Las Vegas Spending Money Guide (Per Day)

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Las Vegas is a place that is pretty much on everyone’s bucket list, and rightly so with its bright lights, late nights and exquisite experiences. But that can all be tainted by the cost of the bill at the end of the holiday.

We have visited Las Vegas several times and on a different budget each time, so we know how you can do the experience as cheap as you like or as expensive as you want. Vegas doesn’t have to be costly, and you can still make it a memorable trip no matter what.

If, like us, you like to have a rough guide of how much you would be spending on this trip of a lifetime, then follow this article for breakdowns of each of the costs you are likely to incur during your trip. This covers everything from getting to Las Vegas to your living costs, food and even activities while you are there.


When budgeting for a trip to Las Vegas, the first item to consider is your flights, which are often a considerable aspect of your total budget, especially if travelling from abroad. The exact cost of your flights varies greatly depending on a few factors. 

Here are a few factors that influence flight costs: 

  • Time of year
  • Airline 
  • Type of ticket 
  • Location 
  • How long in advance you book your flight. 

While these factors may affect the cost of your flight, you can still make a reasonable guess by checking typical flight costs from your nearest Airport to Las Vegas. For example, if you were travelling from London to Las Vegas in March, you could check the average cost of flights during that month which is about $700 round trip. 

If you live in the United States, the cost of flights to Las Vegas will likely be much cheaper. Here is what you can expect to pay for a round trip flight from popular US cities to Las Vegas: 

  • Los Angeles flights start at $40 
  • New York flights start at $80 
  • Miami flights start at $80 
  • Chicago flights start at $70
  • Boston flights start at $90
  • Seattle flights start at $60

All of the figures stated above are rough estimates that you can use to help you budget for flights. But, of course, the exact cost of your flights will likely be at a different price, so you should plan accordingly.

This might mean saving a little extra, just in case the cost of flights is higher than expected, or if the price suddenly goes up for one reason or another.

How To Save Money on Flights to Las Vegas

Now that you have a general idea of how much you will need to pay to fly to Las Vegas, it’s time to see where you can trim some fat to save money on your flights. So, in what ways can you reduce the cost of your flights to Las Vegas? 

Here are some tricks and tips you can use to reduce the cost of flying to Las Vegas: 

  • Fly during the off-season. 
  • Book economy tickets. 
  • Make use of incognito browsers. 
  • Use flight search engines. 
  • Use airline miles. 

Fly During the Off-Season 

Perhaps the most effective way of securing cheaper flights to Las Vegas is by booking your trip during the off-season. 

The least popular time of year to visit Las Vegas is in February, so booking flights for this time of year will increase your chances of securing a good deal. However, if your plans do not allow you to travel during this period, you will have to use alternative tricks of booking cheap travel. 

Book Economy Tickets 

Choosing economy tickets over first and business classes is a huge money saver. Even if you struggle to fly in economy class, you can pay a little extra to get some additional legroom. This is still a long shot away from first-class, but it’s also much more affordable. 

Make Use of Incognito Browsers 

One great way of keeping costs down when browsing the web for flights is by enabling the incognito browser. This browser blocks website from tracking some of your data and disables cookies. 

As a result, the website can not learn that you are interested in visiting Las Vegas. 

If the website knew that you wish to visit a destination, the cost of your flights would inevitably increase to that destination. Using incognito browsers prevents the websites from gaining access to this info, which keeps costs low. 

Use Flight Search Engines 

Flight search engines like sky scanners and kayaks are fantastic ways of finding affordable flights. These websites compare flight prices across hundreds of sources and ensure that you get the best deals available for the date of your trip. 

Use Airline Miles 

Airline miles or frequent flyer miles, as they are also known, are often generated using credit cards or regularly flying.

Before booking your flights to Las Vegas, check if you have accumulated any airline miles, which is an excellent way of reducing the cost of your flights. 


Along with your flights, hotels make up a significant proportion of a trip to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is stacked full of renowned hotels that attract customers from across the globe from places such as The Bellagio.

However, many affordable and not so flashy hotels are scattered across Vegas. As a result, what you can expect to pay varies significantly from place to place and from room to room. 

The accommodation cost in Las Vegas will also shift depending on the year, with busier periods bringing higher prices per hotel room. At the same time, conferences, fights, or concerts will also increase the demand for rooms, which drives up the costs of hotel rooms. 

