Is The Disneyland Maxpass Worth It?

Recently myself and Cora had the amazing pleasure of visiting Disneyland California for the day. And as we were there only for the day on a 2 park hopper we needed to see and do as much as we could. This is when we found out that there is Disneylands version of fastpass, the Maxpass.

This is where it got me thinking about is the Disneyland Maxpass worth it?

What Is Disneyland Maxpass?

This is a revamped version of the Disney Fastpass, it is an optional paid programme. It can be added on to the ticket price as it is purchased or on the day through the mobile app.

The maxpass allows you to book a time to enable you to get on the ride faster and cuts your wait time down. Very much like the fastpass at Walt Disney World.

Each persons ticket will be connected to the maxpass through a kiosk or on the mobile app. If you are part of a group or family not everyone in that group needs to have a maxpass.

Pixarfest Disneyland Tickets - Is the Disneyland Maxpass Worth It

It can be just a select number of people or everyone. It is completely flexible, even with trading over supervisors looking after children while the other people ride.

The big bonus to the Maxpass is that it also comes with unlimited photopass downloads for the day. Though I have been searching for answers to how many maxpasses you can have booked at one time I am unsure.

I checked in the recently answered questions about the reservations and found these… As far as I can tell I believe it follows the same rule as Walt Disney World Fastpass.

screen shot of recently asked questions and answers about Disneyland Maxpass

How Much Does The Disneyland Maxpass Cost?

The Maxpass costs $15 per person (2019) on the top of the normal ticket price. This will depend on the number of days you have your pass for.

The $15 fee is counted for 1 day only so it will be $30 for 2 days etc. This is an upgrade option that you can add on at checkout or add on at a later date.

Annual passholders can add the pass to their ticket for the day at the same fee. Or purchase an annual Max pass that expires at the same time as their annual ticket.

This will apply for everyone in the family so you would need a $100 maxpass for each annual pass holder.

View of the entrance to Disneyland - is the Disneyland Maxpass Worth It

If you are only interested in one particular ride you can use your normal ticket and book a FastPass at the kiosk. The Kiosk will give you a printed ticket to remind you of your FastPass time.

You would still scan your normal park ticket to access the ride itself. Be aware that not all rides are eligible for maxpass so double check this before buying the maxpass.

Hotels With Complimentary Disneyland Maxpass

If you are looking to stay onsite at one of the three Disney resorts you get your ticket included for one of the parks. This includes the 1 extra magic hour on top of the park hours. This is the time allocated for Disneyland resort guests only. Though unfortunately if you are wanting to create a 1 day 2 park hopper it will charge you extra as well as extra for the maxpass.

screen shot of 3 resort hotels at Disneyland California

Though none of the Disneyland resorts offer up a complimentary maxpass you do get the extra magic hour which may work out just as good as the maxpass.

Here is a list of the Disneyland resort hotels available:

  • Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa
  • The Disneyland Hotel
  • Disney’s Paradise Pier

Eligible Rides For The Disneyland Maxpass

There are 21 eligible rides/attractions available for the Disneyland Maxpass. This includes both Disneyland and California Adventure park rides. See the full list of Maxpass eligible rides here.

Each of the rides in any of the 2 rides offer up a different experience. For that reason here is an overview of our experience on these rides.

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

We love this ride! Buss Lightyears Astro Blasters is a great family friendly ride that is both fun and action-packed. It has to be the ride that we always try and go on at least once a visit to any of the Disney parks.

The ride as we have noticed goes through phases of busy but if like many you are visiting in peak times using the maxpass can really help boost you to the front and make the most of your day.

2 young women on buss lightyears ride - is the Disneyland Maxpass Worth It

Space Mountain

This ride is always very popular and the wait times are generally quite lengthy. We love this ride and always use fastpass to book a slot for this ride. This is where the Disneyland Maxpass worth it as the lines are quite long and it is a great ride.

Radiator Springs Racers

We were both so impressed with the whole area of Radiator Springs, not one detail was left out and you could tell. While there we decided to head over to the Radiator Springs Racers track, from the queue that was flowing out of the entrance and down the centre of the street you could tell it is a popular ride.

Another family-friendly ride and was definitely a popular one. Be sure to check height restrictions for children as many get turned away disappointed.

2 young women on the cars racers ride - is the Disneyland Maxpass Worth It

I noticed that this one offered up a line for single riders which I had not seen too often on other rides. Instead of getting a fastpass we chose to go on as single riders but I would definitely say the Disneyland Maxpass worth it for this ride.

