How To Travel From Sofia Airport To The City

Are you looking at how you can travel from Sofia Airport to the city? In this article, we’ll be covering the different transport methods you can take and find the best one for your budget, party size and situation.

Sofia Airport is located on the east edge of the city around 10km from the centre. While there’s a small handful of hotels in the surrounding area of the airport, the travel time is often between 20 minutes and 40 minutes and therefore often isn’t worth the hassle staying there instead of the city centre if that’s where you’ve been basing yourself for the entire trip.

Car Hire

Unless you’re planning on travelling beyond Sofia during your trip to Bulgaria I’d advice against hiring a car to travel between the airport and the city centre.

If you want a private transfer between the airport and your hotel I’d instead recommend using a taxi service – it’s incredibly affordable in Bulgaria and therefore often not worth the stress of learning how to navigate the roads.

If you do decide to hire a car then be sure to use a search comparison site to get the best value for money – and don’t forget to budget for petrol and parking costs.


As Uber isn’t available in Bulgaria, I’d recommend booking a taxi in advance (you can hail taxis at the airport but I always find they can be heavily unregulated and subject to scams). When booking a private transfer from the airport like this I use the service, Hoppa.

The price is subject to change and the screenshot above is based on a return journey from Sofia Airport to Sofia city centre.

The advantage of taking a taxi from the airport is that you can get picked up or dropped off directly outside your accommodation. No wandering around lost with your suitcase.


The cheapest way to travel from Sofia Airport to Sofia City Centre or back from Sofia City to Sofia Airport is via the metro. The M2 route specifically runs from Sofia Airport to the central railway station in the city as well as other more specific locations.

The metro station at the airport is just outside of terminal 2 and has trains running every 11 minutes. A journey from the airport to the central station in Sofia on the metro will take around one hour and costs 160BGN (at the time of writing)

As always we’d love to know how you recommend travelling from Sofia Airport to Sofia city centre, or if you’ve any updates in regards to any of these transport methods – let us know in the comments below.

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