While the costs of hotel rooms vary greatly, here is an average price of a standard double room in Las Vegas in various star-rated hotels:

  • 3-star hotels start at $30 per night
  • 4-star hotels start at $50 per night
  • 5-star hotels start at $80 to $120 per night 

However, these estimates are slightly on the lower side during the busier periods, and you likely won’t find hotels at this cost. Instead, they will probably be higher in price, primarily when events are held near the hotel. 

The average cost of a hotel room in Las Vegas is getting cheaper. So You can find better hotel stays and even suites for a decent price.

In recent years the average price of a Vegas hotel room dropped to just over $120 per night. That price is a steal when you compare it to other US cities like New York, which had an average hotel cost of $233 for the same period. 

Las Vegas boasts some of the best deals in North America regarding luxury stays at a low cost. 

However, if you wish to spend big during your trip to Las Vegas, there is no better place. You can easily find hotel suites that cost tens of thousands of dollars a night to rent, complete with all of the luxuries and amenities you could ever want. 

How To Save Money on Hotels in Las Vegas 

If you are searching for a way to reduce the cost of your trip to Las Vegas, you should seek out a way of guaranteeing low-cost hotel stays. What steps can you follow to ensure that you get a good deal on your accommodation when visiting Las Vegas? 

Here are some ways that you can save money on hotels in Las Vegas: 

  • Book direct with the hotel.
  • Avoid weekends and holidays. 
  • Stay downtown.
  • Request to have your resort fee waived. 

Book Direct With Hotel

When you book a hotel through a travel agent or online price compare website, the people selling you the package earn a commission on the sale.

You cut out the middle man by going directly to the hotel to make bookings. Booking direct with the hotel typically results in small savings. However, at times, you can save a significant amount. 

Avoid Weekends and Holidays 

Weekends and holidays are by far the business times for Las Vegas hotels. 

When demand increases for hotel rooms in Las Vegas, the price inevitably increases. Therefore, you should avoid weekends, events, concerts, and holidays when planning your trip. This helps to ensure a bargain on your hotel costs. 

Stay Downtown 

Similar to nearly every city in the world, if you book a hotel that’s a little bit out of the way, you can save big. You choose to stay at a hotel in downtown Las Vegas or away from. The strip could potentially save you a fortune throughout your trip. 

However, if you want to be in the middle of the action, staying downtown may not be best suited for you. 

Request To Have Your Resort Fee Waived

Resort fees accumulate quickly in Las Vegas hotels and may include many hidden expenses like Wifi costs and pool access. When you arrive at your hotel, you can request to waive your resort fee.

If you don’t request to waive the resort fee, you will still be charged, regardless of whether you use the services or not. Therefore you should ask to waive the resort fees when you first arrive at your hotel. 

Use MyVegas To Get Hotel Stays

MyVegas is an app you can use through Facebook or on phone to play games and win tokens. These tokens can then be converted into points that you can redeem hotel stays, meals and attractions such as shows.

We used the MyVegas app on our last visit and was able to gather enough points for a couple of nights at The Bellagio and a buffet meal. You still are required to pay taxes and resort fees with your hotel stays but you can save hundreds on hotel stays alone.

We also loved this as we got to stay in higher end hotels during our trip so this is perfect if you are wanting to have a night in somewhere extra special for a special occasion.

Ground Transport

Getting around the city is another vital component of any spending guide. You need to know the best ways to travel across town and what you can expect to pay for different ground transport during your stay. 

So what are the costs involved in getting around Las Vegas? 

Las Vegas is full of conveniences and unique ways of tracking across town. For example, you can ride the 4-mile monorail if travelling along the strip. Monorail tickets cost $5 with day and weekend passes available. 

There are also several buses that you can take to travel across Las Vegas. In addition, there are several shuttle buses, each with varying costs depending on the duration of the journey. You can also affordably travel across town using the municipal bus service. 

Tickets cost less than $10 for long journeys. However, travel times will likely increase. 

Travelling by taxi in Las Vegas is not a budget-friendly option. You can pay upwards of $20 for a 15-minute journey from the Airport into town. Taxi prices will then increase if you travel across the strip. 

It’s important to note that you usually can’t hail a taxi in Las Vegas. So generally, when you want a taxi, you request one from your hotel. 

You can use some apps like Uber and rideshare to travel around the city for a little less than a regular taxi. However, the bus and monorail systems are still the cheapest ways of travelling around the city centre. 

You will likely need to set aside at least $30 for ground transport every day during your stay, ensuring that you have enough money to get from tourist sites back to your hotel without any issues. 

Although, if you plan on travelling exclusively by taxi, you will likely need to set aside much more. 

How To Save Money on Ground Transport in Las Vegas

Now that you know how you can get across the city, it’s time to cover a few ways to reduce the cost of your ground travel. There are a number of these and tricks that you can follow which can add significant savings throughout your stay. 

