Is Disneyland Paris Worth Visiting?

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We’ve had the pleasure of visiting Disney Parks across the world including Walt Disney World, Disneyland California, Tokyo Disney and of course, Disneyland Paris.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience under our belt, we’re often asked by friends and family whether visiting Disneyland Paris is really worth it?

Disneyland Paris is worth experiencing at least once as a fan of Disney and makes for the ideal weekend break either as a couple or with kids.

In this post, we’ll break down the scenarios where it is (and is not) worth visiting Disneyland Paris.

Who Is Disneyland Paris For?

Disneyland Paris isn’t for everyone.

However, based on our experience of bringing friends and family to the resort multiple times over the past decade, this is who we think enjoys a trip to the Disneyland Paris resort the most.

Fans Of A Long Weekend Break

Unlike Walt Disney World in Orlando where you need at least ten days (but more likely two weeks) to experience everything the resort has to offer, Disneyland Paris only requires a weekend.

This makes visiting Disneyland Paris perfect for those looking for a weekend break in Europe or international travellers who want to take a short break from sightseeing on a trip to Paris. 

Disney Fans

You don’t have to be a hardcore Disney fanatic to appreciate Disneyland Paris, but if you are, then unsurprisingly you’re going to love visiting the resort. 

Disneyland Paris gives you the chance to have photos with your favourite characters, pose in front of the iconic castle or even shop for unique and exclusive Disney merchandise. 

Young Families

The perfect age for visiting Disneyland Paris is between 3 and 10. 

That’s because kids at this age still believe in the magic of Disney and everything that goes with it and also of a height which allows them to go on the vast majority of the rides inside the park.

Therefore if you’re a young family looking for a trip your kids won’t forget, Disneyland Paris should definitely be on your radar. 

Fans Of A Last-Minute Getaway

A trip to Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disney or even Disneyland in California often requires weeks if not months of planning. 

Yes, I am someone who has a spreadsheet for what we’re doing every day during trips to Walt Disney World in Orlando.

Depending on where you’re from in the world you’ll need to consider everything from flights to visas, to accommodation all the way through to park and restaurant reservations. 

Disneyland Paris is significantly less intense, and as such means, you can often book an incredibly last-minute getaway to the resort with little planning and preparation. 


I’m often asked as to whether Disneyland Paris is suitable for couples, and to that I say… ABSOLUTELY!

If you’re a fan of Disney then regardless of your age, child, or even partner status Disneyland Paris is an incredible place to experience. 

We’ve visited Disneyland Paris as a couple multiple times, and I even went ahead and proposed at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

Who Is Disneyland Paris Not For?

All that being said, Disneyland Paris isn’t for everyone. I remember my parents taking me as a teen for the very first time and boyyy we’re they disappointed. 

Based on that experience and many more, here’s who we think should avoid Disneyland Paris.

Those Looking For A Relaxing Beach Vacation

While I mentioned Disneyland Paris isn’t quite as intense as a trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando a trip here still see’s the vast majority of people walk 10,000 steps per day (at a minimum).

As such if you’re looking for a relaxing beach vacation, or in fact, a relaxing vacation at all a trip to Disneyland Paris probably isn’t for you.

If You’re Looking For An Extensive Theme Park Vacation

Given that three days is the ideal length of time to cover the two parks at Disneyland Paris, we don’t recommend visiting if you’re looking for an extensive theme park vacation. 

Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World in Orlando are very different – two parks compared to four parks and two water parks for starters!

There are also minimal supporting parks in the area, unlike Universal Studios which you’ll find just a couple of miles from both Walt Disney World and Disneyland California.

As such if you’re looking to replicate what you experienced when visiting Orlando or California, then you’ll likely be somewhat disappointed. 

If You’re Looking For French Culture

If you’re looking to experience French culture, then you’ll be somewhat disappointed to find out that Disneyland Paris has very little. 

For the most part restaurants in the park serve a range of fast food including burgers and fries and the majority of signs and announcements are done in English rather than French. 

While Disneyland Paris can be a fantastic day trip from Paris itself, it’s not somewhere you should centre your trip around when looking to experience Paris as a whole.

Those On A Budget

A trip to Disneyland Paris can be done on a budget. 

However, you’ll still need to cover the cost of transport, accommodation, food and park tickets at a minimum.

When we bought our tickets from AttractionTix, tickets for one park cost €55 while a two-day, two-park ticket that allows you to switch between the parks over two days costs €140.

While Airbnb and budget hotels in the area can be found if you’re looking to stay on-site you’ll be looking at a minimum of €180 per night. 

Of course, all of that is in addition to food. While the food in Disneyland Paris is often part of the experience it does come at a significantly inflated cost for what it is given your location. 

As such we recommend those on a budget bring their own snacks into the park to save on costs. 

Ultimately, this all leads to a long-weekend break to Disneyland Paris often costing the same as a week’s holiday to France, Spain or elsewhere in Europe. 


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