Is There A Wave Pool At Volcano Bay?

A Sunrise in Volcano Bay Waturi Beach at Universal Studios Orlando

Volcano Bay is the premier waterpark at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. It opened in 2017 to rave reviews and took an estimated 600 million USD to build.

The main element at Volcano Bay is the wave pool, situated in the area known as Waturi Beach. The pool has a depth of up to 6 feet or 1.8 meters, and anyone shorter than 48’’ (122cm) needs to wear a life vest that is U.S. Coast Guard-approved. 

Just like the name suggests, the pool can produce waves to make your experience more dynamic. There are around 9 different kinds of waves and they can vary in size and intensity and occur at random. On top of it all, the whole announced experience is something completely unique which adds to the adventurous atmosphere. 

Before the pool starts to churn waves the swimmers will hear drum music from the artificial Volcano. The moment is always exciting and typically people and kids in the pools start to dance as they are waiting for the waves. The excitement will grow as everyone around you curiously wait for what’s about to happen.

While there’s no major danger to the wave pool, you will need to know how to swim at a basic level. If you don’t know how to swim or are under 48″ then you’ll be asked to wear a life vest.

Park has a lot of different slides and rides in the other sections and they can be exciting or outright adrenaline pumping. The wave pool is not one of them though, it is meant to be relaxing and kid-friendly. The water is heated to over 80 degrees throughout the entire park, so you don’t have to worry if it’s chilly outside, just make sure to have a towel to dry off.

How Big Is The Volcano Bay Wave Pool?

Waturi Beach area is the focal point of this water theme park with its main attraction, the wave pool. This 100ft Boogie Wave Pool is a standard-sized pool with artificially generated waves – resembling those of an ocean.

A surf training system installed makes small, natural-looking waves which makes it suitable for swimmers on various proficiency levels. 

Do You Need To Be Able To Swim To Use The Wave Pool?

Regardless of the fact whether you are a good swimmer or not, children under 48″ (122cm) cannot enter the area without a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life vest this is designed to minimize the risk of injury all visitors are allowed to enter the wave pool area only at the designated entrance areas. These entrance areas are easily recognized as they look like the shore.

Guests using a wheelchair are able to access the pool via the designated sloped entries, however, this attraction is not recommended for anyone suffering from high blood pressure or other heart conditions.

If you have back or spine injuries or conditions, swimming in this wave pool at Volcano Bay is not recommended. Visitors who have had any type of surgery and pregnant women are also advised against entering this part of Waturi Beach. 

Are The Waves Consistent Or Do They Occur On A Schedule?

Generally speaking, the Waturi Beach wave pool is on the peaceful side in terms of the wavelength. Nevertheless, there are different kinds of waves one can experience in this pool.

The generator is able to produce both trashing and rolling waves of diverse intensity, so get ready to rumble! And, that is not all of it! The wave generating machines which are actually a system controlled by a computer can produce a variety of multi-pattern recreational waves. 

Volcano Bay Waturi Beach wave pool has a pneumatic system that makes it perfect for bodyboarding and possibly skimboarding. Another exciting activity that will give you that adrenaline rush while in this wave pool is boogie boarding. Wave generator creating high-performance pneumatic waves is something this water theme park has in store for all the visitors. 

Do You Get Alerted When The Wave Pool Is Going To Start?

The wave pool at Volcano Bay will alert all the swimmers prior to releasing a set of waves. If you are swimming this is a great way to know when to prepare yourself for some action. as the bell tolls, you will notice swimmers turning toward the Krakatau as an intensifying drum tune plays in the background. 

Then, the gentle waves will begin to appear making the swimmers feel like they are in a real ocean. The rhythmic drumming sound is a great reminder for the parents that the water movement is about to start. During the active wave time frame, wave onset can be dynamic and sudden.

How Deep Is The Wave Pool?

This wave pool is on the shallow side, as its depth doesn’t go deeper than 6 feet. As a matter of fact, the depth is gradual and it will vary in different areas of the pool from 0 to 6 ft (0–1.8 meters). However, all children swimming at Waturi Beach who are shorter than 48″ (122cm) will have to wear a life jacket. 

Additionally, every attraction in the water-themed park has its own minimum height requirement. Also, the park has a ride-alone height requirement applied to all the children on the premises. All the children who don’t meet the 48″ (122cm) criteria need to be accompanied by a supervising person on all attractions. 

Besides, these children need to be able to sit on their own on all rides and attractions without any assistance. The person accompanying a child must be at least 14 years old or older and meet other requirements active at a specific attraction. Finally, children wearing diapers will have to wear a swimming diaper covered with a swimsuit when staying in this area of Waturi Beach.

What Temperature Is The Water In The Wave Pool?

The Volcano Bay water park has heated water and even when the weather is a bit cooler, swimmers can have fun. The water is heated to over 80°F in all pools and other attractions.

Remember that the water temperature can vary throughout the day. During the mornings it can be a bit chillier, but if there is enough sun it will get warmer towards noon. 

Getting out of the water can be chilly especially in colder months. Bring some extra clothes, towels, or robes on colder days, to warm up as soon as you get out of water.

Volcano Bay themed water park will probably be closed on colder days. So, make sure to check the weather cast or call prior to visiting to avoid any unexpected situations and unpleasant experiences.

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