Everything You Need To Know About MyVegas App

MyVegas is a wonderful mobile and Facebook application that allows you to play non-gambling slot games for points which can be converted into a whole host of rewards to spend in Vegas and beyond.

With MyVegas you can unlock a number of hotel stays, meals and buffets and even attractions with the points you have collected to redeem for your stay, so that night at the Bellagio looks more and more likely right?

I decided to put together this guide to help you understand what the game is, what it does and how you can use it to make your time in Las Vegas so much better!

Is MyVegas Genuine?

We’ve been here, and we completely get it. You’ve got a friend that’s told you about this great new Facebook game come app which allows you to get real-life rewards from a whole host of MGM properties. After googling what MGM properties are (resorts like the Bellagio, Aria, MGM Grand, and the Mirage), you almost certainly had the same thought as us: ‘That can’t be real, right?’

Well, it actually is legit, genuine, and 100% squeaky clean! It sounds far too good to be true, which is the sad truth, but you’d better believe that it is true! By simply playing this game, you can dine at Vegas buffets, catch Cirque-du-Soleil shows, and stay in a room on the Strip.

So, at this point, you’re probably wondering how the game actually works. Don’t worry, it’s really simple!

First things first, you log in to MyVegas Slots, spin a wheel, and then visit your online Strip to pick up your MyVegas chips. Once you’ve got your chips, you can use them on games like Excalibur and Blackjack – just like in a brick-and-mortar casino!

While you play the games on the app, your chips (which began life red) will begin to turn gold, meaning that you can redeem them for free stuff. The more you play the game, the more free chips you get, and therefore the more free stuff you can get overtime.

The catch, of course, is that the app needs to make money somehow. It does this in two ways: adverts and paid chips.

Every now and then in the game, you’ll get shown an advert. This makes the app money because the advertising company will have an agreement with the MGM app department.

For example, every 1000 times an advert shows in the app, the advertising company gives MGM a fee. Due to the time that people invest in the game and the number of people playing the game, this figure quickly adds up for MGM.

The other way that MGM is able to make this app profitable is by including an option to buy chips that allow you to keep playing the game. After you’ve gotten through your free chips for the day, you will be presented with an option to buy chips in order to keep playing.

There are positives and negatives to this, and we discuss them a little further on in the article, in our ‘Is It Worth Buying MyVegas Chips?’ section.

How To Get Free MyVegas Chips

There’s only one way to get free MyVegas chips, and that’s to claim your daily reward in the game.

As you play the game, the first thing that you must do every day is to spin a wheel that will award you with a given number of free chips. These chips are then used in gameplay until they’re all gone, and you can buy more to continue playing if you so choose.

The only way to get additional chips after you’ve used up your free ones is to buy more. The reason for this is that it is the primary way for MGM to earn money from this app, so they’re extremely strict about allowing people to get chips for free.

If you find a site that promises free chips for myVegas then, we’re going to be honest, it’s probably a scam. MGM crack down very hard on systems that allow people to get free chips in their game, so any websites out there are likely fraudulent.

What MyVegas Rewards You’d Like

It’s pointless spending any amount of money or dedicated amount of time on the game if you aren’t sure of the rewards you’d like to receive. In our case, we’d book our flights to Vegas, but not a hotel. I wanted to use our loyalty points for a complimentary stay.

So I headed over to the MyVegas app rewards section to work out roughly how many loyalty points I’d need in order to get the longest, and best stay we could during our trip.

I noted a couple of two-night complimentary stays currently available in the MyRewards section of MyVegas. I checked the promotional calendar to ensure my dates were available (these will either be within the terms on the page like above or on a link.

In the case of the image above, I had to click the orange link stating ‘View Promotional Availability’.

I was looking for our two-night complimentary stay to be between the 15th to the 21st October and those dates were available according to the promotional calendar. Therefore my goal was to get to 95,000 loyalty points.

If I spent $5 and as a result felt as though it could get me to that 95,000 loyalty points, then I’d spend it. Simply because two nights at this hotel during my visit retails for a minimum of $289.08.

How Much Time You Have To Invest In The Game

If you work an office job, are a stay at home mom or have plenty of spare time to run the game in the background while getting on with everyday things then you’ll be able to complete more of the free MyVegas chip redemption methods more often, resulting in more MyVegas free chips.

If you don’t have much free time to spend on the game, or you’ve not got long until you leave for your Vegas trip then it might be a good idea to purchase some MyVegas chips which in turn will allow you to increase your bet amount on the games and convert the chips into loyalty points quicker.

