How To Get To Universal Studios Orlando From Orlando Airport

Are you looking at how to get to Universal Studios Orlando From Orlando Airport?

If you are landing at Orlando Airport and are heading to Universal Studios Orlando you might want to look at your different options. The distance from Universal Studios Orlando to Orlando Aiport is 16 miles (depending on the hotel you’re staying at).

Meaning there’s plenty of different ways to travel between the two locations which we’ll be covering in this guide.

Driving Universal Studios Orlando From Orlando Airport

The most popular and convenient way of travelling from Orlando airport to Universal Studios Orlando is by car. For many driving gives them the freedom to get around Orlando and visit a number of attractions such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios as well as being able to visit the outlets and go food shopping.

You can pre-book car hire to collect as you land at Orlando airport. With a short distance of 16 miles at roughly 20 minutes (without traffic), it is a fairly easy drive between the two.

Make sure you notify your hotel or accommodation that you are arriving by car and will require a parking space. Some places include this with your stay and some may require an extra fee.

Uber Or Lyft

Uber and Lyft are very popular options for getting around Orlando as they are readily available and can be great for a party of 6 or less.

We have used both of them on a number of occasions to get around Orlando and to and from the parks and Orlando airport.

Note that when you book an Uber or Lyft to pick you up from the airport you may be required to go to a specific area for pick up and drop off. Airports now have separate areas for different modes of transport to help keep traffic moving and to make it easier for travellers to find what they are looking for.

You can also opt for rideshares within these apps, this is especially great if there are only 2 of us or less.


There are taxi services at Orlando Airport such as Mears taxi which are highly reliable and easy to get. They have a desk at the airport where you can book your taxi and find out rates before you do so.

When you book a taxi make sure you take into account your luggage and the number of people you have as getting a shuttle may be a better price for just 2 – 3 people whereas a taxi for 4 people might work out better. You could also get larger depending on the taxi size and rates.

We have used Mears a number of times and never had any problems and they are always highly reliable. You can also book for your return trip to the airport to save you having to find a taxi or book anything later on in your holiday. This can be such a time and stress saver doing it when you are already there at the desk.

Shuttles Services

There are a number of different shuttle services. You may already be aware of the Disney Express for guests who are staying on site at one of the Disney Resorts.

Universal Studios Orlando has something similar which is the Universal’s SuperStar Shuttle Program. This is a service that runs round trip transfers from the Orlando airport to Universal Studios Hotels. These include the following:

  • Universal’s Endless Sumer Resort
  • Loews Cabana Bay Beach Resort
  • Universal’s Aventura Hotel
  • Loews Sapphire Falls Resort
  • Loews Royal Pacific Resort
  • Hard Rock Hotel and
  • Loews Portofino Bay Resort

This service can be added to any of the Universal Parks and hotel stays. It will include airport transfers and also include Universal Orlando Hotel Transportation. The desks are located at the ground transportation level (level 1) of Orlando International Airport along with a travel wallet with preprinted documents and tickets.

Another shuttle service is with Mears taxis but will be a bus instead of a single car. This is another way of getting to Universal Studios Orlando from Orlando Airport. The difference with Mears shuttle service is that the bus will only leave once full of passengers.

You can again book this service at the desk at Ground Transportation level (level 1) and can also book a return with the same company if you wish.

Public Transport Between Universal Studios Orlando And Orlando Airport

There is also the option to get public transport – though I wouldn’t suggest this as a priority or first option as it will be hard to do with luggage.

To get the public bus you want to head to the Oia Transport Center at Orlando International airport and get the bus 42 or 111 to Florida Mall Superstop. From there get the 37 bus line to Universal Boulevard And Hollywood Way.

From there you will be required to walk 7 – 10 minutes to the park entrance. The ride in total will take anything from 63 minutes upwards.

This, unfortunately, does not take you to the hotel or resorts directly as they are on Universal property where you can only get private or booked shuttle and taxi services to. Public transport such as buses will not run to these locations.

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