Is Universal Studios Hollywood Open On The 4th Of July?

Universal Studios Hollywood is an incredible park to visit and can be made more special when visiting during one of the main holidays. Now you might be wondering if Universal Studios Hollywood is open during these special holidays.

Anyone interested in visiting one of the most popular and greatest film studios and theme parks in the US should know that Universal Studios Hollywood is open on the 4th of July. The crowd levels can often get busy due to the magnificent fireworks display and special live events.

Visitors interested in going on the 4th of July will have the opportunity to see famous Universal Studios sets and learn some interesting facts on this tour. Universal Studios Hollywood, AKA “The Entertainment Capital of L.A” is the first theme park of its kind. 

To remind all those who are planning to visit, this park is still an active movie studio where many TV shows, series, and movies are being filmed.

Besides, Universal offered tours of its studio from their very first days and Universal City was first toured on March 14, 1915.

There are two main areas within the Universal Studios Hollywood – Upper lot and Lower lot, and they are located on two different levels.

Getting from one part to the other via the Starway is easy, but it can get crowded on holidays such as Independence Day.

Both areas have a variety of rides, attractions, food and drink shops, souvenirs and merchandise shops, and shows.

Is Universal Studios Hollywood Busy On The 4th of July?

Universal Studios Hollywood is usually very busy and crowded on Independence Day. Those determined to get in and enjoy this experience while it is less noisy and crowded should try to arrive as early in the morning as possible.

During the summer season, many tourists but also locals visit the park, and both weekdays and weekends are pretty busy.

However, those who are hoping to get in during the lighter crowd days should go anywhere between Monday to Thursday and avoid Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

One of the best ways to learn about the potential crowd level in the park is the crowd calendars you can find online. Checking for the crowd levels can help you pick the best time to visit, the same goes for the 4th of July.

By collecting 4th of July attendance data from the previous years, as well as other valuable information experts predict the crowd levels for the next season. These predictions are becoming more and more precise as the date is approaching.

Even if no one can tell with certainty how many people could visit Universal Studios Hollywood on Independence Day, any info could be beneficial.

Plan your itinerary to precision by analyzing everything before you decide to pack up and embark on the Universal Studios Hollywood adventure.

You can use different planning guides for this trip and organize your own tour in-depth with all the necessary information you could need. 

Does Universal Studios Do Anything Special For The 4th Of July?

Universal Studios have their own way of celebrating Independence Day and it gets pretty festive. Apart from various events and DJs spinning the greatest hits, this holiday is known for many live performances by different artists and bands.

Another great perk of visiting on the 4th of July is the great food visitors can enjoy while having fun.  You can expect to find food and beverage shops filled with local delicacies, fried soul food, and snacks. 

These celebration events should be included in the visitor’s park admission ticket unless otherwise is stated. Apart from the mentioned festivities, the July 4 celebration at this theme park and film studio include fireworks, Universal character interaction, meet-‘n-greets, dance parties, and more! 

Those who are eager to see the great pyrotechnic display will have the opportunity to enjoy the colourful night sky while on their tour. The first Universal Studios Hollywood fireworks happened on the 4th of July in 2019 and the whole sky above the park was shining.

In addition, the price for this pyrotechnic show was included in the admission ticket for that day. The beginning of a new tradition was born that day, and the visitor will be able to enjoy spectacular fireworks every 4th of July from now on. 

The great thing about it is that it can be seen from multiple locations in the park, and it is a great finale to a fun day spent on different rides and attractions. In 2019, the fireworks were synced with Universal-themed music which made the experience that much better.

Universal Studios Hollywood is usually open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. on the 4th of July, and any changes should be announced beforehand. Lastly, the experience could greatly depend on the admission ticket one opt for as there are General, Universal Express, and VIP Experience. 

When Is Universal Studios Hollywood Least Crowded?

There are certain periods and dates throughout the year when Universal Studios Hollywood is the least and most crowded.

First of all, summer is always the most visited period of the year. Jun, July (especially the 4th of July) and August are the most crowded months, so people who don’t like crowds could pick some other time to visit. Apart from that, the theme park is extremely crowded during the spring break as well as Easter. 

Then, we also have a week after New Year’s Eve as one of the fairly crowded periods. Some of the holidays one should avoid when visiting are definitely Martin Luther King Day in January, President’s Day in February, and Veteran’s Day in November.

Finally, all the other major holidays are potential date hotspots. This includes Christmas week, Thanksgiving Day, Halloween, etc. 

The best time to visit Universal Studios Hollywood can start as early as the second of the New Year. Weekdays in January are a great option for those who want to do some touring while still on a vacation.

Moving on to February, if you skip President’s Day almost any other weekday is perfect for a trip to Universal Studios. The first week of March, as well as April and May, are also quite convenient for a trip. Besides, all weekdays in May are a good choice for visitors.

As the end of the summer is getting close, and the hot days are over, September and October greet Universal Studios visitors as the least crowded months. Or at least until the 31sdt of October when all the Halloween frenzy begins.

Getting closer to the end of the year, all the weekdays of November, except the week of Thanksgiving, are convenient for visiting. Finally, during December one can opt for the first half as the best crowd-free period. And remember, from January to December, weekends always tend to be more crowded.

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