Where You’re Staying During Your Vegas Trip

If you’ve already booked a stay at an MGM resort then you may want to consider saving your loyalty points for some Freeplay. There are often different Freeplay rewards for each of the MGM hotels.

In the case of my parents, they’d already booked to stay at the Bellagio. So we decided the best thing for them to save their loyalty points for was the $50 Freeplay in the hotel’s casino.

If they were to spend $5 to get them to 150,000 loyalty points in time for their trip, then I’d say that’s a great deal. As they’ve spent $5 to get $50.

Of course, I’d always recommend maximising and continuing to maximise the free MyVegas chip offers that refresh every day. Whether you’re purchasing chips or not. These are free chips, and essentially free rewards!

Remember, the ultimate goal is to spend as little amount of money possible and get as much free stuff for our Vegas trip as possible thanks to the MyVegas rewards.

What Are MyVegas Chips Worth

I said in the introduction of this post that MyVegas heavily promotes the option of purchasing MyVegas chips. So much so you might receive multiple pop-ups with multiple different offers.

So if you decide to part with your hard-earned cash in return for MyVegas chips that you’re planning on turning into MyVegas rewards then you’ll want to ensure you’re getting the very best deal.

Below are screenshots of the offers I had available to me at the exact same time when I was looking to purchase MyVegas chips. This included pop-up offers, looking to pop my champagne bottle that was 100% full or looking at the standard purchasing options.

Above you can see I was offered 12 million chips (along with some gold coins and MVP points) for $5. This works out at 2.4 million chips per $1.

If I chose to pop my champagne bottle I’d be getting just over 3 million chips for 3 dollars (along with 120 MVP points). This works out at just over 600,000 chips per $1. A lot less than the previous offer!

If I opted for the standard MyVegas chips purchase then I could get almost 13 million chips for $5 (along with a bonus spin, 250 loyalty and 200MVP). Much like the first offer this worked out at 2.4 million chips per $1.

Finally, I was offered this deal in a pop-up. Almost 96 million chips for $1. That’s a considerable amount more than I’d previously been offered, and an offer I was willing to take as a result.

As a result of purchasing the first deal, I’d unlocked ‘the second level’. Again with just a $1 spend I’d be getting 257 million chips. Again, this number of chips for $1 is insane considering my previous offers, so I decided to take them up on the offer.

Finally, after purchasing the second level offer I unlocked the third level. Almost 442 million chips for $1. Which of course, I took. In conclusion, I managed to get over 793 million MyVegas chips for just $3. On top of that, I got a number of loyalty points and MVP points which weren’t mentioned in the offer but applied to my account upon redemption.

While the offers are going to vary at the time of play. I’d recommend using this strategy to ensure you’re always getting the best value for money if you do decide that buying MyVegas chips is worth it in your case.

I’d also urge you to stay on the side of caution. I’d hate to see anyone spending anything near $100 on the game. Especially if they’ve zero experience in redeeming the rewards. For any further gambling help, we’d always recommend GamCare.

The games are designed as slots and can be addictive, just remember the reason we’re playing is to get amazing rewards at a heavily discounted rate.

How To Redeem MyVegas Rewards

In the interests of preventing people from abusing the system that they’ve set up, there are a few rules that MGM has put in place for the MyVegas rewards.

While they’re likely to be constantly changing, we’ve got a list of them here. To be completely certain about the rules, however, make sure to check through the app – there you’ll definitely find the current rules.

  • You’re allowed to keep any gold coins that you earn. There’s no upper limit to the number that you can hold, and the coins themselves never expire.
  • When redeeming your coins for rewards, you can get three rewards per thirty-day period. Therefore, you could claim a room stay, a buffet pass, and tickets to a show in one thirty-day period, but you’d have to wait until the next one to redeem any further coins.
  • To ensure that you’re making the best of your rewards, two users can pool their stays together to get a two- or three-night stay for two people, rather than one. The same goes for show tickets and buffet tickets.
  • You can only redeem one reward per category per thirty days. For example, you cannot redeem two separate stays within a thirty-day period, as they will both be of the same category: stays. However, two people could redeem two stays back to back at the same hotel, this would result in a four- to six-night break, rather than a two- to three-night break.
  • As a lead on from the last rule – MyVegas works best when multiple players travel together. For example, two partners could each redeem a two-night stay at a single MGM property, leading to a four-night stay overall. 
  • The final rule is an obvious one. All players must be 21 or over to play MyVegas and use their comps when in Vegas.

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