Review: Escape Lounge Manchester Airport Terminal 2

Range of seating at Manchester Airport Escape Lounge

In today’s review, we’re looking at the Manchester Airport Lounge Terminal 2.

Escape Lounges are available in eight airports between the UK and the USA, three of which are located at Manchester Airport.

While there’s a number of lounges inside Manchester Airport Terminal 2 (including; the Virgin V Room and Aspire).

This is the only Escape Lounge in Manchester Terminal 2 – despite it being split into two separate ‘rooms’.

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You’ll find the Escape Lounge at Manchester Airport T2 when you go through security, and then through the duty-free.

Once you’ve made it to the gate area you’ll want to turn left and walk around 30 metres.

There’s both a staircase and a lift just opposite Café Nero Express and Gate 209 that will take you to the second floor where the Escape Lounge is located.


Our first visit to this lounge was on a Wednesday morning (around 6.50 am).

We went to the main lounge area which is located next to the Aspire Lounge (the other lounge which accepts Priority Pass cards in Manchester Terminal 2).

Unfortunately, however, we were told that the lounge was expecting a large number of passengers who would be flying with TUI just an hour after our departure. They, therefore, permitted us access until 8.00 am.

Buy a Priority Pass and get access to this lounge, and 1,000’s more…

Safe in the knowledge we could get breakfast and drinks at that time that would save us at least £60 (based on four adults travelling) we decided to stay and spend the hour eating and drinking before moving on.

I really appreciated this offering, while we we’rent able to spend all our time in the lounge, the admission for just the hour was more than enough and in our opinion was far better than being turned away outright.

On our second visit to Manchester Airport Terminal 2, we flew on the last flight of the evening, the 21:10 to Doha with Qatar.

Book this lounge in advance of your trip for a discount.

On this visit, the main lounge wasn’t open. Instead, we were asked to visit the smaller lounge – the Escape Plus which is on the same floor as the other lounges, just around the corner.

Again we were permitted access to the lounge with our Priority Pass without any issues.

Although around 30 minutes after our arrival we did hear from the staff that they’d only be accepting bookings and therefore had to turn a number of other passengers away.


Both the format and layout of the lounge make our visit here a comfortable one. With plug sockets available at every table, and plenty of seating formats available to suit every type of traveller.

Sadly, there’s little to no view from either of the two areas at Escape Lounge with the lounge being located at the back of the airport rather than at the front towards the runway or taxiing area.

However, considering the lack of natural daylight I do feel as though the lounge has maximised the light and it doesn’t feel dark or uncomfortable.

Food & Drink

The breakfast at the Escape Lounge is fantastic. Everything is self-serve and you have a choice of either a hot breakfast with bacon, sausages, beans etc. a sausage or bacon sandwich alongside a variety of cereals.

A well-needed coffee machine serves a variety of hot drinks including hot chocolates, cappuccinos and traditional flat white’s.

Unsurprisingly with it being so early in the morning the queue for the coffee machine was made up of around four people, so getting another one would certainly be something to consider.

Alongside the hot drinks, there was a range of cold fruit juices such as elderflower, apple and orange. As well as your traditional Airport Lounge drinks; beers and soft drinks.

Sadly, the choice of dinner food during our second visit to the lounge was disappointing. With the choice of two types of pasta; a mushroom carbonara, or a spicy lemon chicken alongside a Goan fish curry.

While the choice was lacking, the quality is something you simply can not fault. Everything I’ve eaten at the Escape Lounge has always been delicious!

Throughout the day you’ll find plenty of snack food available, evening in the evening along with the choice of hot dishes there was a choice of crackers, cheeses, salads and crisps etc.

However, I simply can’t help feeling that an additional hot food item or two, such as slices of pizza, chicken tenders and fries etc. would have gone a long way here.


Both the larger and smaller sections of the Escape Lounge have a variety of magazines, alongside various copies of the daily newspaper.

In the larger, main section of the Escape Lounge, we also noticed a small second-hand bookstall. Books can be taken for a £1.00 donation to Cancer Research – a nice addition considering the cost of a brand new book in the W.H Smiths downstairs.

View from the Escape Plus Airport lounge

In the main lounge, we noticed a number of USB ports embedded into the menu holders, sadly this isn’t something that’s offered in the smaller Escape Plus lounge.

There is however USB ports built into the plug sockets which are located at every table.

There are a number of plug sockets located across the tables but not at all the tables. However there are USB ports embedded into the menu holders, these are ideal for charging mobile phones, tablets and e-readers.

There’s also complimentary WIFI available in the lounge, although there’s also four-hour complimentary WIFI access to Manchester Airports main network as a whole. Both of these networks run at very adequate speeds.

There are multiple TV’s to be found across both of the lounge areas at the Escape Lounge in Manchester Terminal 2.

A selection of these TV shows the news (which is set to silent with subtitles only) with another selection showing the latest flight information including delays, boarding times and gate numbers.

Without a doubt, the biggest thing that let’s both the Escape Lounge and the Aspire Lounge down at Manchester Terminal 2 is the toilets.

The toilets are on the same level as the lounges but are shared across all the lounges. With just four cubicles inside the women’s toilets, you’ll often find yourself in a significant queue at peak times.

I can’t help but feel that if there was a dedicated bathroom area inside the lounge, more care would be given to the quality and upkeep of this area than what is being done at the moment.


In conclusion, the Escape Lounge Terminal 2 is a pretty solid choice when visiting Manchester Airport Terminal 2.

It’s not going to win any awards, it’s not the best lounge in the world, not even the UK. However, it certainly covers all the basic things you’d want from an airport lounge.

Manchester Airport Escape Lounge T2

Cora Harrison

Food & Drink


A solid all-round lounge that can be accessed by any travel class, when compared to it’s UK based competitors.

However, we’d love to see a couple of improvements in the facilities and food offerings in the future.


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