Is Universal Studios Hollywood Early Entry Worth It?

Universal Studios Hollywood is a thrilling amusement park. Owned by the world’s largest TV Studio, this family-friendly theme park truly is a universally-loved location that offers a wide variety of experiences. The ticket includes early entry, but is it really worth it?

Universal Studios Hollywood early entry isn’t worth it unless you purchase it as part of a package that includes other benefits. Paying for early access by itself won’t provide you with enough time to fully enjoy the experience of a less-crowded park and get your money’s worth.

In the rest of this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about early entry so you can see whether or not it’s right for you.

What Is Early Entry To Universal Studios Hollywood?

Early Entry tickets are special tickets that allow guests to enter the park before standard admission. It may only be an hour earlier, but it is something you can buy or get as part of a package during your stay.

Early Entry was offered almost daily to guests but is now only used on rare occasions, holidays and special events along with peak seasons.

You can buy a specialised early entry ticket or upgrade your current general admission ticket.

How To Get Early Entry

Early admission tickets aren’t always available daily. Depending on demand, availability, and policies, they can be challenging to obtain.

However, if early entry is a priority for you, you can check if they’re on sale and buy a ticket online through Universal Studios Hollywood.

How Much Does Early Entry Cost?

Early entry as part of the Universal Studios Hollywood Vacation Package currently starts from $99 per person per night (based on a family of four). However, costs may vary depending on package add-ons and additional variations.

The current Vacation Packages offered for Universal Studios Hollywood are customizable depending on your personal travel information. You can build your package directly through the Universal Studios Hollywood website.

Can You Get Early Entry Included in a Hotel Stay?

You can get early admission included in a hotel stay with Universal Studios Hollywood. Universal Studios Hollywood offers customizable vacation packages consisting of admission, hotel stays, and added benefits like an early park entrance.

However, you should note that package rates and features vary depending on what’s currently available. To see which bundles are available at the moment, you can check out the Universal Studios Hollywood website to customize a package that fits your personal travel needs.

Benefits of Early Admission

Having access to an early park entrance can make your trip to Universal Studios Hollywood a lot more enjoyable. Whether you get your money’s worth (by obtaining this benefit as part of a package) or pay for it directly, it’s still a fun experience.

Here are some of the benefits that early admission has to offer.

Smaller Crowd

When you think of amusement parks, large crowds are likely the first thing that pops into your mind: the long queues and crowded areas.

However, you don’t have to worry about the crowds that can come with a huge theme park with early admission. Entering the park at an earlier hour will allow you to enjoy Universal Studios Hollywood without the nuisance of excessive visitor numbers.

A smaller crowd can allow you to make the most out of your park experience. When you’re not worried about the sea of people around you, you can have more fun on rides, browse souvenir shops at leisurely speeds, and have more room.

Shorter Lines

Shorter lines are one of the best benefits of early park admission to Universal Studios Hollywood.

No one enjoys long lines, they take significant chunks out of your total allotted time for the day, which means that you have to pick and choose which rides to go on based on how long the lines are. There are of course some ways you can avoid waiting in long queues and early entry is one of them.

With early admission, the lines will be a lot shorter – if there are any lines at all. So while you only have 30 minutes to enjoy the peace of a nearly-empty amusement park, you can go to several attractions without worrying about long lines and wait times.

Alternatively, if you want to get on all the rides faster look at getting an express pass, this gets you to the front of the line to every ride within the park.

More Quiet, Less Noise

An additional benefit of smaller crowds and early entrance is the noise level.

Large crowds are loud. With hundreds – sometimes thousands – of guests having their own conversations, the noise level can grow pretty loud quickly. High sound levels only add to the stress of navigating expansive crowds and can be a major headache for many people.

Early park entrance is an excellent option if you’re someone who gets easily triggered by high volumes and various noises. Getting into Universal Studios Hollywood earlier than the rest of the guests is a great way to enjoy your stay at the park without the additional stress that so much sound from a big crowd can bring.

You Can Prioritize Experiences

You can prioritize which rides you really want to go on first because there’s a smaller crowd. With early admission, you can decide which attraction to go to based on your preference, not because a particular ride has the shortest line. Likewise, you’re not forced to settle on a lesser theme park attraction simply because it has the quickest waiting time. 

While you only get half an hour, you can still take advantage of a significantly lowered waiting time and much shorter queues. So you can be sure to have a much better experience at the park for that alone. 

Item Availability

One downside to crowds is that popular items tend to sell out very quickly.

Universal Studios Hollywood has a fantastic shopping scene. This theme park offers a wide variety of retail spots that sell souvenirs, apparel, Universal merchandise, sweet treats, and more. But, of course, you can’t experience all this place has to offer without doing at least a little bit of shopping.

That’s why it can be so frustrating when items sell out, which can quickly happen with hundreds or thousands of guests entering the park daily.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about item availability with early admission because you can beat the rush to your favourite shops.

Cooler Weather

Universal Studios Hollywood is located in Los Angeles, meaning that the days can get pretty hot.

Southern California is known for its sunny weather and excellent beach scene. However, this means that high temperatures are pretty standard. The climate in Los Angeles is pretty stable and doesn’t usually drop below 70°F (21.11°C) during the cool season, and has average daily temperatures in the 80s (27 and above °C) during the warmer months.

While warm weather can seem appealing to those who don’t experience it often, excessive amounts of heat can make your theme park visit a lot less enjoyable.

Visiting amusement parks requires a lot of physical activity. There’s a lot of walking involved, and when you’re not walking, you’re standing in long lines in the hot sun. You also have to take into account weather conditions such as rain and storms.

That’s why early entry can make your trip to Universal Studios Hollywood a lot more pleasant. When you have early access to the park, you experience things in the morning while the weather is still a lot cooler.

Better Parking Spots

Parking at amusement parks can be quite intense and a huge hassle, especially on busy days. With hundreds of people trying to find a spot to park their cars, it can be challenging to find a parking space close to the entrance.

With early entry, you arrive at the park before most of the day’s guests. Arriving early at Universal Studios Hollywood will also ensure you can get a good parking spot before others arrive.

More Time in the Park

While early admission only gives you half an hour before the park opens, it can still help you enjoy a lot more time in the park, especially if you are only visiting for the day.

Park admission can be a nuisance and a long process overall. It requires a lot of waiting and lining up. However, getting inside the park is generally a lot smoother when you’re there before everyone else because the crowd is smaller. That means you get a headstart on admission and a longer time at the park overall.

Is Early Entry Worth It?

Early entry is when a theme park like Universal Studios offers park admission before regular opening hours. The standard time for this benefit at Universal Studios Hollywood is usually 30 minutes.

Early entry isn’t worth the cost because it only offers you this access for a short period. Half an hour isn’t a lot of time to experience the benefits that early access provides. Therefore, you should only pay for Universal Studios Hollywood early entry if it’s part of a package that includes other perks.

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