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Khaosan World Namba Hostel, Osaka

We didn?t plan to be in Osaka for more than one night as we travelled from Kyoto back to Tokyo in order to get our flight from Japan back the UK. In this case price and a convenient location trumped all other requirements and we found ourselves booking into Khaosan World Namba.

Khaosan World has two hostels in Osaka. We decided to stay at the one in Namba due to it being within 300m from Namba Station. A station that we can travel to easily from Kyoto and easily use to get to Kansai Airport the following day.


We booked our stay at Khaosan World Namba on In earlier Japanese hotel reviews I?ve mentioned the great value of hotels on based here and the cost of Khaosan World Namba on compared to other providers was no different.


During the introduction, I said how the location of wherever we stayed was a priority. Thankfully, Khaosan World Namba really met that requirement.

Across the road, you?ll find an Indian restaurant with meals from 1,000Y. Walk around 200m further and you?ll find a range of other restaurants both local Japanese and international chains. There?s also a number of convenience stores nearby.

Namba is one of the great nightlife spots in Osaka making Khaosan World Namba a great choice for those looking to go to a gig, bar or club on an evening. ? ? ?


We arrived at Khaosan World Namba at around 6pm. At the time reception was empty and so we proceeded to stand at the front desk until a member of staff greeted us.

Staff dress in casual outfits rather than a uniform which is different from anything we?ve experienced while in Japan so far, but not something I mind about – especially considering the average clientele staying here.

After copying our passports the staff member requested that I complete a small form. It had all the usual information on it; name, date of birth, passport number etc. During this time a fellow guest approached the reception.

The staff member on reception asked how he could help, and by that point, I?d finished filling in the required forms. It was another 5 minutes until the staff member fully satisfied the other guest with an answer which in the meantime left us stood aimlessly with our bags. The whole moment seemed like a bit of a one-off but also left us feeling rather awkward.

Once the other customer had left, the staff member provided us with our keys to the room and we were on our way.

As we walked along the corridor from reception to the lift area we noticed a number of information boards. These included information about the staff; why they were working at the hostel, things they recommended etc.

Alongside this was information about the area including recommended activities, bars, restaurants etc.

This was a great benefit not just to us but to other guests in the hostel. We noticed a number of people stopping, reading and referencing the information here.


Our room was in a ten bedroom dorm on the 6th floor. We took the elevator at the end of the haul although steps were available.

The room was easy to find and required a pin code to access. We found that the room was around 30% full at the time we arrived, however, this increased to 70% before checking out the next day.

Our beds were in a capsule/booth style made from wood similar to Playsis East, Tokyo. They had pull across curtains at the side for privacy as well as a storage area underneath for any clothes, suitcases etc.

Inside the bed area was three plugs and a light as well as a small shelf area. The plugs were great but a USB direct plug wouldn?t have gone amiss.

The bed was comfortable with a soft memory foam mattress and pillow, with white sheets. The entire room was clean, inside the bed area was free from any marks, chips or stains on the wood, floor or walls.

Just outside the room past a sliding door were two sinks and a large mirror. Here you could wash your face, brush your teeth etc. The bathroom only featured toilet cubical and a couple of sinks and was much more outdated than the rooms so this was a great advantage.



The WIFI is available to access throughout the hostel with a password provided at reception. The download speed was the worst I?ve experienced from any hotel in Japan, however, the upload speeds were once again amazing at 65mbps.

We experienced zero downtime of the internet during our stay.


Two unisex showers were available on our floor. Unlike what we?ve previously experienced these weren?t inside rooms but instead in independent rooms that featured a small changing area and then the shower.

The shower style somewhat reflected Playsis East and was outdated but clean. I much preferred the showers at either 9h Capsule Hotel or First Cabin.


Male and female toilets are separate. On our floor, there was one toilet room that featured three toilets and two sinks. We never had to queue for the toilet during our stay and it featured all the same Japanese toilet gadgets we had been used to.

Again, like the showers, this area felt outdated.


Lockers are available to rent at Khaosan World Namba. They are situated on the ground floor and are free, only requiring a 500Y deposit to be left at reception. They are suitable for any valuables, electronics etc.

Luggage Storage

Khaosan World Namba also has a dedicated luggage storage room on the ground floor. Leaving your luggage here after checking out or before checking in is complimentary and can be arranged at reception.

Common Areas

While each floor has two comfortable seats at the end by the lift for taking calls etc. The main common area in the hostel is on the ground floor where you?ll find a small bar, kitchen and a range of tables and chairs.

People used this area to work, eat and chat although with a lack of ?relaxed seating? at times the table and chairs could seem a little formal. Again, like the toilets, this area was clean but seemed rather dark and outdated.

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