Is Legoland Windsor Worth Visiting?

Set over 61 hectares and just a 30-minute drive from central London you’ll find Legoland Windsor. This family-friendly Lego-themed amusement park opened back in 1996 and attracts guests from across the UK.

If your children love Lego and are between 4 and 12 then Legoland is well worth visiting. Children 12 and over may still enjoy Legoland but may find the rides a little boring. Kids that don’t play with Lego may still enjoy Legoland, as there are plenty of shows, rides and interactive games.

We’ve visited Legoland in Billund (the birthplace of Lego) without children, and recently Legoland Windsor with our niece and nephew, Matilda (aged 4) and Frankie (aged 9).

Neither child has much interest in Lego, but I personally wanted to go when I was a child and never got the chance, so as an adult I decided to live out my childhood dream through them.

How Much Does Legoland Cost?

Perhaps the biggest concern for most families considering visiting Legoland is the cost of doing so. A trip to Legoland is more than just the tickets. For many it can also include; travel, hotel, food and souvenirs.

In our case, we used a promotional discount to get three adult and two children tickets for £177.

We then drove from our hometown of Wakefield down to Windsor in the car (this was cheaper and more convenient for us personally when compared to taking the train). As a result, we stayed in a hotel in central Windsor the night prior to our day at Legoland.

Hotels in this area vary dramatically in price, however, we managed to get a promotional deal with rooms for just £40. If your children are fans of Lego then you may want to consider splashing out and spending a night at one of the Legoland hotels (these cost between £150 and £400 a night).

We booked parking at the theme park along with our tickets online and therefore paid £10 instead of the on-the-day price of £12.

We had breakfast at a local Costa Coffee and dinner in fast-food restaurants and therefore only had one meal (and a handful of snacks) at Legoland itself.

Expect to pay a premium for theme park food (without the premium taste), the sandwiches, drinks and crisps we bought came out at around £12 per person. However, you could reduce the cost here by bringing a picnic instead.

In our case, the total cost of our trip to Legoland comes out at around £75 per person. Now, while I appreciate that’s expensive, it is on par with similar attractions such as Thorpe Park or Alton Towers.

The kids really enjoyed the experience, as did we and as we haven’t been on a ‘proper holiday’ for over twelve months now it really stood out as a special experience.

Was Legoland Worth It Even Though The Kids Don’t Play With Lego?

My niece and nephew don’t play with Lego. Therefore, many questioned why we’d take them to a theme park dedicated to the toy. However, while the core of Legoland is Lego it’s actually much more than that.

For this reason, you don’t need to have played with Lego previously to enjoy a day at Legoland. Many kids appreciate the fact that giant models have been made from tiny bricks, the cool rides or the exciting characters without having previously clipped together with two Lego bricks.

I can imagine that kids who enjoy playing with Lego will enjoy the experience more when compared to those who don’t. However, in Frankie and Matilda’s case, the fact they’d never really played with Lego wasn’t an issue.

They enjoyed going on all the cool rides, seeing all the attractions and playing with the interactive games; whether they were Lego related or not.

Is Legoland Worth It If You Or Your Kids Don’t Like Rides?

In my personal opinion, the rides are a larger core element of Legoland than the Lego itself. While there are shows, meet-and-greets and plenty of models to stand and look at in awe. The rides make up 90% of the Legoland park.

As a result, if you or your children don’t like rides then Legoland might not be the right theme park for you. With that being said, while you and/or your children might not like some rides there is a variety at Legoland so you may find a handful that makes your trip worthwhile.

There are eight water rides and attractions at Legoland Windsor. However, only two of them are suitable for children under 1m tall. These are Splash Safari and Drench Towers.

Both of these attractions are based inside Duplo Valley and are water splash areas including a variety of different interactive water features. Be sure to consider the time of year you’re visiting Legoland as to whether or not these attractions will be suitable.

There are other attractions within Legoland Windsor that aren’t scary. These include the likes of the Lego Reef, Lego Education Centre and Model Making Studio. However, these all have a strong Lego focus. If your children aren’t interested in Lego then they may not be interested in these attractions either.

Alternative low intensity rides you might want to consider that don’t have a Lego as a core focus include the City Driving School, Coastguard HQ and Laser Raiders.

Although a quick side note, those first two; City Driving School and Coastguard HQ had standard wait times in excess of an hour when we visited during May, therefore it may be worth considering paying extra for fast passes to these particular rides.

What Makes Legoland Worth It?

Here’s a couple of things I believe make a trip to Legoland Windsor worth it;

  • If you or your kids love Lego
  • If you live nearby and are able to save on transport and accomodation costs
  • If you’re a Merlin Annual Pass holder and therefore get free entry into the parks
  • If your young children love rides and rollercoasters

When Is Legoland Not Worth It?

Here’s a couple of things that I think should make you reconsider visiting Legoland;

  • If your kids are under 4 as they will likely be too small for a number of the rides at the park
  • If your kids are over 12 as they will likely find the rides too basic and boring
  • If your kids don’t like rides and Lego
  • If your kids aren’t good waiting in lines for rides (queues vary between 10 minutes and 2 hours depending on the ride and time of year you are visiting but could be reduced with the purchase of a special que cutting ticket)
  • If you can’t afford £50 – £100 per person for the day out – there are plenty of more affordable days out across the UK for you to enjoy instead.

If after reading this post you decide that you’d still like to visit Legoland then consider waiting for a special promotion or deal so you’re able to save on the major expenses such as park tickets (or accommodation if required).

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