit staring at the traffic and can instead send Instagram photos of the surrounding areas as you pass by.

Los Angeles Public Transport Network

The more affordable way to travel from LAX to Venice beach is by using the city’s public transport. This method takes around one hour in total and costs just $2 per person.

To start your journey exit LAX and walk to 96th/Sepulveda bus station which is situated opposite the WallyPark. This walk is mostly flat and should take around 15 minutes.

From 96th/Sepulveda bus station you’ll want to take the number 3 bus to downtown. This journey takes around 25 minutes with the bus making around 16 stops before you get off at Lincoln NB & Venice NS. See the schedule here.

From Lincoln NB & Venice NS you can walk the one mile or so to the beach, or take the number 733 or 33 bus to Venice Way / Riviera. The route you take at this point is likely going to depend on the location of your hotel. See the schedules here.

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