Is Disney Memory Maker Worth It? (Spoiler, Yes It Is!)

There’s a number of different extras you can add to a holiday to Walt Disney World. From make-overs at the likes of Bibidi Bobidi Boutique through to basic and extensive dining packages that can see you dine with famous faces such as Cinderella and Snow White.

However, something that’s often overlooked is how you plan to capture these memories. For many Walt Disney World is a once in a lifetime vacation, for others, it’s a once a year trip, either way, it’s somewhere you definitely want to capture magical moments. Luckily, Disney has you covered with a Disney Memory Maker.

A Disney Memory Maker is well worth the cost ($169 if booked in advance and $199 if booking upon arrival for a vacation lasting up to 2 weeks). It allows you to capture magical memories on a high-quality camera with minimal hassle.

Being from the UK we’ve found the Disney Memory Maker is often included as part of our booking when purchasing tickets or booking a full vacation package (accommodation and park tickets), however, even at $169 or $199, it’s an investment that’s well worth the cost.

What Is Disney Memory Maker?

The Memory Maker is a service you can purchase or that is provided with ticket sales that allows you to save and download pictures taken by the photographers and on rides to your account.

The Memory Maker is an add on, which means you can still get the images without it but you are limited.

What’s The Difference Between Photo Pass and Memory Maker?

The Photo Pass is the whole system that Disney created for people to get pictures from professional photographers. The Photo Pass was the original creation with the addition of a Memory Maker later on. The Memory Maker couldn’t work without the foundation of the Photo Pass already in place.

Photo Pass can be used for free by anyone and everyone with a valid ticket. Anyone can have a picture taken with the Photo Pass photographers.

The difference is Memory Maker is the paid system that allows you unlimited photos that you have the right to. You can download them, print them and use them as you wish.

If you are using the Photo Pass without the Memory Maker you have to buy the prints from Disney or purchase a Memory Maker afterwards to save your images. Though I would suggest buying the Memory Maker beforehand as it is cheaper.

Rides Eligible For Disney Memory Maker

Now it doesn’t just have to be the photographers getting the iconic castle shot that you want to think about.

There are also rides that capture your photo as you plummet, splash or dash past the camera. These can be found at the end of the ride on screens, you can walk up to your picture and tap your band or card to link it to your account.

Magic Kingdom: Buzz Lightyear, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion

Animal Kingdom: Dinosaur, Expedition Everest

Hollywood Studios: Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, Slinky Dog Dash (a MagicBand is required for this attraction photo)

Epcot: Test Track, Frozen Ever After

What Else Can I Use My Memory Maker With?

You can use your Memory Maker in all 4 parks on rides, in character dining restaurants, along with special viewing points in the parks and create magic shots with characters. Alone there are 34 places you can use the Photo Pass and Memory Maker system in Magic Kingdom.

Here is a breakdown of number of places you can use the Photo Pass / Memory Maker in the parks below. Is Disney Memory Maker worth it, only if you plan to really use it and there are no excuses with more than 100 locations to use it.

Magic Kingdom – 34 Locations

Epcot – 17 Locations

Hollywood Studios – 14 Locations

Animal Kingdom – 22 Locations

Blizzard Beach – 7 Locations

Typhoon Lagoon – 6 Locations

Many of these will include places such as character dining restaurants that you need a booking to take part in character meets.

Also includes rides that are listed above, along with character meets that are dotted around the parks and special magic shots. Some of the locations may change or be closed at short notice for any reason so be aware.

How Much Does The Disney Memory Maker Cost?

The price can change on which circumstances you are in. The price changes once your trip has ended or once it has started. If you book well in advance or at least 3 days prior to you using the Memory Maker you can get it for $169.00.

If you happen to get to the park and realised you wanted to get the Memory Maker or you have had your holiday and looking to want to keep all the photos taken it will cost you $199.00.

Is Disney Memory Maker Worth It?

Honestly, on our last 2 trips, we have had the Memory Maker as part of my ticket or on-site stay. I can say it is amazing to be able to tap and go and not have to think about choosing 5 favourite images from a 2 week trip to the most magical place on earth.

It also takes out the stress and worry about trying to get pictures yourself and bringing your fancy camera to the parks.

I found that it saved us time worrying about posing for a photo and the camera not been ready or someone was in the way or we couldn’t get everyone in.

If you are travelling with children it can be taxing enough to make sure they haven’t wandered off without trying to get a cute family selfie to send to Grandma back home. Is Disney Memory Maker worth it for a week trip, yes!

It really puts you at ease and relieves you of one less thing to think about. Most of the time you see a photographer and just hop in the line, get your picture taken, tap the band/ticket and then walk off to your next attraction.

The bonus to the photographers who stood near the castle, around the parks and at the viewing points is that you don’t just get 1 picture added, they generally take 3-4 and sometimes more. This makes the monetary value of each picture go down making the Disney Memory Maker worth it.

We used the Memory Maker to document our engagement which was amazing as we loved the pictures and it was easy to download and share with our family.

The pictures are great as they are of good quality and you own the rights to them. Using the Memory Maker means you can download all your images from your trip and save them to a hard drive or disk and print them at a later date.

You can also use them for social media posts, in blog posts like we do or just as your phone and laptop desktop. Once the photos have been saved you can use them, again and again, to make gifts, print and create Christmas cards if you want.

If you manage to get 100 pictures as a rough figure then that makes each photo worth $1.69 each. Even at 50 photos, you are talking $3.38, which I think is a great price. I suspect you would need to be paying 5x that amount for 1 print.

Is Disney Memory Maker worth it for couples? Yes! If you are planning to go to Disney World for a once in a lifetime trip, celebrate a special occasion or just want to be able to get a picture with all the family it is a great service.

We thoroughly enjoyed using it when we went after getting married. We took the whole family to Disney World as a once in a lifetime trip. Simply put, is the Memory Maker worth it? YES!!

I hope this has helped you decide if a Disney Memory Maker is worth it or not. Remember if you are booking from the UK to double-check if your tickets include the Memory Maker first before purchasing. Many tickets often include the Memory Maker as a bonus and add on for free or included in the ticket price so always double-check before you buy.

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