Here are some ways that you can save on ground transport in Las Vegas: 

  • Share taxis 
  • Use local buses 
  • Rent an e-bike 
  • Purchase an extended monorail ticket 

Share Taxis 

One of the best ways of reducing ground travel costs is by sharing taxis with people whenever possible.

Sharing taxis reduce how much you need to pay for your ride while still allowing you all of the comfort and convenience of a taxi journey. 

Use Local Buses 

One of the best ways of navigating your way across Las Vegas is through one of the many bus routes, as municipal buses are cheap but slow.

At the same time, some shuttle buses are also affordable. Check with your hotel, as shuttle buses are often included in your stay. 

Rent an E-Bike 

Another affordable way of getting around town is renting an E-bike. These electronically powered bicycles are cheap to rent and a quick way of crossing town. You can rent E-bikes from several vendors and hotels across the city. 

Purchase an Extended Monorail Ticket 

We already mentioned above that you could purchase a one-way monorail ticket for as little as $5. 

However, you can also find 24-hour tickets for $13 and even weekend, three days, and five-day passes. If your hotel is along the strip and you plan on spending most of your time there, investing in a monorail ticket could be your cheapest way of travelling on the ground. 

Attractions & Entertainment 

Las Vegas is one of the best cities on Earth for excellent sources of entertainment. The city is full of tourist sites and unique experiences, often unavailable anywhere else. So what are the key attractions and entertainment, and his much should you expect to spend for a visit? 

Here are some of the top tourist attractions and sources of entertainment in Las Vegas: 

  1. Las Vegas Strip
  2. Grand Canyon Trip 
  3. Fly LinQ Zipline 
  4. Hoover Dam Trip 
  5. Madame Tussauds Las Vegas 
  6. Catch a Show 
  7. Hit the Casino 
  8. Shark Reef Aquarium 
  9. Mob Museum 
  10. Eiffel Tower Las Vegas 
  11. High Roller
  12. Blackout Dining in the Dark 
  13. Vegas Supercarts 

See below for more information about the activities, attractions, and entertainment sources mentioned above. 

Las Vegas Strip

The most iconic attraction in Las Vegas is the Las Vegas Strip. This stretch of a couple of miles of casinos, hotels, and extravagance epitomizes Las Vagas and what it means to visit.

It’s free to visit the strip, but going inside any restaurants or businesses will be expensive due to the high concentration of tourists. 

Grand Canyon Trip 

The Grand Canyon is of the most impressive natural sites in the world. The immense size, scale, and beauty of anyone inspire travellers from across the globe every year. 

You can visit the grand canyon on a day trip from Las Vegas for roughly $100. 

You travel to the site by bus from early in the morning, and you will be done for pretty much the entire day as it takes approximately four to five hours to reach the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. As a result, this trip may not be a viable option for those in town for a day or two. 

Fly LinQ Zipline 

This zipline from a 12 story building is the highest zip line in Las Vegas. You can reach speeds over 30 miles per hour while travelling across the line. Tickets for this attraction will typically cost you about $35, depending on where you buy them. 

Hoover Dam Trip 

The Hoover Dam is an engineering marvel. This enormous man-made structure is a testament to human ingenuity and intellect.

You can visit this iconic landmark from Las Vegas for under 0 to see the Hoover Dam for yourself. 

Madame Tussauds Las Vegas 

The famed Madame Tussauds has opened up a wax museum in Las Vegas. Here you can find wax sculptures of all of your favourite celebrities and essential athletes, and historical figures.

The Madame Tussauds Las Vegas is an excellent way for a family or adult to spend a few hours. However, you can expect to pay roughly $30 per ticket. 

Catch a Show 

Las Vegas is home to several iconic performers that regularly put on shows, including the famous Blue Man Group, or catch a musical.

The cost of shows varies depending on the show. However, typically, live shows cost between $60 and $150 per ticket. 

Shark Reef Aquarium 

The epic Shark Reef Aquarium is also based in Las Vegas. Here you can see various marine wildlife, including sharks, up close. This aquarium is located in Mandalay Bay, and you can purchase entrance tickets for $25 to $30. 

Mob Museum 

Las Vegas is a city that has long been associated with organized crime groups or the mob as they were known in the past. In recognition of Las Vegas’s link to the mob, there is a Mob Museum where you can learn all about the mafia in America and its ties to Las Vegas. Tickets to this museum cost about $30. 

