How To Get From Marco Polo Airport To Venice

Are you looking at how to get from Marco Polo Airport to Mestre? or maybe back from Mestre to Marco Polo Airport, Venice. In this guide, we’ll take you through the various methods of transport so you can find the best way to & from the airport regardless of your budget, or the number of people travelling.

Bus – ACTV or ATVO: Ideal for solo & budget travellers

There are two companies that offer bus tickets between Marco Polo Airport and Venice. Both are the same price, have the same pickup and drop-off points and offer the same level of service with similar departure times and frequencies.

Venice Airport – Pick Up & Drop Off

Upon arrival at Marco Polo Airport you’ll find the ticket office for both ACTV and ATVO in the public arrivals area just after the baggage claim.

Tickets cost ?8 for a one-way ticket, ?15 for a return ticket.

If this area is closed you can head outside of the airport and use one of the self-service ticket machines. Both of the companies take card or cash payments and operate a frequent service from Venice Airport to Mestre (every 15 to 30 minutes) with the journey taking around 20 to 30 minutes.

You’ll need to use the correct machine in relevance to the bus you’d like to catch. The image below is the example of the ACTV bus, you can see the ACTV logo on the front – however if you’re unsure there’s plenty of staff about who should be able to assist you.

Both buses ACTV and ATVO stop outside the arrivals at Venice Airport within metres of each other. However, they are clearly sign-posted. Keep in mind that both companies operate buses to multiple locations in and around Venice. Therefore the destination may not say Mestre you’ll need to check on the stops on the boards.

Mestre – Pick Up & Drop Off

In Mestre you’ll catch the bus and be dropped off around 100m from Mestre train station regardless of the company you use.

We used ATVO – This was only because there was a bus leaving within minutes of our arrival at the bus stop. We purchased our tickets from the ticket office.

Tickets cost ?8 for a one-way ticket, ?15 for a return ticket.

Security Notice: We were approached by an unofficial taxi driver upon arrival at the ticket office here. He offered us a journey to the airport for ?20 for both of us. This taxi is not legal and completely uninsured. Ignore these offers and proceed with catching a bus or a licensed taxi from a dedicated taxi rank.

We then proceeded to the bus stop which is around 30m forward from the exit of the ticket office. Behind this sign (image below) you’ll find a ticket validation machine (there’s also one as you board the bus) you must validate your ticket or be subject to a hefty fine.

If you would like to travel with ACTV then you’ll need to purchase your ticket from the ticket office – it looks like this (you’ll see it as soon as you reach the point on the map above).

Tickets cost ?8 for a one-way ticket, ?15 for a return ticket.

There is no advantage to travelling on the ACTV with a travel card (timed or otherwise) as these are not valid for the airport buses.

Benefits of taking a bus between Marco Polo Airport and Mestre include;

– Cheaper than a taxi
– Frequent service
– Tickets can be purchased upon arrival

However, in some cases it maybe beneficial to take a taxi between Marco Polo Airport and Mestre instead of the bus.

Taxi: Ideal for luxury travellers and families.

There are no on-demand taxi services such as Uber available in Venice, instead, if you want to travel from Marco Polo Airport to Mestre you’ll need to book your taxi in advance or get one from the taxi rank upon your arrival.

For peace of mind, we always book a taxi service in advance if that’s the transport method we’re going to use to / from the airport. We’ve found Hoppa to be the best service. In this case, a one-way journey costs ?59.84 for a private car for two people or ?62.74 for four people in a people carrier (prices are subject to change, I’ve just used these as an example so be sure to check in advance before making the decision on how you’d like to travel from Mestre to Marco Polo Airport)

Benefits of getting a taxi for the transfer between Mestre and Venice Airport include;

– Private and unshared with any other person
– A certain level of luxury is obtainable
– Door to door service
– Can be cheaper for large parties.

As always we’d love to know how you recommend travelling from Venice Airport to Mestre. If you’ve any questions feel free to drop us an email or leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as we can.

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