Is It Worth Getting The Express Pass At Universal Studios

Universal Studios Ticket at Universal Studios Express Pass Worth It

Have you found yourself asking “Is it worth getting the express pass at Universal Studios?”

We have been to Universal Studios a number of times both with and without the Universal Studios Express pass.

So before you look into buying one you’re going to want to ask yourself a couple of questions such as;

How long do I plan to spend at each of the Universal Parks, who is coming on our trip to Universal Studios and what do we really want to see and do during our visit.

Breaking up the parks and working out what you are going there for can be really beneficial to working out whether you will want a Universal Express pass.

What Is The Universal Studios Orlando Express Pass?

Before we can look at whether or not the Universal Studios Orlando Express Pass worth it?

We first have to understand what it is and how it can be obtained. The Universal Studios Orlando Express Pass allows you to skip the regular lines at the vast majority of your favourite rides across the three Universal Studios Theme Park.

Are universal express passes worth it?

Once you’ve purchased your theme park ticket and your additional Universal Studios Orlando Express Pass then simply present your express pass to the staff to simply bypass the regular lines.

The express ride access is a separate line with a shorter wait time at each valid attraction.

How Much Does The Express Pass Cost?

The pricing of a Universal Express Pass varies depending on whether you already have your Universal Studios tickets, are a resident of the state of Florida or are visiting more than one Universal Studios park in the space of one day.

However, the 2018 pricing starts at $79 + tax. To find your exact quote visit the Universal Studios website.

Please remember, you’ll need a pass to access the park as this pass will only be available to get to the front of the queue for the specific rides.

If you're wondering whether or not a Universal Express pass is worth it? then consider visiting Universal Studios on a date where access to the express passes is cheaper.

If you’re a Florida resident click here for further pricing information.

Hotels With Complimentary Universal Studios Express Pass

However, if you’re looking to stay on-site at one of the fantastic Universal Studios resort hotels then you can receive complimentary Express Passes.

The hotels currently available in this promotion include;

Loews Royal Pacific Resort
Loews Portofino Bay Hotel
Hard Rock Hotel

One night at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel is available for around $350 inc tax rates vary depending on the room and the time of year.

With the room occupying up to five people and offering express passes for the check-in and check-out date it can work out to be of a great saving to stay on-site at one of these hotels should you be considering purchasing an express pass. Maybe making the Universal Studios Orlando express pass worth it.

Of course, access to the complimentary express passes is just one of the many benefits you’ll have of staying on-site at a Universal resort hotel.

Again, special pricing is available for each of these hotels if you are a resident of the state of Florida.

You can buy the tickets at the other on-site hotels along with park tickets if you want to skip the queues at the park ticket office.

Eligible Rides For The Universal Studios Orlando Express Pass

There are 18 participating rides for the Universal Studios Express pass inside each of the Universal parks (Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure) as well as 10 rides within the new Universal Studios waterpark, Volcano Bay. 

Each of the rides in any one of the three parks provides you with a different experience.

For that reason here’s an overview of our experience using the Universal Studios Orlando Express Pass on the following rides;

Despicable Me

It’s my third time visiting the Universal Studios park, and yet my first experience on the Despicable Me ride which often features rather long wait times.

With a wait of almost 60 minutes, we were able to quickly glide towards the front of the queue and access the ride within just 10 minutes. Had this not been a ‘show’ ride then I believe our access to the ride would have been even better.

Hogwarts Express

We were left slightly disappointed by the lack of priority of our disabled access whilst also having access to a Universal Studios Express Pass during our trip on the Hogwarts Express.

The lack of access to seating around the elevator made this particularly difficult for my parents.

Rip Ride Rocket

My all-time favourite ride at any of the three Universal Studios parks, and if anything the ride I was looking forward to using the Universal Express pass on the most.

Luckily, it didn’t disappoint. After the security check-point, the line was empty with just three people in front of us prior to reaching the stairs.

At the stairs at the bottom of the ride, we were left to merge with the rest of the visitors – cutting around 40 minutes off our wait time.

Men In Black

An awesome little ride at Universal Studios is Men in Black. The ride can have a wide variety of wait times depending on the time of year, and the time of day you visit.

In fact, on our last visit, we waited just 10 minutes on standby. However, on our visit with express passes the wait was 40 minutes, something that we were able to bypass dramatically.

In fact, the majority of the wait time on this ride for those with express passes is spent walking from the entrance to the start of the ride.

The Mummy

Another one of my personal favourite rides is The Mummy and much like Men in Black the stand-by wait time can really vary.

However, due to the sheer of a number of times I’ve been on this ride, it’s not one we’d have gone on had the standby time been more than 15 minutes.

Luckily, in our case, we had the Universal Express pass and once again made our way right to the very front.

In fact, this was one of the rides that in my opinion had the most impact when it comes to the distance to the front we were able to get to with our passes!

King Kong

King Kong is the newest of all the rides we went on while at Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure. Because of this, the standby queue was over to an hour.

This also ended up being the ride we waited for the longest. Despite access to the Universal Express passes with the total wait time being around 25 minutes.

Regardless, the Universal Express pass still saved us around one hour of waiting for this single ride alone!

Jurrasic Park

Finally, Jurrasic Park. Much like the Mummy, I feel like the real value of the express pass was made clear here.

We got straight to the front and made our way straight onto the ride within a matter of minutes (maybe even seconds!)

Is It Worth Getting The Express Pass At Universal Studios

So, is it worth getting the Express Pass at Universal Studios? Well, by now you probably know that it’s a personal decision.

One that is highly dependent on your circumstances. However, before you go take a look at these final reasons for and against the Express Pass at Universal Studios.

Reasons For The Universal Express Pass

  • Less chance of getting bored, waiting around in a queue.
  • Fewer wait times means you get to experience more. Whether that be more rides, multiple go on the same ride or fantastic shows.
  • Go on rides you otherwise wouldn’t. This is my fourth trip to Universal Studios, yet it was my first time on some of the larger rides with big wait times.
  • Spending less time waiting in queues gives you more time together as a family exploring the rest of the park.

Reasons Against The Universal Express Pass

  • You could spend the money from the Universal Express Pass on other things in the park. Things such as dining experiences, the blue man group show or merchandise.
  • You’ll miss some of the ‘waiting’ experiences. Some rides have different interactive features, videos etc. to keep you entertained while waiting. These are a great part of the experience at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

There are a few months out the year that you probably don’t need to think about buying a Universal express pass.

These are the quieter months when crowd levels are low, wait times are lower and it is easier to get around.

These times you probably don’t need to worry about whether the Universal Studios Orlando express pass is worth it, as there isn’t as much of a need for it.

The only reason I would buy an express pass in the quieter periods is if you have teens/older children that are going to go on all the rides multiple times and you want to cut down those wait times.


So, in conclusion, is the Universal Studios Express Pass Worth It?

Honestly, yes.

Although personally, I’d opt to stay on-site at one of the selected resort hotels to get the benefits and included Universal express pass.

This, of course, gains you complimentary access to the Universal Studios Orlando Express Pass.

Not to mention some other fantastic on-site guest benefits!

We would love to know about your experience and if you thought the Universal Studios express pass worth it.

If you are looking to go to Universal Studios and have any other questions feel free to leave us a comment.

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