Eiffel Tower Las Vegas 

Las Vegas has replicas of many famous works landmarks, including: 

  • The Statue of Liberty
  • The Great Pyramid of Giza
  • The Eiffel Tower 

You can book tours or visits to the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas. Typically tickets to tours of this site cost around $20. 

High Roller

High Roller is a colourful gigantic Ferris wheel in Las Vegas. You can get a bird’s eye view of Sin City from the top of High Roller, including the beautiful lights, hotels, and water fountains above the city.

Tickets for High Roller cost about $30, which is a steal compared to other entertainment venues in the city. 

Blackout Dining in the Dark 

If you are searching for a unique dining experience that you surely won’t forget, Blackout Dining in the Dark could be ideal for you.

This unique experience included enjoying a delicious meal served to you in pitch black. As this is also a fine dining restaurant, you can expect to pay fine dining prices. 

Vegas Supercarts 

If you are searching for an adventurous afternoon that’s fun for all the family, check out Vegas Supercarts. This go-karting track allows you to race around on four wheels and compete against other drivers.

Tickets to this attraction typically cost about $20. 

How To Save Money on Attractions and Entertainment in Las Vegas 

While most of the attractions and entertainment listed above cost quite a bit of money for a ticket, there are some alternative options that you can choose from. So what are the best ways of sourcing cheap but high-quality entertainment in Las Vegas? 

Here are the best ways to save money on attractions and entertainment in Las Vegas: 

  • Visit free shows. 
  • Check out the ticket booths. 
  • Explore Groupon 
  • Purchase a Las Vegas power pass. 

See below for more information about how you can save money on entertainment. 

Visit Free Shows 

Las Vegas is one of the greatest cities in the world when it comes to free live entertainment. 

You will find many unique shows and entertainers across the strip in Las Vegas. Many people visit Las Vegas without spending a lot of money on entertainment. Instead, they enjoy the free entertainment on the street. 

One of the more noteworthy free performances that you can catch in Las Vegas is the Freemont Street Experience. Here you can see thousands of lights with dazzling performers without spending a penny. 

Check Out the Ticket Booths 

Las Vegas has a couple of ticket booths that offer significant discounts on live shows. Read some local magazines and newspapers when you arrive. This will allow you to locate a ticket booth near your hotel. Here you can purchase tickets to shows at discount rates. 

Explore Groupon 

Groupon is a fantastic website for sourcing budget-friendly trips and tickets to attractions and entertainment. While Groupon’s often have strict conditions, you can still find highly affordable tickets to a wide variety of shows and experiences throughout the city. 

Therefore it may be wise to spend some time exploring Groupon for anything that may interest you. 

Purchase a Las Vegas Power Pass

The Las Vegas Power Pass allows you access to over 30 tourist attractions across the city. The passes start at about $80 for a day pass.

Once you have thus passed, however, you can gain access to any of the sites covered by the pass. This can save you money if you plan on seeing a large number of attractions during your stay. 


Las Vegas is a fantastic city for food lovers and an excellent city for those seeking to grab a quick bite between tourist attractions or casino trips. 

So what can you expect to pay for food in Las Vegas, and how much should you budget per day? 

The amount of money you will need for food during your stay in Las Vegas will vary depending on your plans, tastes, and budget. For instance, if you are an enthusiast of fine dining, you will need to allocate more money to food than someone who prefers fast food. 

If you are eating in a restaurant along the strip or one of the cities famous buffets, you should expect to pay around $30 per person per meal. At three meals per day, that means roughly $90 a day on food. 

However, if you venture away from the strip, prices fall dramatically. If you find restaurants away from the tourist sites, you can eat for as little as $5 to $10 per person, per meal. Therefore, you could comfortably feed yourself for about $25 per day by venturing away from the strip. 

You don’t have to go far from the strip either, as just a few streets or a couple of blocks is enough distance to notice a shift in prices. 

If you are a fan of fine dining, you may want to save some extra money to bring along with you. Meals in Las Vegas best restaurants will easily set you back upwards of $200 per person, with some restaurants offering even higher prices. 

If you plan to eat in Las Vegas for as little money as possible, you can use the many fantastic fast food options. McDonald’s, KFC, and Burger King all have multiple stores across the city offering cheap albeit unhealthy meal options. 

You can also find an array of cafés and restaurants are offering cheap eats. Easy and on-the-go meals are also available for as little as $4. So whatever your budget requires, Las Vegas has got the right restaurants with tonnes of variety. 

Depending on how you wish to spend your time in Las Vegas, you could spend anywhere from $15-$20 up to $1000+ a day on food if you want to eat out at expensive restaurants. 


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