How To Get from Oslo Airport To The City

In this article we’ll be looking at the different transport methods you can take from Oslo Airport to the city. That way you can find the best transport method for your budget, party size and circumstances.

Oslo Airport is situated 50km north of Oslo city centre in the region of Gardermoen. There’s plenty of hotels nearby the airport so if you are getting an early morning flight then you could consider travelling to the airport the day prior and staying in the hotel for the night. The majority of these hotels also provide complimentary shuttles direct to the airport.

Travelling By Car To The Airport

You could opt to hire a car and travel from Oslo Airport to the city this way. This is only a practical option if you’re planning on spending time exploring the wider region of Norway as the cost of both hiring the car and petrol can be very expensive in the country.

When hiring a car in Norway we’d recommend using a comparison website to ensure you’re getting the very best value for money.

Taking A Taxi From Oslo Airport To The City

If you’re looking for the luxury of a private transfer without the hassle of driving then a taxi might be for you.

These can be more expensive however if you’re travelling as part of a large family or group the cost per person can become very competitive compared to public transport and take the stress away from the entire experience.

For this service, we’d recommend the transfer comparison website, Hoppa. We use this service not just for private transfers but for pre-arranged public bus transfers too.

The prices above are based on a round trip and are based on the time in which we were writing this article and therefore subject to change.

Catching A Train From Oslo Airport To The City

Trains run directly from Oslo Central Station to Oslo Lufthavn Airport every 20 minutes and back from Oslo Airport to Oslo Central Station. There is just one stop during the journey of the F2 train from Oslo centre to Olso Airport and the entire journey takes around 25 minutes.

The last train on this service is just before midnight and the first train in the morning is at 3.00am.

The journey costs 180NOK each way (at the time of writing) although there are discounts available for students, youths and senior citizens. For further information, we suggest checking the FlyToGet website.


For a budget trip between Oslo City Centre and the airport, I’d recommend taking the FlyToGet train (that is in fact exactly what Helen and I did during our trip to Oslo). However, if you’re someone who likes a bit of luxury or are travelling as part of a group then I can certainly see the advantages of car hire or private transfer.

As always we’d love to know how you found travelling between Oslo Airport and the city centre. Let us know in the comments below.

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