How To Spend 1 Day In Verona

young woman sat on roman seats in Verona Arena wearing sunglasses

Verona is the place many people know for love, tragedy and forbidden love. Verona is probably well known with many for the Shakespearian story of Romeo And Juliet.

Tourists travel to Verona to see the beautiful balcony and leave a note behind. Verona actually has plenty to offer so we have created our how to spend 1 day in Verona to help you make the most of your time there.

a view over Verona, Italy on a sunny day from the hillside of Teatro Romano

Verona is quite small and very walkable city. There is the option to get a taxi or bus to the more further out places and if you are wanting to save time this is a great way to spend 24 hours in Verona.

How To Spend 1 Day In Verona


Start nice and early with breakfast, this can be something as simple as a pastry and coffee to go or something a little more luxurious. Either way breakfast is important to give you a boost on energy while you explore.

There are plenty of pastry shops, coffee shops and bars to grab some breakfast before heading out to explore.

Juliets Balcony

To start the day head over to Juliet Balcony, it is located within the main city area and is truly beautiful. You will know when you are there as there will be many people flowing in and out of a space in the wall. If that doesn’t help look for signs that say “Casa di Giulietta”.

This is the tunnel that takes you to the balcony. You can pay to go inside the museum and onto the balcony at ?6-?7 per adult.

a view of Juliets Balcony in Verona, Itlay with crowds surrounding the building.

The small square where Juliets statue can get very busy and it is hard to get a good picture but take your time and take in the surroundings. It is quite sweet to see couples coming and celebrating their love.

There are a couple of places you can buy personalised items that are directly open on the square at Juliets Balcony.

Piazza Delle Erbe

This is the main square in Verona and is filled with a market. I added this onto the 1 day in Verona as it is a lovely place to see some of the old traditional features of Verona along with the fresh fruits on the market.

The name actually translates to ‘the square of herbs’. The square was actually the centre of the Roman court and has been the centre for political and economic life.

Piazza Delle Erbe market square in Verona, italy

Though a couple of the stalls on the market are selling the same items such as t-shirts, miniature statues and tourist tat as I call it. There are other stalls that have some nice scarfs, fresh produce and fruit cups. There are other shops and restaurants surrounding the square.

Torre Dei Lamberti

Don’t forget there is more to see in the square other than shops. There is a tower. The tower is called Torre Dei Lamberti, this was constructed in 1172 and is now 84m tall.

In 1403 the tower was struck by lightning and was damaged. Reconstruction didn’t start until 1448 and took 16 years to repair. The tower had many additions over the years including the octagonal belfry and the clock and bells. Entry fee to the tower is ?8 per adult.

the tallest tower in Verona, Torre Dei Lamberti

They say the clock is paternally watching over the market sellers in the square. It is open to the public to go up and look over the horizon of Verona. If you have plenty of time it is worth going up to see the structure but not essential on our 24 hours in Verona.

Verona Arena

Verona Arena was a short walk away from the Piazza Delle Erbe and was sign posted for anyone not using a map. Once on the right street is was hard to miss the arena. Within the area there was a huge space that circle the arena lined with restaurants, shops and cafes.

a collesseum like building called Verona Arena

To enter the arena is was ?10 per adult and you could walk around and explore at your own leisure. We actually managed to time our visit with an event that was happening at the arena. This meant that certain areas were blocked off to the public as they were holding a music awards ceremony. There were a fully erected stage and seating on the base level of the arena.

young woman sat on roman seats in Verona Arena wearing sunglasses

This didn’t stop us enjoying having a look around, it was very quiet with very few tourists and people looking around. Once inside the arena the rest of Verona seem to be a distant noise and it was strangely peaceful. Without some of the barriers of the sound system in place you can get some lovely views over Verona.


Stop for lunch at one of the many quaint cafes or restaurants. If you are wanting to make most of the day like we are head to a supermarket grab something to go and find a bench to enjoy the view.

If you are looking to have a sit-down meal look at trying out one of the many cafes and restaurants lining the perimeter of the Verona arena.

bright coloured buildings with shops, restaurants and cafes in Verona

Teatro Romano

Head over the river to Teatro Romano, it is roughly a 30-minute walk from Verona arena. I have to say that this was my favourite site to see on our 24 hours in Verona.

There are other ways you can get to Teatro Romano if you don’t want to walk but it is a must see. Make sure to take a drink or bottle of water with you as you will need it. Entry fee is ?4.50 per adult and honestly, it is worth every cent.

a view of Verona through Roman ruins at Teatro Romano

The theatre was also holding an event that evening so there were a temporary stage and lights set up. This definitely didn’t take away from seeing the beauty of coming to Teatro Romano.

There are lots of steps as the whole site and museum are set within a hillside. The museum is interesting as there are so many sculptures, artefacts and information about the era the theatre was made and the people who would come.

Young woman sat on the steps of a grand entrance way in Roman ruins at Teatro Romano, Verona

For me personally was seeing the stunning views over Verona and the river Adige. From the highest point accessible you could see far and wide of the beauty of Verona. I was blown away with the views and think the many steps and ?4.50 was definitely worth it.

Castel San Pietro

Unfortunately, we had very little time to explore Castel San Pietro as we visited on a day that had shorter opening hours.

The Castel San Pietro has a funicular so if you struggle to walk or you are just feeling tired you can take the lift to get you to the top for ?1 each way. Alternatively, you can walk up the many stairs but be prepared to take a drink to keep you hydrated.

horizon view over Verona taken from Teatro Romano

The views from the top are just amazing, similar to the views from Teatro Romano. This is a must-see on your 24 hours in Verona, it is spectacular.

Ponte Pietro

This is the bridge that looks like two bridges have merged. I decided this was one of the things you should see on your 1 day in Verona. It is close by to the Castel San Pietro and Teatro Romano so it is easy to get to.

The bridge was actually built by the Romans and was completed in 100 BC. The bridge is also the oldest bridge in Verona.

View of Ponte Pietra and the tower in Verona

There are many places you can stand to get an amazing view of Ponte Pietro and the river Adige.

This is definitely a great place to come on your 1 day in Verona as it shows that something so old is still able to provide purpose and support to the city. The bridge may not seem overly impressive at first but knowing that it was complete in 100 BC and is still working and stable to this day is amazing.


Relax after a full day of exploring to a lovely romantic meal. Enjoy a glass of wine with olives, fresh bread and a fresh bowl of pasta. Take the evening to take in the views, this can be anywhere from a cosy place in Piazza Delle Erbe to a spot located on the riverside.

Don’t forget to end your day with a well earned gelato cone. We paid ?4 each for a gelato cone in the style of a flower. It was beautiful, fresh and would definitely recommend trying one on your 24 hours in Verona.

2 rose shaped Gelato ice creams in front of Verona Arena

That is everything on how to spend 1 day in Verona. If you have previously been to Verona and have some sites you think are worth visiting let us know in the comments.

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