Destination Guide: Japan

Japan was the first country on my (Cora) travel bucket list. Back in the 90’s, I was a huge fan of the anime Pokemon, and having channel hopped my way to a documentary on the country I was convinced that Japan was somewhere I had to visit.

It took many years for me to convince Helen to come along for the ride but we finally spent one month in Japan back in October 2018 and had the most wonderful time.

We didn’t see half as much of Japan as I’d have liked (we totally should have planned our trip better), which along with the fact the country is just incredible is another reason we’ll have to go back in the near future. Instead, we focused our trip around the three most popular cities; the capital of Japan, Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto.

During our trip, we stayed in multiple forms of accommodation including the Japanese favourite capsule hotels, as well as hotels and hostels. Japan isn’t the cheapest country to visit in Asia by any means so we were able to save money by trying various forms of accommodation throughout our trip.

Latest Japan Posts:

Below is a complete list of every blog post we’ve written about our time in Japan. These posts will help you learn more about the Japanese culture, what to expect and help you plan with guides on where to stay, what to eat and the price of attractions etc.

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