We waited around an hour to an hour and a half to go on the ride so anyone wanting to go on as a family were looking at 2+ hours wait time.

Splash Mountain

Splash mountain along with the other mountain rides are popular. This is a great ride to go on and everyone loves a little sprinkle of water to cool them down on a hot day. We actually never wait in the normal queue for this ride and always use a fastpass.

Whether we book it early in the morning for the first thing or later on in the evening. It is a cool and fun ride to go on and would suggest checking it out. Is using the Disneyland maxpass worth it for this ride? Yes, it is a very popular ride and means you can spend that waiting time on other rides.

It’s A Small World

This is probably the most typical of a family fun ride, so much that when I was younger and my parents took me to Disneyland Paris I begged my dad to take me on this ride around 7 times.

View of the It's a small world ride - Is the Disneyland Maxpass Worth It

The ride is a great one to take your smaller children on and so if you are wanting to keep them happy, use the maxpass to cut down the wait and hop to the front. This to makes having the Disneyland Maxpass worth it.

Tips For Using The Disneyland Maxpass

There are a couple of things to note with the Disneyland maxpass that separates it from the FastPass system in Walt Disney World. To start using your Disneyland Maxpass you have to have entered one of the parks. You can’t book FastPasses months in advance as you can with Walt Disney World.

You can still book a time that is more suited to your day, to do this simply refresh the page to see what new times have been released. Once you have entered the park you can then book FastPasses for the rest of the day even if you are at your hotel.

Before you add on the Disneyland Maxpass to your ticket check which rides you definitely want to go on and whether they are part of the Maxpass list. If 80% of the rides on your list are eligible for Maxpass then it will be worth getting.

If you are visiting for the first time this can be a great tool or it can hinder your experience. As you are generally going to be looking at your phone to book your next FastPass you can miss much of the experience of the park itself.

Is The Disneyland Maxpass Worth It?

Reasons For The Disneyland Maxpass

  • Fewer chances of getting bored waiting for long queues.
  • Great way to maximise the 1 or 2 days at the park. Whether this is getting on multiple rides or repeat goes on your favourite ride.
  • Great way to experience rides you wouldn’t otherwise, it was our first time at Disneyland and so we wanted to go on rides we hadn’t been on before.

Reasons Against The Disneyland Maxpass

  • While the price isn’t a great amount, you could also spend that money or save it for something else in the parks.
  • You could miss some of the waiting experiences, if you know Disney at all then you will know that many of the rides have great features, design ideas and so much to see.
  • For annual pass holders the $100 price tag may not be worth it, depending on how often you visit or what you do mostly at the parks.
  • Not everyone in the party can use the maxpass due to height restrictions.
young woman standind by a large muriel - Is the Disneyland Maxpass Worth It

Is The Disneyland Maxpass Worth It For Families?

Depending on the ages and heights of the children in the family this can totally change your viewpoint on the Disneyland Maxpass. The ride height restrictions can determine whether the Disneyland Maxpass is worth it. If you have children who are over the height restrictions for 80% of the rides then I would say that the Disneyland maxpass is worth it.

If you have younger children that qualify for 50% I would say that the Disneyland maxpass isn’t worth it. This is due to the rides still having a kiosk to get a fastpass, they give you a time slot and you come back for it.

There are still some circumstances which ask whether the Disneyland Maxpass worth it or not. Some final notes I wanted to point out on this was that the Disneyland Maxpass won’t really be worth it for annual passholders as the price doesn’t balance out.

If like us you were going for a trip that is more than likely going to be your only visit to Disneyland, the Maxpass could be beneficial but also not. As there is so much to see, do and explore that is different and unique from other Disney parks you want to take the time to take it all in.

A Maxpass can definitely be worth it so you spend less time queuing for the rides you really want to go on and more time exploring. You can run the risk of paying for the Maxpass and not really utilizing it well.

Or you could spend more time on the rides making the most of the Maxpass and forgetting to explore the fun details of the parks. If you are looking at getting a Disneyland Maxpass to enhance your once in a lifetime trip, look at getting it for 1 day on a park hopper.

That way you can use the other days you are there to explore the parks in greater detail.


So, in conclusion, is the Disneyland Maxpass worth it? Yes, mostly depending on the number of days you are visiting and what you plan to do. But essentially yes it is.

This also gets you unlimited PhotoPass opportunities and saves your photos. Be sure to check with your on-site hotel whether they give special promotion on the Maxpass or it is something you still need to purchase.

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