How To Save Money On Food At Universal Studios Orlando

Booking a trip to Universal Studios Orlando can get expensive and fast. There are a number of ways you can save from flights, hotels but one way is on food. It may seem a small cost but it can easily start to mount up. These are our top ways on how to save money on food at Universal Studios Orlando. 

While you are looking at how to save money on food at Universal Studios Orlando, you don’t have to really sacrifice much more of your day. You can still have all the luxury of a full holiday but save a little along the way.

How To Save Money On Food At Universal Studios Orlando

There are a number of smaller ways in which you can save money at universal studios but then that can often mean giving up something you would more than likely really want to do or like. Once you are within the park there are a couple of ways in which you can save money, one of those is on food. 

Take Your Own Food

You can take your own food in Universal Studios Orlando as long as it follows some of the guidelines. See a list below for products and rules over bringing food into the park.

Bringing your own food can be really beneficial as you can bring it exactly what your family likes, plenty of snacks and treats. This is also beneficial if you have anyone with allergies, dietary requirements or just a little fussy with food.

We have often taken our own snacks to Universal Studios as we like to have something on hand while waiting for a ride or just a great way to save money. This is probably one of the easiest and simplest ways on how to save money on food at Universal Studios Orlando. 

Share Meals

As funny as it sounds the meal portions are larger in the U.S.A than the U.K. For people and children who don’t eat much or such large portions, sharing meals is a great money-saving tip.

On our first trip to Universal Studios Orlando, we shared meals as we didn’t need a large breakfast, lunch and dinner so 2 out of 3 meals could be shared. 

This is such a great way on how to save money on food at Universal Studios Orlando. Even if you have children you could split a meal between them to make the money go further and reduce the amount of waste.

On one of our meals, we got crisps (chips) as part of the meal. We didn’t have room for them so saved them in our bag to eat later. 

Eat Smaller Portions

Many times on our visits with Cora’s parents we have both shared meals and eaten smaller portions. Cora’s mum, in particular, doesn’t eat large meals and often at home has a starter as a main.

In many of the restaurants, she would order a child’s portion as it was much easier for her to handle and it saved money. 

Obviously, if you are an adult and like to have the adult portion that is fine, there are still plenty of other ways to save money on foot at Universal Studios Orlando.

Share a Refillable Snack

Universal Studios Orlando has a deal much like the Refillable Cup but for popcorn. You can buy a bucket for a set price and pay as little at $2 for refills around the park. This is a great way to save a little money, especially if you like to snack.

This is great as you can get a bucket to share between the family and everyone can enjoy it without it breaking the piggy bank.

Also, once you have purchased the bucket you can use it again and again during your visit and in the future. Saving you even more money on your return trip!

Bring Your Own Drinks

One really great way on how to save money on food at universal studios Orlando is taking your own drinks. I always try to drink plenty of water while at the parks, mostly due to the heat. I always take a water bottle that I can fill up at the fountains or you can get free water at locations around the park. 

When travelling with children and they prefer flavoured water, why not pick up the Robinsons squeeze dilute bottles that fit in the palm of your hand, simply use the free water to fill up your bottle and drop some flavour in.

If you want to add a little fizz and flavour to your day you can look at bringing your own drinks or getting the Refillable cup. You can purchase a cup and refill it at different stations across the parks.

That is everything on how to save money on food at Universal Studios Orlando. If you have been able to save money on food at the parks and have any tricks we would love to know all about them in the comments below.

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